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wa production instacomposer intro

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13 hours ago, dubdisciple said:

And the bass part intrigues  me the most since I sometimes struggle with basslines 

Depending of the instrument playing the bass i go one octave step up or down to get the best sound.

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21 hours ago, dubdisciple said:

I am a big fan of companies who listen. The fact that Josh is not running from questions is enough for me to give product a chance.

Exactly. I was pleased to see him come around giving us info.


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On 10/12/2021 at 9:50 PM, Josh | W. A. Production said:

I appreciate that, and understand where you are coming from. I will note that we are working to improve both our manual/documentation procedures and to also include as many answers to issues and instructions as possible in our Help Center. Our company has been around since 2014, and we certainly have worked to improve these things every year. I think we are on the right track, but not quite finished with the process of getting everything to the right level yet :)

@Josh | W. A. Production
Sent you a PM a few days ago. 

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@Josh | W. A. Production Ran into some trouble with Insta and MIDI tracks. I posted in the general CW section thinking it was CW initially but I think its Insta .. I mention there what I think happened. I am using the drag drop method from within insta to the various VSTi instrument tracks


My issue was I had a bass line in track 3 of instacomposer. I do not play the melodys etc in instacomposer, I drag/drop each ( midi data ) to the Vsti instrument tracks in CW workspace. So inside Insta track 3, the Bass "mode" was set to channel 3. used the drag option to get midi data into Track 5 in the CW workspace ( Kontakt 5.1 ) .. press play in CW with track 5 solo'ed .. SILENCE. Unmute, I hear that Kontakt instrument playing the midi line dragged into PIGMENTS track in CW instead ( track 3 ).

So .. I went back to Insta and tried changing the 3rd track in there ( Bass mode ) to midi Channel 1  and re-dragged dropped the midi data to the Kontakt track 5 in CW workspace .. TAA DAA that worked.

So unless i am doing something completely wrong there seems to be some weird midi channel issue going on in insta inside CW. I did not have this issue with the babylon, Pigments lines for some reason. I also tried another vsti in track 5 instead of the Kontakt, same problem 

midi track issue2.jpg

If you have thoughts on this post them HERE as opposed to over there. i probably should have posted the above post here but at the time I didnt suspect Insta

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There have been to minor releases with fixes and some new features:

(I found them by accident by checking my PB account for updated software)


V1.0.2 - Oct 15, 2021

- New option: Sync start/stop to host's playback
- New option: Quantize start
- New option: Follow song position
- New option: Show/Hide ghost notes
- New feature: Undo/Redo note changes
- New feature: Rename tracks and change their colors
- New: Each track has its own ‘chord inversion’ and ‘add bass note’ options
- Updated quick guide to cover the new changes
- Added a new ‘How it works’ chapter to the quick guide

V1.0.1 - Oct 2, 2021

- Fixed issues with loading/dropping MIDI files in some hosts
- Improved rhythm generation algorithm

v1.0.0 - Sep 30, 2021

- Released

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