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Noel Borthwick

How to "Roll back" to a prior version of Cakewalk

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In every release of Cakewalk by BandLab we include a link to "Rollback installer" along with its product release notes.
All historic product release information can be found here with links to the corresponding rollback installers.

If you encounter a problem after a new release, you can try and rule out whether the problem is specific to that release by using a rollback installer. Running a rollback installer will revert the installed version to the last publicly released version before the installed version of Cakewalk you are running.


  • Please note that the rollback installers are specific to each release. i.e. you cannot use a rollback installer downloaded for an earlier release on the latest release because it will fail to run.
  • If you need to, you can also go back to past versions by downloading and running rollback installers in succession.
  • To get back to the latest release after running a rollback installer go to Help | check for updates and reinstall the latest update. 

PS: We only support the most current version of the application. Since Cakewalk is always evolving, older versions may contain bugs and certain features may not function  properly due to back end changes. Always work with the most current version of the application and directly report any problems to Cakewalk should you find any.

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The latest version had problems converting a mono file to stereo. The file is without content, muted. I went back to the previous version and it works perfectly! Thanks to you guys on the forum and especially to you @Noel Borthwick. Saved!

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