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I have decided a Lava Lamp is just not for me .

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On 6/8/2021 at 1:48 PM, kennywtelejazz said:

     I'm going with this instead for my Home Studio Decor 211623231_DrNoSkullFuzz!.thumb.jpg.f6e9a8ac7aa7e3a4b2b0df5266ececc2.jpg

it doubles as a Fuzz and I think Rain would be Proud .



On 1/12/2022 at 2:25 AM, Rain said:

Indeed, my friend. Indeed!

Yeah ! Rain ! I'm happy to see you around here again . It's been to long .


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On 6/27/2021 at 6:09 AM, Notes_Norton said:

Silly Little Lava Songs

All You Need Is Lava

I Lava The Night Life

Addicted To Lava

Lava Shack

You Can't Hurry Lava

Stupid Lava

Can't Help Falling In Lava

Whole Lotta Lava

The Look Of Lava

All Out Of Lava

(somebody please stop me) :D


Hey now!

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There for awhile I had those color changing bulbs in my studio lamps. I didn't change the colors very often. Then I bought one of those energy balls that if you touch it it looks like miniature lightening. Those are not good for a studio because of the static charge they give off.

I might make use of colored LED lights in my next studio. I don't want to over do it though. 

That skull thing is a great idea. I think that would go great at the morgue on the front desk.

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Some of these guys who run audio podcasts like to make the studio look like the star ship enterprise. I'm thinking I might go with some mood lighting, but not quite that far. I understand the appeal of shooting a video with an interesting backdrop.

For myself I am asking- What environment make it easiest to mix and play in? Looking at pink and purple lights for hours on end would probably do me in.



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14 hours ago, craigb said:

Allergic???  C'mon Shane.  We've seen you eyeing those sheep!  😜


Hey, what I do in the privacy of my underground soundproofed safe room is none of your concern. Unless you subscribe for $9.95 a month to my OnlyFan's page.

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On 1/17/2022 at 4:14 PM, PhonoBrainer said:

I bought two of these to sit on top of my studio monitors. About $50 bucks each. Audio reactive if you want them to be, or subtle, or bright AF.

Love 'em!

LED technology is getting better and cheaper. Those fake flame looking lights that are LED are getting really good. I'm starting to see them on houses a lot for outside garage and front porch lights. I got a ton of LED Christmas lights on sale after Christmas this year. They do all kinds of special effects, the sets are linkable to synchronize hundreds of lights, and they have memory so if you have them on a dusk to dawn timer they don't lose their settings. Every year they keep adding more features and the price keeps going down. I bought a bunch of sets and I'm going to make 6 LED trees to line my driveway next Christmas. Even the battery powered sets have built in timers now so they turn on/off automatically. 👍🏻

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30 minutes ago, Tim Smith said:

My back yard lights are all solar. I have pics of the one project. It's a 30' string of solar patio lights.

I never had much luck with them. Water always destroyed them after a few months. Ever see Big Clive on YouTube? He does a lot of work with LED's and reverse engineering small electronics. He uses epoxy iirc over the little solar panels to help protect them from rain.

Just 2 days ago I finally got every single light converted to LED in and outside of my house. I went to Lowe's the other day and they had LED flood lights and bulbs by GE on clearance. Normally $15 each on clearance for $2.50. These are the ones that don't put out the blue light spectrum that keeps you awake. I think it's actually made a difference. I replaced the lights in my living room with them and I think they made a difference.

I love messing with LED's and little circuits that drive them when I have time. But it's actually getting cheaper to buy sets now than to buy them individually and make your own. I wanted to make my own sets for the Christmas trees I'm making for my driveway but the cost was double what I could just go buy a set with built in animations for now.

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