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Bug: Preview Bus suddenly changing - Now with repro


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Hi guys!

Back in April, I wrote about a bug where the Preview Bus intermittently changes for no apparent reason between opening and closing projects. And @Noel Borthwick wrote that the Preview Bus setting is saved per-project and asked about a repro.

I now have a "kind of repro" (see below) bin a specific project file, but not in a blank new project.

The weirdness looks like this:

1. Preview Bus is currently set to "X"
2. I change Preview Bus to "Y" (note that this does not seem to trigger a project change/asterisk)
3. I close the project without saving (and note that Cakewalk does not prompt to "Save changes")
Note: Cakewalk can either be restarted here or not, it won't matter, the result will be the same.
4. After re-opening the project, the Preview Bus is set to "Y", even though I didn't save!

How can the above be? 😵🙀

I can make the weirdness go away by deleting a few random synths and re-saving - but unfortunately it does not seem consistent which synths...

I am on 2021.01 and as mentioned above, I cannot reproduce this in a blank new project.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Added info about restarting Cakewalk
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11 hours ago, Noel Borthwick said:

I've fixed the issue where the preview bus was not showing the project as modified after changing it. 
I think that is the root problem from your recipe. You can verify by changing anything in the project such as a track name and resaving after modifying the preview bus.

Great, thanks! 👍

You mean I should try my repro with your suggestion of also changing something else (like a track name) after changing the preview bus?

It's so weird that the change persists even without saving. I don't understand how it would be connected to the "non-modified project" bug, but I see that it definitely could be. When the next Cakewalk build with your new fix is released, I will retest my repro file and post back.

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Yes change the track name after that and then save the project and it should stick.
I don't see how it could persist without the project being saved. Definitely not happening here so maybe you are confusing something. When a project loads it sets the bus to whatever was saved with that project so if you did not resave it after changing the bus you would get the last saved settings.

I can send you a build with the fix to check later.

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