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Can't get other computer audio when Cakewalk is on

Jstn Green


As I tend to be overly wordy, so I'll keep this simple, and answer any questions you may have, as they're requested.
When Cakewalk is active on my computer, I am unable to get audio on YouTube Cakewalk instructional videos.
One such vid mentioned checking the box for...
Preferences: Audio: Playback and Recording: Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk Is Not In Focus

However, that didn't fix the problem. Both things work fine when they aren't active simultaneously.
My Behringer Audio Input device is used to control both audio situations.
Pretty sure there's something else that needs to be switched off or on, so that there isn't some sort of conflict occurring, but I don't know where to start looking. Of course, I can turn CW off and watch YT videos, but seems like I should not have to.
Thoughts? Thanks in advance. - Jstn

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Windows and Cakewalk may be set to different sample rates.

Here is one way to check the sample rate in Win10

When sharing audio hardware between Windows and Cakewalk both must run at the same sample rate to use the hardware at the same time.


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