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Extra Dramamine - what benefit?


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Some of those were pretty wild.  The wildest however (the ship that goes backwards) comes from a movie.  Poor manners to include that IMO.

In the summer of 1981 I was on a cruise ship going around the Aegean Sea that began in one of the worst storms in decades.  We were tossed around like what you see.  Through every porthole you could see about three forks of lightning!  The Captain told me afterwards that out of over 1,100 passengers and crew, he estimated that only about 50 people didn't get seasick (there were barf bags about every three feet along the handrails and still people couldn't grab them in time - yuck!).  I was one of those 50, but I loved amusement rides and was supposed to fly F-14's (but grew too tall!).

The day after the waves were still high.  The ship had this large square jacuzzi with three-foot high walls at the top to keep the water inside and the two decks above had cut-outs so you could see down.  The water in the jacuzzi was being splashed so hard that it was actually going above the top deck two stories above!

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