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Some serious monkey business!


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6 minutes ago, InstrEd said:

That's five minutes I'm not going to get back. I shall get you for this  😆

Gasp! John 5 is fantastic. 

Notice what he plays? A freakin' Telecaster. 

I saw an interview with him one time. He grew up watching Hee Haw with his dad and thought Tele's were the only electric there was because that's all he saw on the show.

He did a spoof on Hee Haw called Hell Haw. It's great! Lot's of dirty jokes so listen at own risk. No kids!

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2 minutes ago, InstrEd said:

Sorry former Bub I guess not my taste.

When I said freakin' tele, it's a statement of shock iow. Like, 'Holy crap he's playin' a freakin' tele! I can't believe it!' kinda thing. I couldn't believe it when I first saw what he was playing. I've always been able to play fastest when on my tele so it really doesn't surprise me but there is definitely a stigmatism about them and he's the only guy who plays the style he does that I've seen use one. 👍

That and I thought Bapu might like it knowing his infatuation with primates and such. 🤪

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