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43 minutes ago, craigb said:

A month late, or eleven months early?

A bit of both actually. It was on backorder otherwise I would have set it up at Christmas. I'm planning out what I'm going to do for next Christmas now. I have to put it up against a wall in my dining room in a very limited space so I need to start planning and building a table now while I'm stuck inside for the winter. Come spring I have a ton of stuff to do here on the house.

I opened it to check it a little while ago and it's a return even though it said it's new. Everything looks new, but they didn't open it carefully and you can tell. Also the bottle of smoke fluid it's supposed to come with is missing. It's ok though. I saw you can get scented fluid to put in them now I have an excuse. LOL! I want to get weed scented. That should be a hit at Christmas. Kidding. :) Everything looks new though. It's just the risk you take on Amazon.

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I finally got the replacement set from Amazon. This one was brand new never opened. The way these things smoke now just blow my mind. They have built in speakers with train sounds. It puffs out circles of smoke in time with the chugging. The faster you go the fast the circles come out. I also picked up a bottle of sugar cookie scented smoke. Can't wait till next Christmas. Only 10 months till decorating starts. 👍

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