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1 minute ago, Shane_B. said:

Wha?! I can't give myself a thumbs up on my own post, I can't post bikini pics. What kind of forum is this. Sheesh.

And no more quotes in quotes without manually doing it yourself. Tinker Toy forum, but after 2 years of really using it you get used to it.

BTW, thanks for the like on The Cave. 😉  

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22 minutes ago, bayoubill said:

herd that somewhere buy can't remember wear


Fyxed that for you. 

You see your book is only Am.  I Am looking for the I Am book.    I Am a very fickle being and I Am not going to settle for just the Am model/version 😜
That was hard to type :D

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I found this email yesterday whilst looking for something else. I had actually joined previously under my first name but got away from music for a while, changed ISP's, couldn't access my old email, couldn't remember my login/password, and just created  a new account. IIRC my original account was created just when they switched to that forum. It was in another place or format or something just prior to it. I remember a few posts by he who shall remain nameless about how great the new forum was. I can't remember the details now. I just realized my post count didn't carry over. I had over 7K there IIRC. Not that post count matters. :) 

Cakewalk Forums <forum@cakewalk.com>

Mon 10/25/2010 9:27 AM



Dear Bub,

Thank you for your registration. Before you can log in to
our forum, you will need to confirm your e-mail by clicking
on the following link:

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