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9 hours ago, bjornpdx said:

Listened thru headphones. Sounds very good, but maybe could use bit more stereo spread?
Really like the guitar playing.   I didn't understand the "midi guitar"  that you mentioned. Is that the Jam Origin Midi Guitar software?

Thanks Bjorn,. It's the fishman midi wireless system. I had no luck with the jam origin.

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You know I fooled around with a B3 for a while in the song before I stumbled across the synth I used. I couldn't get the organ to fit anywhere. Using my midi guitar for keys I don't have an expression pedal or midi switch to turn the leslie off and on. The leslie is the best thing about the B3. I was doing some reading this morning about midi switch boxes that will host a pedal, it's a bit confusing to me. I also would like it for the wah wah that's in my BiasFx2 plugin.

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