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McCartney III


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4 hours ago, Shane_B. said:

Ah, but if you count Macca's Goodbye that he cut a demo for and gave to Marian Faithful, then they're even. 😁

Well, the list was "wrote with (aka for) The Beatles". That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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I have yet to listen to McCartney III, mostly out of fear that I will be greatly disappointed.    The best McCartney solo material and Wings material came early, in my opinion, within a couple of years after leaving the Beatles.  The farther away from Beatles influence, the weaker the songs.  Maybe I'm Amazed is still one of my favorite Macca solo songs.   

As mentioned, together John and Paul were the best, maybe ever.   Separate, they were great, but nothing like together.  In my opinion, John had a rough edge, almost chip on his shoulder, style of writing lyrics.   Paul had a melodic, mellow, whimsical style of lyrics.  John pushed Paul lyrically and Paul pushed John musically.  

George Martin called Paul the most talented musician in the Beatles.  Paul gave George a run for his money on guitar.   Some of Paul's guitar solos, like in Taxman, are mistakenly thought to be George.   John my be the most underrated rhythm guitar player of all time.  

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