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Some vst plugins dont work



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3 hours ago, Volodymyr said:

Everytime i get errors "Cant load module".

Old 32bit plug-ins should be avoided, There are plenty of free 64bit plug-ins.

The cause of this problem is a combination of old plug-in design and security changes the OS.

Installing these plug-ins in a folder that everyone may write into often solves the problem IOW, do not install these plug-in in "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)."

While adding these plug-ins to a folder that everyone can read and write may be the best solution, running the DAW as administrator will overcome the permissions problem too.

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I have to agree with @scook here - try to avoid 32 bit plugins if you can.

In saying that, if you must use 32 bit plugins, consider using JBridge as it has a few configuration options to get around the fact they were all written to use a much older OS. 

FWIW I've had no issues with the DSK plugins in the past when they were configured to use the JBridge wrapper.

As it stands, the only 32 bit plugins that I've got configured to use BitBridge are the legacy Cakewalk ones - all others are using JBridge.

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