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Matt Dixon

Volume issues with Kontakt instruments

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Hey folks,

I have a simple but extremely frustrating problem:

I record some MIDI with a Kontakt instrument. Fine. Play it back. Fine. If I then do anything else, the volume of that track is reduced when I play it back and I cannot find a way to restore it again permanently.

If I go back into Kontakt and select a different patch, the volume returns to its original level but, again, as soon as I do anything else in Cakewalk, the volume drops again.

More confusing, it does not happen with all Kontakt instruments. It happens with NI's Hybrid Keys but not with Exhale, for example, so it must be something specific to certain instruments rather than Kontakt itself.

I'm a relatively new user so I hope I haven't missed something obvious here. I've been searching for a solution for days and can't find the problem. I hope someone here can help!

Thank you!

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From the ni site... i have had to do this disable in the instrument in addition to the cakewalk setting often....

KONTAKT's Volume Resets When I Press Play in my Host Sequencer


KONTAKT's Instrument volume is reset when you press play or stop in your host sequencer.


Some host sequencers are configured to send MIDI commands CC7 and CC10 when you press play or stop. KONTAKT can be configured to respond to these standardized commands to reset the loaded Instrument's volume.


Follow these steps to prevent KONTAKT from reacting your host sequencer's play / stop commands:

Load an instance of KONTAKT in your host sequencer.

Load an Instrument to KONTAKT's Rack.

Press the wrench button on the upper left side of your KONTAKT Instrument.

Click Instruments Options.

In the Controller tab, disable the option Accept Standard Controllers for Volume and Pan.

You can alternatively configure your host sequencer not to send the standard MIDI commands CC7 and CC10 when pressing play or pause. To learn how to do so, please consult your host sequencer's documentation.

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On 12/1/2020 at 2:06 PM, scook said:

I do not use Kontakt but  my guess is the Zero Controllers When Play Stops setting is the issue.

Yes this is what causes it and it's a huge pain because some Libraries need it on and some need it off !

I have asked before that this be changed from a Global setting to a per instrument setting when you insert a synth. 

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