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G Randy Brown

How to get all VSTs running on new PC

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Howdy, it's been quite a while since I've posted or even worked in CW.

I built a new PC because my old one was struggling with 4K in Vegas (video editing software).

I would like to get everything CW going on it also and trying to install all VSTs but CbB says they're not installed properly.

I installed my old Platinum version to get back things like CA-2A and it states I'm in demo mode but I can't seem to be able to activate it...the toast has a link to activate offline but this PC has internet access.

How can I enter serial number/activate it online?

Thanks very much,



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Here is a discussion about installing versions of SONAR and CbB onto a new machine


The key is to know what needs to be installed in order and what happens if they are not. 

The condensed version is

  1. advanced install using minimal installation of X2+X2a to get V-Vocal (there is an video in the thread about this)
  2. install at least the Platinum program using Cakewalk Command Center
  3. install CbB

That is it for the items to install in order. Installing out of order usually means the most recent version of shared utilities is overwritten. The quick fix is uninstall and reinstall CbB.

At your leisure and in no particular order run the Platinum plug-in installers and use the advanced install option for X3 and older as needed to pick up plug-ins as needed.

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38 minutes ago, G Randy Brown said:

Not sure why I didn't get a notification regarding your reply Steve but thanks very much!

You do know that Notification means a badge on the notification bell at the top right corner? 😀

And if Forums is open on a tab in your browser the word Forums gets a badge.

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