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She's a Psychic Vampire - new original song


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On 9/23/2020 at 9:23 PM, Lynn Wilson said:

Another terrific song, lyrics, and vocal from Staypress!  That was a tasty guitar solo, btw.  I once was acquainted with a real psychic vampire, and she truly sucked the life out of the room, so I can relate to this very well.  Gee, it's too bad we're relegated to making only demos here because this raises the bar.

thanks a ton Lynn - you're the best

On 9/23/2020 at 10:51 PM, Amicus717 said:

Great.  Love the vibe to this one. Nice and tight, and a really clear mix. 

Thanks so much Amicus

On 9/23/2020 at 11:26 PM, Jesse Screed said:

well, the thing about this is

always be a bigger Vamp

this song is a transporter


getting your wag on


I do like a good wag. Thanks Q - you're a good man


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On 9/24/2020 at 4:25 AM, bjornpdx said:

Was her name Laura by any chance??

Nice groove on this one Daryl, and Halloween ready too.   👍👍


thanks Bjorn

On 9/24/2020 at 3:20 PM, Paul Bush said:

Yep I liked this one , it had a really fresh feel to it,  got me bopping and a hopping 


Glad you got your bop on Paul 🙂. Thanks


On 9/24/2020 at 9:51 PM, treesha said:

I like it, fun, kinda made me think of Steely Dan somehow. Everything sounds good over here clear and well balanced. 

I'll take SD. Thanks so much 

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On 9/25/2020 at 7:14 PM, Hidden Symmetry said:

Cool tune, good mix & production. Enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed

On 9/26/2020 at 9:12 PM, freddy j said:

What's not to like.  I echo the comments above ---- for a demo this raises the bar very high.  I would say it is definitely halloween ready for play.  Excellent work  by all.  Excellent vocals  and those are indeed some  tasty guitar sounds.

Thanks Freddy my mate

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On 9/27/2020 at 7:58 AM, Max Arwood said:

Nice song.  I like the effects on the vocals - it is a nice change in the sound at that point. Very nice horns.  I never did a horn piece. Nice accents with them.

Thanks so much Max

On 9/27/2020 at 9:05 AM, Wookiee said:

Wise man. 😎


On 9/27/2020 at 2:50 PM, mark skinner said:

Fantastic vocals ! No way to fast forward past that.  Killer job everywhere.       mark

you're very kind Mark - thanks mate

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On 9/28/2020 at 10:56 PM, Fred's Gratis Scores said:

Ditto the excellent groove! Nice and tight, loved it!

Thanks a lot Fred

On 9/30/2020 at 11:11 AM, thegaltieribrothers said:

Great one Daryl,

Nice groove, excellent lyrics + superb production.

Thanks for sharing

Good Job!



Thanks so much Paul - you're very kind mate.

On 9/30/2020 at 1:23 PM, Sabby Brown said:

How do you do it every time ...bloody good lyrics and funny, great mix ...one thing is I'm hanging garlic over the door till it's over 👀 ..Thanks for the heads up !


Nod to James ..😎


Thanks a lot Sabby - you're a good man. I will pass it on to James


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On 9/30/2020 at 4:45 PM, DeeringAmps said:

Happy to see you've avoided that pothole.


@jamesg1213; tasty solo that!


"Button Tight" ending to be sure

Thanks for the listen Tom - I passed on your regards to James


On 10/2/2020 at 3:54 PM, kakku said:

Really good song and the performances were great too

Thanks so much Kakku :)

On 10/4/2020 at 11:20 AM, Bajan Blue said:

Cool tune, good mix & production and great guitar solo - really Enjoyed that



Thanks Nigel - glad you enjoyed mate :)


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On 10/5/2020 at 8:45 PM, Kevin Walsh said:

Horns! I love a tight horns section! Another great tune! You sure know how to craft a great pop song. That was truly a nifty guitar solo, and I learned that building an smoldering rhyme!

Thanks so much Kevin - I also love the guitar :)

On 10/9/2020 at 12:45 AM, Bapu said:

This song is so good I plan on listening to this again.

Thanks mate - didya?

On 10/11/2020 at 12:52 AM, kurt soderquist said:

There must have been some inspiration from What we do in the Shadows,  love that show. Really like your song, super catchy. 

Colin Robinson!! Absolutely more than a bit of inspiration Kurt - a brilliant bit of TV (and the movie) 

Glad you like it - thanks

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1 minute ago, vechung said:

Nice groove!  I also like the song overall.  Nice arrangement.

"She talked and talked and drained him
She made an empty vessel"  - She does not necessarily needs to be a Vampire to do that


Thanks Vechung. 

A psychic vampire is an energy drainer https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=psychic vampires

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