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Morten Saether

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Providing excellent support for Cakewalk by BandLab has always been and remains a top priority for us. With a rapidly growing user base, we must focus our support on issues that directly concern the usage and functionality of the Cakewalk by Bandlab application software.

However, we receive a significant number of technical support requests related to non-Cakewalk issues, such as:

  • Hardware/driver problems
  • Windows configuration
  • 3rd party plug-ins

The best avenue to troubleshoot issues like these is our peer-to-peer forums, where you can find many knowledgeable power users with deep expertise in using DAWs.

If you are unable to diagnose or resolve any such issues on your own or via the forum, or require general consultation or training, or are a professional studio on a production deadline, we recommend our friends at the following respected companies for their expertise in delivering top notch services at very reasonable prices.



Since 2004, OBEDIA  has provided phone and remote desktop training and support for recording musicians and content creators. OBEDIA keeps you focused, productive and offers custom-built digital audio production computers through its PCAudioLabs line. Having worked closely with Grammy winning producers, engineers, musicians, composers and DJs, OBEDIA and PCAudioLabs have built a stellar reputation of delivering the power, stability and support necessary to facilitate demanding productions.

Cakewalk by BandLab Training

Get started with OBEDIA


Purrrfect Audio, headed by long time Cakewalk power user and familiar forum member Jim Roseberry, has been providing support and designing/building custom PCs for audio/video since 1994.

Book a consultation with Purrrfect Audio



Better problem reporting: How to capture a crash dump

Diagnosing plug-in compatibility problems and crashes in Cakewalk


Cakewalk Help Center

Contact Cakewalk Support



This list of participating independent third-party service providers is strictly for your convenience, and the use of third party services is done at your own discretion. These independent third-party service providers are not agents for, not joint ventures of, not employed by, and do not work for BandLab Technologies.


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