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VS700 Functionality with Cakewalk Bandlab in Win 10

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To any and all VS700 users out there,

I thought it would be good to have a thread where we can discuss VS700 integration/functionality in more detail with Cakewalk Bandlab, ask questions and problem solve, and at least know what others are experiencing.

Is anyone using the vs700 with bandlab with actual full functionality with all it's features and no bugs?

There were some functions lost with Sonar x1 and x2 from what I've read, so I went back to Producer 8.5, as that was when Roland had everything fully tuned to work seamlessly with Sonar. It seems there has been a decline in some of the advanced features since then. But I am personally giving CwB another go to see if I can make it work.

For instance, I want to be able to use the video mixing and surround sound capabilities. From what I can tell the greatest/smoothest/seamless integration only really happened at producer 8.5.. and then at Sonar x1/x2 it started to lose a bit of functionality.

Does anyone know how to get the surround panning and T-bar functionality working in Cakewalk Bandlab?

Has anyone really figured out the limits of what it can and can't do in CwB overall, apart from all the more basic functions?

If anyone is interested to discuss their experience I'm all ears. And if not- maybe this thread can be a place where that kind of thing is discussed so VS700 users can make the most out of their gear with the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab.

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