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cakewalk warning

willard cottrell

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This message is displayed when opening a project created with a version of SONAR prior to X1 that offered per track EQ. The EQ used to implement per track EQ prior to X1 was the Sonitus EQ. The message is displayed in order to provide an opportunity to replace the per track EQ in the project with the ProChannel Quad Curve EQ.

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Have to go back to the last SONAR documentation for this info


Loading legacy projects

If you load a pre-SONAR Professional/Platinum project that uses the per-channel Sonitus:fx EQ, the ProChannel QuadCurve Equalizer module will be disabled.

If you want to keep and edit the Sonitus:fx EQ, double-click the small Equalizer graph in the collapsed ProChannel.

To replace the Sonitus:fx EQ with the ProChannel QuadCurve Equalizer, do one of the following:


Press CTRL and click the Equalizer enable/disable button .


Enable the Equalizer module. SONAR prompts if you want to switch from the Sonitus:fx EQ to the ProChannel QuadCurve Equalizer.


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If you decide to replace the original EQ with the new one, be aware that the EQ parameter settings are not automatically transferred over. You will need to set them again from scratch.

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