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Arrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! [TM]

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That is something I have nightmares about, not to mention all the authorizations, serial numbers and passwords that come with it. These days, plugins and instruments have to fight to get on my offline DAW. They get trialed first on my laptop where they are downloaded, I have trial projects there if they pass that test, they will then go to the offline  DAW with the other projects and if they are good, I will then buy and download them on to my backup external SSD, which is plugged in to the DAW just to put them on together with the serials/passwords in one folder. Then I can re-install them from that drive.

Since I never update either the operating system or the plugins/instruments on my offline DAW, I can do a fresh install every 1 or 2 years. I will update the primary DAW software occasionally during this period if there are significant features. When I do the fresh install, that is the time I might look around to see whether it is necessary to upgrade the plugins/instruments or DAW software.

This doesn't work well with the stub installer type programs though. Those that put a small executable on your drive and then you can only install the program to your hard drive direct from the internet. I don't have the internet speed to support that anyway so I just don't use those programs.

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10 hours ago, craigb said:

Wait...  Here he is!  Looking like Pope JonBouy!  😁



I believe the straw hat look is "in" now. You can put it on backwards and no one will know. Show up in California wearing one and immediately everyone will think you're from West Virginia. The number of teeth would determine the exact locale. Marrying your cousin narrows it a bit more.

Pope JonBouy? He's a pope now is he?  Just tell him he's like the rest of us and I ain't kissing his ring ( or anything else of his). He can take the back of the line just like the rest of us. 😁

On the whole pugs  plugs issue.  I guess I have been lucky so far. For my Waves plugins I use a  non dangling dongle. You could back over my computer with a tractor and all I need to to is  obviously replace my computer. After that just move the dongle over, download the portal and wa la. One benefit of a dongle whether it's dangling or not, is the licenses are always there.

I am surprised the old Cakewalk server is still online. Quite amazing actually. 




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When I realized that I actually used about 10% of the 790 plugs I have installed - life becomes much simpler. My soon to be new DAW will be much much leaner. - and of course this will let comfortably repeat the same path of aquiring a whole new batch of 711 useless plugs in the future.

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