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It's different from any of my other guitars. The frets are thin and low. The action is high and there is no truss rod. The lack of the round sound-hole definitely changes  the sound.

The neck is very beefy. I have no other guitar with such a thick neck.

But the intonation isn't very far off, so if you don't mind the finger exercise it takes to play it, you can play things. It's definitely easier to play in first position and the fret board wear shows this. It's an old Sears Roebuck guitar.

This is a similar one I found on the web...


I can't find the serial number on the guitar or I'd post it.


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Back in the day when I was first starting out ( in the mid 60 's ) I had The Harmony Broadway variation of what you have there .

That lasted until I tried to play Black Sabbath and The Who on it 🤣

Nice guitar you have there , when you fix them up they are nice conversation pieces   . Even when they are dialed in they can still be a challenge to play ...the intonation can be dialed in ...you may have to tilt the bridge a little to where it has a slant to it ...the strings that are sharp will need the bridge tilted towards the tail piece ...

On those type of bridges if you decide to eventually get one with adjustment capabilities the only real fitting you may have to to is carve the bottom section of the bridge to match your guitars top ....the tighter the seal the bigger the sound   .

String wise you may find Silk And Steel strings to have less tension on the neck ...and a better feel YMMV .

If you are used to playing a Martin or something along those lines playing an acoustic arch top can be a big adjustment ...different sound all together.

Back in the day Banjo was the thing with Big bands ...To really appreciate how  a guitar from  way back then sounded in context  , listen to some Eddie Lang  or any of the  other prominent  musicians from back in the 20's and 30's ......

Those guitars sound nothing like a Martin or a Gibson but in the right hands man they can sound pretty sweet ...Also they were cutting to disk so somehow they fit in the mix  ..

Here's some examples ...the second tune features a wonderful player playing solo ...easy to tell how much different the sounds is from what most folks are used to .


Enjoy now you got me wanting to crack out a few of my Acoustic Arch tops 



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Cool ! Just saw one on craigslist for 300.  I've been fighting the urge to tear down my old Aria Pro and see what's happened to the truss rod. Killer guitar I gigged with for years. Now tuned a step low , strung with silk and steel and capo'd back up because of the neck. Thumbs up to you for taking the time to extend it's life...      mark

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