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Please post your movie and musical documentary sugestions here .


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On 2/15/2019 at 8:22 PM, bjornpdx said:

The Who  The Kids are Alright
A "rockumentary" movie.  I have the DVD which I watch pretty often because their live performances are so good and also to watch Keith Moon do all his crazy stuff.

And here's a short scene from the movie (except the movie doesn't have  the narration) in which Keith Moon blows up his drums


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I could watch Carol Kaye play the bass on Good Vibrations for an hour or so.

There was a show on PBS called (maybe) Sidemen hosted by Earl Slick(D Bowie) a few months ago

Muscle Shoals (One of my favs)

Tom Dowd The Language of Music

It Might Get Loud, Page The Edge and Jack White

Produced By George Martin. Not just Beatles stuff. He did a bit of mixing while him and Brian Wilson listed toGod Only Knows or Good Vibrations. Brian said he liked it better.

There was an 8 part series on PBS called Soundbreaking. So good!

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Yep.  I mentioned that one earlier.  I wasn't in a "real" band for all that long (late 70's into the early 80's when I broke my arm and had to stop playing for years).  But, in that short time we went through drummers just like the movie.  One was hit by a car after a gig and, while lying on the road, was run over by a second car that decapitated him.  Then we had one who went the same way as Bonham.  The third committed suicide after his girlfriend left him during a keg party gig (sleeping pills and booze) and the fourth I didn't hear about until I went back for my highschool's 10th anniversary party.  No idea what happened to him!  No spontaneous combustions though...

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A Band Called Death. The documentary is about the 1970s rock band Death and their new-found popularity decades after the group recorded their music.

In their teenage years, the three brothers emerge as, first, a budding rock/funk band, heavily influenced by Motown & Parliament, ultimately evolving into pioneers of punk music.

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This is actually a link to a long playlist.  All of Rick Beato's "What Makes This Song Great?" videos are awesome.  

(Doesn't that guy above look like a complete doofus?  "Want to drop 50 IQ points right now?  Just wear a baseball cap off to the side!" :D )

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Hi, Kenny & Everybody in The Good Old Coffee House Crew!😀

I'm looking forward to checking out Hired Gun, thanks for the recommendation!👍

Here's a bunch from Netflix that piqued my interest, I've only seen a few of them so far, but the descriptions looked interesting!

As mentioned above, The History of the Eagles was fantastic, as well as the Tom Petty - Damn the Torpedoes at the bottom of this list.  I've seen many really good ones were already removed from Netflix.  Muscle Shoals about the famous studio, and "Artifact", about the current state of the big label music industry were both really good, and as Paulo mentioned above, Eagle Rock Entertainment's Classic Album Series is fantastic, and I think some of them are available to watch for free on Vudu.  I'm still bumming that I missed Sound City before Netflix removed it!

Here goes:

Currently Available on Netflix (at least in my geographic location):

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child

Rush - Beyond the Lighted Stage

Foo Fighters - Back & Forth

How the Beatles Changed the World

The Doors - When You're Strange

Metallica - Some Kind of Monster

Now More Than Ever - The History of Chicago

Rolling Stones - Crossfire Hurricane

Bowie - The Man Who Changed the World

George Harrison - Living in the Material World

Joe Cocker- Mad Dog With Soul

John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken

Keith Richards - Under the Influence

We Are Twisted F---ing Sister

Oasis - Supersonic

Springsteen And I

Danny Says

The Other One (Bob Weir/Grateful Dead)

Kurt and Courtney

Anvil -The Story of Anvil

27 Gone Too Soon


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Runnin' Down a Dream - Was on Netflix, but now on Youtube:

Have a good one guys!


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The last documentary I watched was The Godfathers of Hardcore about Agnostic Front. There's no free copy that I could find, but watched it on Showtime. Great film about those of us in the more extreme scenes, and what it means to get older doing what you love.



Until the Light Takes Us is one of the best documentaries on black metal, and shows how people outside the scene ride the coat tails to exploit without understanding anything about it. Beautiful film in many places.


Sam Dunn has a degree in anthropology, and loves heavy metal. He made a documentary about the lineage, influences, and the current state of the scene:


Sam Dunn then did a tv show with each episode dedicated to specific branch of heavy metal. Here's the one for extreme metal:


Heavy Metal in Baghdad is the story of guys working on their band in the middle of a war:


Released in three parts, One Man Metal focuses on three bands: Xasthur, Leviathan, and Striborg, where one person plays all the instruments in their projects. For all three, it was the first time the public actually had the chance to see what they looked like. One of my favorites.


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Say , this thread  is coming along rather nice with all the movie suggestions  you have  listed so far .

Your individual  and group  contributions  show a wide and varied pallet  of musical taste  .

I find it very interesting  too be exposed to  some of the more modern styles of music  and genre's  of music I would not of found on my own .


Thank you all for contributing ,



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