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Today I Shave My Head


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My last haircut was in January. I had had it cut short in anticipation of my February trip to the tropics, because as a northern denizen I have poor tolerance to heat. This has been a longtime practice.

In past years, I'd subsequently let it grow for the remainder of the year, as evidenced by my avatar. That photo was taken just prior to a trip to the Philippines. While there, my wife cut it all off in our driveway, before an audience of the entire neighborhood. 

However, that tradition predates my hair noticeably thinning on top. It no longer grows uniformly. Now, letting it grow long means adopting the classic Krusty the Clown mushroom style. Not a style that appeals to me. Hence my current dilemma. 

Given that a) my personal stylist of 40 years is no longer around, b) I've no idea when another haircut might be possible during this pandemic, and c) I have no confidence that I'd be able to cut it myself and achieve anything close to satisfactory results, I've arrived at the only logical solution - to shave it all off. And I've decided that the deed should be done by my 6-year-old great-grandson.

The boy is reluctant. Turns out his last hair-cutting experiment had evoked a rather negative response from his mother. Unfair, I think, given that his little sister had been a perfectly willing participant. Apparently, Mom did not consider 3 to be the age of consent. So he's struggling with some cognitive dissonance; Boppa Dave says it's OK, and Mom never contradicts Boppa Dave. We'll see just how much sway Boppa Dave holds over the little man's sense of propriety. (Needless to say, video game-loving rock 'n roller Boppa Dave has long been a source of questionable influence.)

Today we merge our separately-sequestered families in celebration of Mother's Day. For a brief time, I will again be surrounded by three generations. And if all goes to plan, Boppa Dave will end the day bald. As is, I think, befitting of a patriarch.

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Has the patriarch taken into full consideration any unwanted psychological remnants this might produce in the boy holding the shears?

Could be a bit traumatic for a six year old who is expressing reluctance.


Now, if he could do it with a light saber, that's another story 😊

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I cut mine about three years ago. I had the dreaded ring with nothing on top except one puff of hair towards the front, so I kept it real short anyways. I absolutely love it now. Grew a beard, now my nephews say I look like an old biker. Plus I just run a razor over it while in the shower and kill two birds with one stone! Gets cold in the winter though.

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Dave ,

I shaved my head once when I lived in LA . I remember one thing for sure  , Since I was new to a shaved head at the time I  nearly froze to death in the middle of August .

Going  w a shaved head for the first time  was actually a liberating experience  that opened  up my eyes to a few things in life   ..

My first public outing was to  a well known  Jazz Club  .

I walked into this Club , I had a clean shaven face  w a shaved  head  wearing jeans , a tee shirt and a jacket .

Just about every guy in the whole place gave me the once over and added a smile.

I didn't know anyone there and they didn't know me yet the whole crowd once over lookey Lou thing turned out to be some sort of unspoken secret hand shake ...

The place catered to an older crowd of older established well know musicians ( mostly guitar players )   What I learned from then on was apparently I fit in w  that crowd and group of fellas ...

I wasn't a threat to them because every one there was over 50 + and the only people in the club that had a full head of hair on their heads was the wife's and girls these guys brought out that night to hear music ... 

This is all true BTW , I went back a year later to this club w my full head of long hair and I sure as hell didn't get the same welcome...

Hey Dave I would sleep on this decision as long as I could before I made a move if I was in your shoes ..

Might even be worth a trip to Oregon since salon services are set to open May 15 th ..

I say that only because your heads skin is gonna be sensitive ..

at least if you have someone who can handle the shears and trimmer you wont have knife marks on your head ...lol

When I did mine I did like what you see in the movies ...I cut my hair short  in front on a mirror and then I used a beard trimmer to clean up the whole stuff and make it uniform ...once a few weeks passed it was easy to maintain the ole noggin  w the  clippers .

Quick thought,  if you shave your head and keep the long beard you might actually turn out to be up to date  in a current style men are sporting   these days ..

A lot of guys in my area( SW WA )are wearing that look ...IMHO it is a pretty cool look .... I have considered it myself actually ...

all the best,



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6 minutes ago, kennywtelejazz said:

Might even be worth a trip to Oregon since salon services are now open  ...I say that only because your heads skin is gonna be sensitive ..

Where the heck are you seeing that Kenny?  Both my Mom and I are (im)patiently waiting for the salons to open.  I know the stylists that work on us are definitely still not allowed to go to work yet!

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You don't have to shave it, too much work to maintain, just go for the Balkans war criminal look.

Do a crew cut at about number 2 - 4 but keep a "goatie" ie short moustache and beard trimmed at the sides. Much easier to maintain and cut yourself with a trimmer. Your unleashing a six year old with a razor coming at you? You are a braver man than me. If you have grey or white hair, just match it up with dark shirts and jackets, you'll still look cool. And don't forget to change your personality a bit as well. Rather than thinking you are being forced into baldness by the denigrating inevitability of male pattern baldness, think of it as a transformation into a new wiser you.

crew and moustach.jpg

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. Especially Kenny. Nothing holds credence like a been-there-done-that story.

Update...the boy did not rise to the challenge yesterday, and refused me. I let it go. After all, the idea of having him do the deed first arose as I pondered the shock he'd receive when suddenly presented with a Boppa Dave who no longer looked like Boppa Dave. I do not wish to traumatize him. But now that the idea has been planted, I think he's been sufficiently prepared. His little sister, though, remains an unknown.

Meanwhile, a poll of my household had proved indecisive: 1 for, 1 against and 1 abstaining. So I'll have to do it myself. Yes, photos will be posted.

Now, where do I go for a tattoo to complement the new look?

And just which look should I adopt? Perhaps the quiet smoldering look of a veteran of the Tet Offensive who doesn't like to talk about it. Or maybe the gruff retired biker, resigned to the fact that he's too old to bash heads but threatening for an excuse anyway. How about a wizened sensei character, an Obi Wan who only speaks in meme captions? There's the withered rock star look, still cocky but thankful that they make black leather jackets in his size. Maybe the soft-spoken but smoldering - ah, there's that smoldering thing again - retired seen-it-all cop. Or the crude tat of someone who probably once ruled a prison yard.

As you can tell, I'm drawing on movie stereotypes of bald guys for inspiration. 


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