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The event list menu has been removed??

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The event list menu has been removed.
Where did you go?
Was the event list list deleted?
Without an event list, detailed editing is difficult.
(Interpolate function also disappears. 3 ~ 4 must be combined
I barely use it, but it is very inconvenient.
If you use the Interpolate function of CakeWalk 3.0
You have to work several times at a time.)
If it is deleted, can you recover it again?
Interpolate function disappears..event list disappears
Advantages of CakeWalk (other sequencer programs never imitate)
Because the shell meets and all the advantages of the cakework disappear.
I think it's becoming a sequencer program without meaning.
It is very unfortunate ..
By all means, cubase and logic cannot be followed.
Detailed MIDI editing and quality audio functions
I hope you will be equipped with D.A.W ...
** ps: (Any Audio function, MIDI editing is still available
If you mess up, you can never get good quality music ..)
The advantages of CakeWalk are Interpolate function, 
Event list editor function,
Quick editing and good quality due to the knife program function
It is a program that has the advantage of detailed MIDI editing.
Hopefully ... please ...
Interpolate function and ..event list function ..
I will appreciate it if you restore it.
(The MIDI function of Cake Work 3.0 and the audio function of Band Lap CakeWalk are
When combined, it will probably be the best of the D.A.W.
Thank you for reading the long text ~~ ^^
Please answer fast.
(I am not good at English. Sorry ..)
Then have a nice day ~~ ^^

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When a feature appears missing but is in the documentation such as the Event List view chances are a workspace is running that does not have the feature.

Either create a custom workspace or set the workspace menu to None.

For interpolate use the Find/Change dialog in the Process menu


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Posted (edited)

I could be wrong, but the Event List now shows up in the factory supplied Basic Workspace. (At least it does on my computers.) 

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to simplify wording

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