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Cakewalk fader maximum values



I'm working with a Mackie Control-emulating control surface, which like the original has its fader scales going from -infinity to +10 dB, but Cakewalk's faders go from -infinity to +6 dB. This means 0 dB on the surface is around -3 dB on Cakewalk, and 0 db on Cakewalk is around 1.5 dB on the surface. Maybe it's just my OCD, but this is really annoying me. A search of the documentation gives me no information on whether or not it is possible to change Cakewalk's faders to max out at +10dB, other than a few references to the max being +10dB - stuff like "For example, let’s say you have four tracks, three tracks have their volume fader set to 0 dB while the fourth track’s fader is set to +10 dB."

So, does anyone know if it's possible to configure Cakewalk's faders to max out at +10 dB?

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