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- Descriptive GIFs In Help Module & Guides -

Jim Fogle

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Both @Morten Saether and @msmcleod have a deep understanding of Cakewalk's features and limitations.  At the same time they also are able to produce small, visual aids that simplify new or complicated uses and have published some aids in the forum to explain a feature or provide step-by-step instructions.  Please see this or this post for excellent examples of what I'm so excited about.

I would like to see these visual aids incorporated into the Cakewalk Help Module, Online Help Guide and Cakewalk Reference Guide.

Please note I'm assuming the Cakewalk Reference Guide will be published in EPUB or another file format that supports animated GIFs.  Please see this post.

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If you want people to switch to CbB as their DAW. This would be a massive reason to do so.

Any time you need to know what to do.

Just click on the section with GIFs and instant know how knowledge.

Like a visual gif Wikia for Cakewalk practical how-to get things done!

I can't recommend this idea strongly enough!

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