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Frank DeFede

New Installation - missing effects

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I had to redo windows on my workstation.  After I have reinstalled Cakewalk via, Band lab assistant it appears I am missing a lot of effects and modules.  I was able to install Command Center, but just not sure if those are still valid programs to install since it goes back before band lab.  Should I install all of the things that came with Sonar Platinum like the Classic Creative FX Suite, Engineering FX Suite, Studio Instruments Suite, Artist Instrument Collection, Platinum Instrument Collection, and so on.

I'd like to get Bandlab back to where it was before I had to reinstall Windows. 

As an example, I am missing things like SessionDrummer (Synth Rack)
BT BrickWall BW2S-3 (Bus: 'Master')
BT BrickWall BW2S-3 (Bus: 'Vocals')
BT BrickWall BW2S-3 (Bus: 'Drums')

I tried to install the Classic Creative FX Suite, and got a message Cannot locate the required version of the program on this system.  Install the correct version of the program to use this pack.  I assume that means I must install Platinum now.  Just not sure if that will screw up Bandlab some way.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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To insure the correct version of shared files are installed

  • Uninstall CbB using BandLab Assistant
  • Install Platinum (works best with Cakewalk Command Center)
  • Reinstall CbB

The uninstall option for CbB is here


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