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Morten Saether


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We're pleased to announce the 2019.12 release, which is a stability update in keeping with our goal of making Cakewalk as reliable and enjoyable as possible. A big thanks to our community for sharing your valuable time and feedback - you're helping us build an unquestionably superior Cakewalk with each release!  

The Bakers



2019.12 Highlights

Behavior changes & optimizations

  • Improved audio resampling quality in WASAPI Shared mode.
  • The default MIDI Prepare Buffer size has been changed to 200 msec. Limitations preventing the MIDI buffer from being set lower have been removed. There should be no need to change the buffer size from the new default value anymore, since the engine automatically raises the internal size when necessary. 
  • On first launch, Cakewalk will reset the MIDI buffer size to the new default value of 200 msec (Preferences > MIDI - Playback and Recording > Prepare Using n Millisecond Buffers).


Bug fixes

  • Opening Cakewalk in WASAPI Shared mode stops audio in other apps that share the audio device(s).
  • Potential crash when changing audio configuration settings (Preferences > Audio - Configuration File) during playback in ASIO driver mode.
  • Potential crash when opening ASIO panel from Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings.
  • Deleting data clears the selection.
  • In rare cases, Input Echo could not be disabled in Instrument tracks.
  • Reassigning a synth output track's Input control to None no longer disables the Input Echo control.
  • When doing a real time export of a project (Fast Bounce disabled), the project no longer scrolls.
  • Now time in musical time (H:M:S:F or any time based format) doesn't update to reflect new time when changing tempo.
  • PreSonus Studio 192 crashes when changing buffer size.
  • Playback distortion at certain buffer sizes with some ASIO drivers after 2019.11 update.
  • Changing the audio latency in Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings can cause audio distortion in ASIO and WASAPI Exclusive mode if the driver doesn't accept the new latency value.
  • Plug-in Load Balancing crashes if MixThreadCount in Preferences > Audio - Configuration File is set to a value of 1.
  • Potential hang if certain kinds of dropouts occur in the audio engine while using Plug-in Load Balancing.
  • Setting Fade On Stop in Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording to >0 prevents RestartEngineAfterDropout from working.


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