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  1. I have always been able to view individual take lane notes in piano roll. WHy can't I filter out the different take lanes in piano roll? It's impossible when trying to clean up a take to have more than one take within the same piano roll.
  2. Apply "Fit Content" to all Take Lanes when invoked on main track. Currently Lanes must be opened and "fit" individually. Oddly, Take Lanes can have content fit independently while open but then revert to non-fit when closed.
  3. So I convert MIDI clips to step sequencer clips often, and I have multiple take lanes in each track. But even though I select the take lane I'm in, then click Convert to Step Sequencer Clip, the newly-created step sequencer clip NEVER appears where the original MIDI clip was. So I have to scroll to where the newly-create step sequencer clip appeared (a different take lane; usually the top take lane) and drag the newly-created step sequencer clip to where I want it. Is there a setting to get the newly-created step sequencer clip to remain in the take lane where the source MIDI clip was, so to take the place of the source MIDI clip? I ask, because I want to be more efficient and because what's happening, or NOT happening, is frustrating. I hope I'm the weak link that just needs to be educated.
  4. Hi all - could someone please advise me on the following 'issue' I have with the otherwise fantastic 'Arranger' feature. When I commit an arrangement (either insert or commit) in Arranger I am finding that the take lanes that exist in project tracks become multiplied. Just a single take lane which, for example, has 10 clips becomes 10 take lanes , with a single clip per take lane when committed. In fact I also see one or more 'empty' lanes are also created. SO...if I have 10 takes, each with 15 or 20 clips then you can understand the take lane numbers escalate rapidly. When I first spotted this, my 9 initial drum takes lanes had morphed into 1500+ take lanes. A handful of empty lanes but the remaining majority containing just a single clip. Am I missing something here? Any help/ideas/comments gladly received!
  5. I'm trying to drag the three clips in this project left to 1:00:000 but can't. The first track has 3 take lanes, the second one has 4 and the last one has 1. The take lanes are actually a combinations of takes and vocal parts. and I may move some takes to additional tracks as I work on the mix. For now I want to move everything to the left so tracks 2 & 3 start at 1:00:000 and keep all tracks/takes aligned. Right now everything is aligned right down to the sample level and I'd like to keep it that way. Also what is the best way to move take lanes into separate tracks and keep them in sync. I'm guessing bounce to tracks then deleting the original will be one method that will keep the new track in sync with the existing one but was hoping there are others. SOLUTION: Using CTRL+ Click to select the three clips with take lanes hidden allows the three clips to be dragged left. (Not shown in original GIF below) CTRL + A doesn't work. I verified the settings recommended by @msmcleod and couldn't find any events that would prevent dragging to the left. I thought that CTRL+ A in the clip pane and CTRL+ Clicking the three clips accomplished the same thing since all events are in those tracks, but that's not what happened this time. There's something there but I can't find it.
  6. HI! I started using Cakewalk by BandLab couple of months ago and I see that it is a brilliant successor DAW to Sonar DAW, with so many improvements and great features, but I am an active Sonar user since 2004 and, as I worked on many versions of Sonar through the years, I witnessed that every new version had some seriously great upgrades and developed some very intelligent and user friendly solutions for dealing with various features, operating and handling the whole process of recording and music production and most of all editing recorded clips, better than in any other DAW I tried (protools, cubase, cool edit, logic, reaper), especially editing multiple takes recorded on multiple tracks (like, for example, recording drums with 14 mics or more, and then editing that 14 tracks, multi-take recording, which is my usual day to day job). That being said, I and my associates and colleagues also witnessed some of those brilliant features going the opposite direction from improvement within the newer versions of DAW, and that started after Sonar 8.5, in Sonar X1, though it is stil great, user friendly, fast and intuitive!!! Well, for me and that brilliantly fast and easy editing, everything went south with Sonar X2 (stuff also featured in all it's successor DAWs) when "Take Lanes" were introduced instead of "Track Layers", which is why I am still working in latest edition of Sonar X1. What the hell was supposed to get better or easier or whatever with that annoying feature that was not been able to be done in sonar 8.5 or X1, or even some of the older ones???!!! There's no "Rebuilt layers" command, which was a very useful command dealing with layers, sorry - lanes! To me and my colleagues these "Take Lanes" were visually confusing since day one. The old style was so "common sense" and intuitive visually-wise, and work-wise. I went through HELP files to figure out how to deal with these "take lanes", but there's not much help with it, is it,hm? Some other downgrades (in my opinion) comparing with older Sonar DAW versions: - When I mute the clip, it used to have a little "red crossed circle" icon in the upper left corner so it was crystal clear the Clip is MUTED. - In Sonar, in track view (also in the bus view), going up and down through the tracks in a project by scrolling the mouse-wheel used to toggle track by track (or you could say bus track by bus track), no matter the current heights of the particular tracks, so you would always see the whole track channel on top of the screen. Now in Cakewalk it seems to toggle some fixed value, so by scrolling it's clumsy to toggle to a desired track, and it's often to see just a small part of the track, so you get lost easily - the user is forced for more usage of the side bar to scroll precisely to a preferred view/location... ANNOYING! Does anybody feels the same as I do regarding this stuff? In hope of improving these features back to when it was done right, all the best and keep on the GREAT WORK!!!! Davor Tomic Pinky
  7. I am editing drum tracks for a project. I do not record them in Cakewalk, they are delivered to me via WAV files in folders, i.e. Take 1 has 12 tracks in it, Take 2 has 12 tracks in it and Take 3 has 12 tracks in it. I dropped all three Takes into Bandlab. I know how to do that. Easy. Then, I grouped each individual take via the Selection Group Function. Now, once all three Takes have been individually grouped, how do I comp them versus one another to create one singular drum take? There does not seem to be a way to drop them into Take Lanes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I need help diagnosing duplicate tracks panned L/R that don't cancel when the phase of one is switched. I've got duplicate acoustic guitar tracks panned L/R with identical FX. I was using the ME50 pedal output but decided that the pedal was introducing too much resonance and switched to the guitar DI which was routed to both my audio interface and the ME50 using a DI box. While I was using the ME50 track, I switched the phase switch on one of the tracks from time to time to be sure that all the FX were identical and the sound from the two tracks canceled. I used the browser to bring the DI clip into the AG L track as Take2, slip edited the beginning to match the beginning of the ME50 track, checked it and bounced it to clips. Comping was not enabled, but to do the editing and move the clip, I used the edit and move tools because the smart tool didn't work in the take lane. Once I was happy with the AG L track, I duplicated the AG L track, deleted the existing AG R track, renamed the duplicate track AG R and moved the Pan from L to R. I then disabled all sends and PC, routed the outputs directly to the PreMaster Bus and routed the PreMaster bus to my interfaces Mains Out. I also added a Ozone Imager 2 plugin in the PreMaster FX Rack to display the combined output. As expected the L/R tracks combined in the middle and the Imager displayed a vertical line. But when I flipped the phase on one of the tracks, the Imager showed a horizontal line which was expected but what I heard was a thinner acoustic guitar panned hard L/R. I've checked everything I can think of but haven't found the problem. I made two GIFs (A) shows the console view details and (B) shows the track view details. In (A) the routing should be clear, the PC is shown off and sends are off. In (B) the track peak markers line up, the clip names are shown and the take lanes are shown. The Ozone Imager 2 is shown in bot views. PS: Looking at the Imager displays. The one i (A) clearly shows the vertical line, the one in (B) doesn't but they are both vertical anytime the bot phase switches are off. Neither shows the horizontal line which is straight across the horizontal axis but that's what's displayed when on phase switch is on.
  9. Hi Everyone, Hoping someone can assist me with an issue I'm having in Cakewalk 2020.09 version. My total project has about 67 Tracks. 3 of those tracks have Take Lanes which have not yet been committed (Flatten) as I'm currently working on comps for various background vocal harmonies. The tracks are as follows: Track 55 has 15 Take Lanes Track 56 has 31 Take Lanes Track 57 has 63 Take Lanes The playback audio engine worked excellent when playing the entire project until I finished recording Track 57's 63 Lanes. After recording and hitting playback, the Audio Engine Drops Out about 2 seconds in. I did not have this issue before recording the last Track's takes. I noticed if I Archive Track 57 the entire project plays smoothly again with no issues. I haven't been able to figure out which Take Lane(s) within Track 57 are causing the issue. Anyone else ever experienced this? Here are my system specs: Cakewalk by Bandlab 2020.09 ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Motherboard Intel 17-6950X CPU 10 Core/ 20 Thread/ 40 Lanes 128GB G. Skill DDR4 3200Mhz Memory Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GPU Samsung 970 Pro 1TB M.2 SSD (5) WD 1TB Black Drives SoundGrid Studio 64 Channel DSP Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server V2 DigiGrid IOX 12 Channel I/O (Master Clock) E-MU 1820 Interface
  10. Greetings: I searched and did not see this exact request. If it is a duplicate, I apologize, in advance. It would be handy to be able to set a user-defined limit on # of take lanes and stop the loop recording. For example, I'd like to loop record up to 5 takes. Being able to set the limit, means I can hit record, and do not have to worry about stopping the transport. In other words, after the 5 takes, recording stops, and the transport stops, simultaneously. Thanks, Kevin
  11. So we have a new recording options. But let's think that you are recording alone. You press loop, you press record button. After that you are recording takes. When you're done you press stop button. After that you have that most recent take with a silence or guitar noises when you try to record guitar take. So you need to delete that take and make some aligment for previous takes. My requeseted feature is to delete unfinished takes and left only full completed takes in a take lane. It would save time and after that you'll record enough takes. It works in REAPER and it should be done in Cakewalk)
  12. Hi, When working with lanes, and I try to hover the smart tool over the end of a clip so I can change its size, the smart tool changes to the one where it'll change the size of the selected clip, but will also change the size of other clips, in inverse manner. Sorry I dont know the name of the tool, but it looks like a double flag. So I have to move the clip to another track, make the size change, then return to original track. Is there a setting I can change? Thank you very much for your help
  13. Is there a setting somewhere where you can tell Bandlab to always use different take lanes for overlapping clips? I'm not talking about live recording, I'm talking about moving clips around on the timeline with d&d or cut/copy/paste. Often I overlap clips in an audio track, then when I open the take lanes, even though Sonar may have created a bunch of take lanes, I'll have a single take lane with overlapping clips in it. This defeats the whole purpose of take lanes for me. I know take lanes have lots of other uses for comping, etc, but I just want to be able to access non-overlapped clips that overlap in the track.
  14. When I loop a section and select a punch-in point, everything before that point ghosts out on all of the previous take lanes on that track as soon as I hit record. The ghosted clips do not respond to unmute. . When I select them with the comping tool, there is no sound from those clips. There is no event in the history that I can undo. Undo will only take me back to prior to hitting record, which does activate those clips, but that doesn't help me unless I record the punch-in on a new track. That's how I'm working around it for now. Copying the clip to a new track doesn't work either. It's still ghosted on the new track. At that point, the only thing I can do is re-record the ghosted part. It's VERY frustrating. Does anyone know how to rectify or avoid this problem? Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks, Nigel
  15. Hello-- I've never noticed this before, so either A) The feature was done away with B) I have a bug or C) I wasn't observant before When you have a track with multiple take lanes where you've added notes to the lane(s) and then you duplicate the track (and include the events) those take notes don't copy to the new track. Kind of frustrating when you're counting on them.
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