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Found 2 results

  1. I've been having this issue with my drum grid when trying to humanize my drums. I've seen videos on youtube where guys will use varyvel and quantize to quickly humanize their drums, but when I follow this same process, my drum grid gets flooded with random extra notes all over the place. Certain notes disappear as well. Even when I try to do this a measure at a time, or even one piece of the drum kit a measure at a time, this happens. Can anyone explain why this happens and what can be done about it? I haven't been able to find an answer to this anywhere else.
  2. I believe a real randomizer is needed in Cakewalk I would like this to be a feature request for the PRV. I think we need a randomizer that does different things with sliders or knobs and we should be able to see the changes are they are being made in the piano roll like you can in other DAWs below are Reaper and FL Studio humanize/ randimizer This will help with the quantizing, panning, humanizing, velocity and pitching of the piano roll. The CAL script that come with CbB are not user friendly you dont know what changes you made until you commit to the change and have to keep undoing and redoing until you get what you want where as if you have a slider or knob that showed the changes that you are going for it would help out alot even if it had an audition like the other midi fx so we can see what we are changing. This same structure could be used for other midi fx like a strum midi effect would be great. If you can see what you are changing will help out and not limit the strum like the CAL script currently does would help out as well. Please take these into consideration as a feature update in cakewalk. I know many people will enjoy these added features.
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