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  1. Hi folks, Every so often, I have a work in progress and would love to have the ability to print out the project tracks so I can take notes while listening to the current state of the song. Right now I make a bunch of screenshots and stitch them together 😅 It works, but having the option to print it natively would be amazing 👍🏻 The staff printing function is great for arrangements, but for EDM, a printed view of the whole project seems more useful to me. What do you guys think? Stay Awesome, Seilmeister
  2. I’m sorry, I can’t find a way to change the in the tempo track of the curvature types between several already created nodes, is there some way to do this in bulk, and not one at a time? For example, there is an already edited envelope tempo in the project, but all types of curves are set to "jump", how to massively change them to "linear"? I tried to do it in the "Inspector" of the track's tempo, highlighting all the events, tried on all the keys and their combinations, but I did not find a single way to change the curvature types in bulk. Also, nowhere did I find the settings to set this curvature type in advance "by default". Thank you in advance for any hint if there is such a way!
  3. would be nice to have a pre-roll record function, like studio one has. you can specify a number of beats/bars that will play before the playhead marker sets record so that you can hear the track(s) up to the record point... makes it easier to play along to the music for punch and rolling. basically, this is exactly the same as when a producer plays a track and manually punches you in while it plays, but enables to you to do it when you are tracking yourself.
  4. StepicVST - https://devicemeister.com/ No more drawing complex envelopes 😉 Thoughts? (I'm searching the forums to see if anything similar has been requested -- so forgive if duplicated!)
  5. An auto trim button would be helpful in the prochannel PC76 U-Type compressor. When changing the threshold, an auto gain button to engage or disengage to keep the volume make-up gain steady, this would be very helpful. 👍
  6. Right clicking on a marker opens a pop-up window that lets you rename it and adjust its time/pitch. It'd be keen if Delete was also an option. Yes, I can open the Markers window, find it in there, and delete it that way. But it's good UI to have common operations on an object available via direct manipulation of the object itself, not finding it elsewhere in a list of such objects.
  7. On more than one occasion, I've double-clicked in the timeline - like a fool! - and been treated to having all of my tracks un-minimized and made slightly taller than minimized but considerably shorter than they used to be when opened. Presumably it's doing one of the Fit xxx to Window commands, which I've never ever wanted to do at all, either deliberately or accidentally. Whatever, my bad. But unless I'm missing something (which is likely enough), there doesn't seem to be a way to Undo that little slice of heaven. It's not an event that was added to the Undo/Redo stack. And selecting all tracks and doing the Quick Group ctrl-click thing on the minimize button only minimizes the track you clicked on. Nor does 'minimize track' appear to be a bindable command in the Key Bindings place. So you get to click the little double-up-arrow thing on every track in your project (at least the ones that weren't hidden away in Folders), which could be quite many. Tedious.
  8. A button or modifier to clear all FX from an audio track's FX bin instead of having to clear them one at a time
  9. Hi: I'm a long time Cakewalk user. In the past I used to have a multi port MIDI interface (now obsolete) and connect all my synths there. Now I don't have that MIDI interface anymore and, as most modern synths have USB MIDI, I connect all my synths directly to the computer. The problem is that not always want to use all my synth, sometimes I just turn on a single one and Cakewalk just mess all MIDI port selection on the MIDI tracks. The MIDI data (notes, etc) is sent to the wrong synths. I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track every time. Even if I turn on all my synths, sometimes Cakewalk change the order of MIDI ports and again I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track. Same happens when sending MIDI clock to my drum machine, after opening a saved project the MIDI ports are in a different order and the MIDI clock is sent to a different port so my drum machine doesn't start. Also if I have set an instrument definition for a MIDI port, I lost that assignment... So, please make Cakewalk remember the MIDI port settings. If I have a MIDI track and the MIDI port output is set to a MIDI port named SynthX (all my MIDI ports have the name of the synth), next time I open the project that track should be assigned to the MIDI port SynthX, and if that MIDI port is not available (not connected), should be routed to a dummy MIDI port, not to other MIDI port, if I want to route that MIDI data to another MIDI port I will do it myself manually (letting Cakewalk choose a random MIDI port doesn't help). Thank you!
  10. I've been a happy user of Cakewalk for many many years. There are lots of comments about how clumsy the Drum Map Manager is to use. A major update would be nice, but probably is a big effort. A couple of very simple things would make it much more convenient to use. Very often I use it to just display drum note names for a drum VST. I assume that this is a common case. This is awkward because: the Out Port moves to different positions for a VST sometimes different a channel other than 10 is used Typically one Out Port and a single channel are needed for a drum VST. It would be really nice to have a couple of buttons like: Set all Out Port to X Set all channels to X Otherwise it is very cumbersome to edit dozens of items. Note name "instrument" definitions can be used instead, but Drum Maps have advantages.
  11. Since I generally record voiceovers, I rarely have enough tracks to require vertical scrolling. But with long audio takes, I need horizontal scrolling almost constantly. It would be much appreciated if I could remap the mouse wheel to accomplish this, perhaps under Preferences > Customization > Keyboard Shortcuts, or thereabouts. Thanks.
  12. I routinely keep nearly all tracks frozen in order to keep my steam-powered PC happy. Sometimes, I need to unfreeze everything in order to make some structural change (e.g., the guitar solo isn't long enough, need to add more repetitions of the backing tracks). Then I need to freeze everything again, particularly if I need to record some more and need to be able to run at low latency. It'd be really handy if I could select multiple tracks and choose "Freeze" or "Unfreeze" to do all of them at once. Not in parallel simultaneously (though I wouldn't say no if that were possible), but sequentially without my further intervention. Bulk Unfreeze isn't critical, given how fast that is. Though it'd still be nice not to have to click each track one at a time. But Freeze can easily take a minute or two per track, and it'd be great if I could wander off and do something else, rather than sit at the DAW waiting for each track to render so I can start up the next. Tedious.
  13. It'd be nice (and presumably trivial) if the color picker that pops up when you click the tiny little rectangle at the bottom of the console strip (or at the left edge of the track view) had a choice that said "follow output" rather than "follow bus". I typically do guitar parts in pairs, panned hard left/hard right. These two tracks have their outputs sent to a 'submix' Aux track so I can do volume automation on the pair in a single place, common FX, etc. The Aux goes to its own bus on the console. (I prefer not to do volume automation on the buses for various reasons.) Anyway, the Aux track can be easily set to have it's color "follow bus". The individual guitar tracks have to be set manually. I'd like them to be set to automatically follow the color of whatever they're output is set to, be it a bus or an aux track.
  14. 1) I'm taunted by Youtube videos of people using ProTools and other daws. They can have an automation envelope active, select a region using one of the select tools, hover over the envelope in the selected region, and just drag it up and down, which inserts control handles and moves the part of the envelope in the selection all in one easy and intuitive operation. In CW you can right-click the envelope, choose Add Nodes At Selection and then you have to switch to the Move Tool to move the region up and down, and then switch back to the Smart Tool you were probably previously using. It's clunky. 2) I almost exclusively use Jump transitions on my Automation, not Linear. Which means I spend a fair amount of time arguing with CW over the issue. Each time I click to add a node to the Automation envelope, it sets the part of the envelope to the left of the new point to Linear mode, even if it was already in a Jump 'region'. Each node addition requires a right-click context menu to set part of the envelope back to Jump. Some sort of Default mechanism - like remembering the last choice I made on said context menu and using that transition mode until I say differently - would be appreciated. 3) Related: it should be possible to set the transition mode on multiple envelope segments at once. I can select multiple control points (and thus segments) simultaneously, but right-clicking and changing mode only effects the one segment I clicked on. 4) Better vertical precision on the control handles. Currently they're tied to the pixel height of the track (or Automation Lane). In my normal semi-expanded view of a track (say, 100px high or so), I can select a handle on a Volume envelope, hold shift to constrain the motion to vertical, and drag up or down. But because the track isn't displayed hugely, I can only move by .4db increments (or whatever), because that's what moving the handle up or down by a single pixel maps to. I'd like to request a "Precision Mode" similar to what happens when you hold shift and drag one of the Console faders - multiple pixels worth of motion map to a 0.1db change in the fader level, or whatever the smallest value change allowed happens to be for the given parameter. 5) Related to #4. It should also be possible to precisely nudge selected Automation handles using the keyboard (arrow keys plus some modifiers). Personally don't need it if I got #4, but I could see a case where arrow-key nudging would still be a nice feature. Reduced motor skills, trying to work a laptop touchpad in the back of a moving tour bus, whatever. 6) Orphaned Envelopes after you delete an effect that had automation. Why are they even a thing? They should probably show up as a lane when you show Automation Lanes, and also as a selection in the Automation flyout menu tied to the "Edit Filter" field (in both the parent track and the Automation Lanes, if shown).
  15. Hello, i would like to be able to use and define my own functions to many of the (less used) pre-defined Keys (A, V, B, etc.). So, the dialog should just allow to "unbind" the predefined functions of all available keys. Is this possible in the near future? (i actually want this since 1998 ) BR, Peter
  16. It is really a pain when you have to check all those boxes one by one when you have 46 tracks. Can you please add Shift click or "Check all" button.
  17. What would make working with Cakewalk much more fluid would be the following: Seamless zooming and panning only by extending the existing functionality in Cakewalk: 1. Horizontal Pan and Zoom based on the behaviour of the "timeline zooming" without the need to find the spot on the timeline that activates the timeline panning and zooming. --> This could be done just by pressing e.g. Alt+Ctrl+Drag (horizontal) any place in the Track View, PRV or any other view. 2. Vertical Pan and Zoom similar to timeline zooming but vertically by Alt+Ctrl+Drag (vertical) any place in the Track View, PRV or any other view. IMO this would be a great workflow improvement as it reduces unneccesary mouse- and eye-movements away from the actual editing area and creates a seamless workflow around the actual task at hand (e.g. clip editing, automation envelopes, etc.). What do you guys think? Peter
  18. It would be very helpful to have a way to hide the information box that is automatically displayed when drawing automation in piano roll view. Sometimes this intrusive box gets in the way of the precise automation edits I'm drawing. It's pretty annoying. Pleaseeee.
  19. There are times when you want to create a track send which is completely clean, which means before the FX in the signal chain. Looks to be impossible at the moment as the Pre Fader option is still post FX. I know there are possible work arounds by cloning tracks etc but these are definitely not user friendly. I also know that other folks have made this request before. Could we get an idea from the development team if this is a big deal to do? Regards Robert
  20. Months ago i give CbB a chance and im really surprised hoy powerful program is. So here it is a little list of features that speeds up a better workflow IMO (based on my experience with other daws) * Automation curves (not like the "presets", something like other daws have *a point to edit how fast the curve is*) * In piano roll, invert betweet the mouse left click - alt+left click note drawing * Create a MIDI clip without accessing the piano roll, or at least hiding the piano roll grid outside the clip outlines * MIDI controllers like automation (way better and faster than transform tool) * Resample timestretch mode * Scrolling disable as default with a GUI button or option to enable it (to prevent hit scroll lock every time i open CbB) * Link Clip background color to track color CbB is a great piece of software, adding something like this will be a great refresh to it 😃👍
  21. Another Cakewalk feature suggestion: Similar to Logic functionality, it would be nice if the fade out curve could be adjusted (right clicked) to also include a tape stop. As illustrated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MJ_0tXpns0
  22. I hear some other DAWs have that feature. It allows for hearing high frequencies better as everything is lowered by half. If you're 30+ years old you may find it useful as your hearing deteriorates with age.
  23. This is something that is possible to do in REAPER: On CbB, all you have is changing a DSP option in a external options file and that may not even do anything. While I can dial lower latencies with REAPER with WASAPI shared, on CbB, I seem to be stuck in 400ms with no provisions of changing it.
  24. Studio One has a nice feature to rename a project. This option renames the file and all subsequent project and audio files to the new file name. This is helpful because most people don't have a title when they start a new song (I always start as "Tune 1", "Tune 2", etc....) or sometimes you want to just change a name, but when you do a "Save As" with Cakewalk, all the old audio clips from the older projects still have "Tune 1" in them or whatever your previous project name was. Would be nice to have this in Cakewalk.
  25. Would be nice to have a way to see the elapsed time between two points in the timeline, similar to video the one found in some editing programs. It's useful for scoring for video, but also to arrange songs.
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