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  1. I upgraded my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Generally speaking, the switchover went smoothly, but there seems to be a problem with the UWP MIDI mode on Cakewalk. Some MIDI messages are no longer getting through, including "Machine Control" messages. I'm using the VS-700C: I receive all status messages on the VS-700C, but I can't send any to Cakewalk, i.e. one-way communication. However, the control surface is well configured. I can only use MME mode. With Windows 10 I didn't have this problem. Perhaps it's Microsoft's rapid abandonment of UWP mode towards "Project Reunion" that's the cause, but obviously for many users it seems that using MIDI UWP mode is problematic.
  2. OK - I recently built a new monster desktop PC, and after nearly three very busy weeks I got all my software installed (over 1,200 plugins) plus 6TB of sample libraries downloaded and installed as well as another 4TB of user files and such. Two days ago, my brand spanking new power supply instantly shut off, which instantly shut off the computer, RIGHT in the middle of my updating the NVIDIA video drivers. Ever since that happened, I get ZERO video signal and therefore can not see anything on the screen. Despite my 38 years of mainframe programming, I am not sure of how to fix the issue. I have downloaded the Microsoft MediaCreation Tool for Windows 11, on my laptop, and can create a bootable USB drive with Windows using the tool, but I am not sure whether or not booting up the desktop using the bootable USB drive will give me the option of essentially a reinstall of Windows 11 where it will not only preserve my user account and files, but will also preserve all of the installed software. I really do not want to have to reinstall some 1,200 plugins and all of my sample libraries and such. Any guidance? I SURELY would appreciate someone laying out the steps to do this correctly. Bob Bone UPDATE RESOLVED. It was a defective brand new power supply.
  3. Anyone else having issues? When I installed Addictive Drums 2 VST3 on my new Windows 11 PC and tried to load it in CbB, it threw an error asking me to Enable (risky) or Disable it. I chose Enable. It wound up in the PIM Excluded list. I contacted XLN who had me remove and reinstall the VST3. So far every attempt to reinstall it has failed. The XLN Installer says everything's up to date but the VST3 is nowhere to be seen. When I restored the original deleted VST3 to it's folder, CbB again throws an error when scanning it. I Enable it but it doesn't show up anywhere in the PIM list. XLN support is ongoing. SOLVED - see below.
  4. Again Windows 11/Intel 12th gen seems to have broken something. I have 32 bit Sonar installed on Windows 11 to open older projects. 32 bit Sonar completely ignores 32 bit SD2 during a scan. Oddly, 64 bit Sonar/CbB picks up 32 bit SD2 and loads it just fine.
  5. I'm hoping someone can help me here. Until recently, I was using Windows 10 with a 3rd gen Focusrite solo, and Cakewalk (latest), on a 16GB memory machine, with i7 quad cores and a fast SSD. I upgraded to Windows 11 recently. For simple projects, Cakewalk and Focusrite work (sort of ) OK. However, any project with more than 4 tracks, and I get all sorts of engine drop outs, pops, crackles when I try and record a new track. On Windows 10, I had a few projects with > 16 tracks, and never experienced any issues at all. If I want to record e.g. bass, guitar, midi, Focusrite gets set down to a buffer size of 64 samples, or else the latency is awful. If I want to mix or master, then I have to set Focusrite up to 1024 samples, or the engine keeps dropping out. I followed a Focusrite 'Optimize audio for Windows 11' (https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4408057193362-Optimising-your-PC-for-Audio-on-Windows-11) and still have issues. I found a few other Cakewalk and Windows 11 blogs that offered a sub set of what Focusrite suggested. I've run out of ideas at the moment. I am past the 'revert in 10 days' window of Windows 11, so going back to 10 would be awkward. If anybody has any ideas or further links, I'd be most grateful.
  6. Just bought a new Windows 11 Home laptop and all I'm allowed to install is from the Microsoft Store. Some kind of security feature blocking everything not signed by them. I need help overriding this mess or I'll have to return it. I'm waiting to hear from the maker as well. Thanks,
  7. Hi all, bear with me as this will be a long post. I've finally decided that it was worth taking a lot of time putting this list together. I have not had a lot of good experiences posting stuff like this, most of the time I get responses like "you're using it wrong" or somehow the issue is "my fault" and that's not the experience I'm hoping to get here. I've been using Cakewalk since the late 1990s. When it came back and Bandlab revived it, I was stoked. But I should get to my point. My biggest hindering with Cakewalk nowadays is that the automation system is just completely broken. I haven't been keeping up in this forum so I apologize if I am posting things that are known issues, but I'm really hoping to see a future upgrade that fixes these things specifically: Ever since I installed Windows 11 last year, the rounded edges of the software will 'click through' to the software behind it. This is especially apparent with a console window maximized. It's April of 2022 now and this is still happening. Automations have been the buggiest things ever since Cakewalk went free, though I'm inclined to believe that some of these bugs existed well before Bandlab took over, even. Automation lanes get ignored for a bar or two whenever a loop is set in the project, and the project is playing. This makes troubleshooting loops harder. In an automation lane, when I click one note, hold shift and click another node, sometimes the envelope jumps back to its master track and the automation lane disappears until I reinitialize it. In the editor view, holding CTRL and changing a setting while having multiple tracks highlighted should apply the effect to all other highlighted tracks, just like it does in the Console view. This makes changing a project that uses 32 MIDI tracks to utilize Controller 0 as the bank swap method far easier than having to click a drop down 32 times. Or copying a send from one audio track to all highlighted audio tracks rather than having to change view modes to console view to utilize it. You cannot use this "work-around" for the MIDI bank switch method, by the way, as the console view does not have it. Sometimes when clicking a note, the note will become "primary" on that tick, causing the effect to sometimes glitch out or act as if it's playing after a note starts (I have to go into the event editor to fix this by hitting - then + on each of the notes) When you convert MIDI CC's to an automation lane, why would it default to Linear instead of Jump, the way MIDI actually works? If that's not doable, please please please give me the option to modify all lines on an automation lane to a different curve type without having to go through every line While we're on the topic of curve types...could we get more curve types than that are listed? Or at least let us be able to change the fast/slow curve types by changing their curve strength by a quick click/drag or a new tool? If I can't use Velocity as an automation lane, the option shouldn't even be there. It's there, it doesn't work. I have to use Take lanes, and of course I cannot copy the envelopes to those lanes from automation lanes Looping and automation lanes are completely broken. If there's a loop set, the automation lane nodes will sometimes get ignored after the loop. I have noticed that if I set the line to "jump" it sometimes fixes it (sometimes). As far as I can tell, MIDI automation lanes break more often than audio automation lanes do. Is a box-selection tool ever going to be created to allow me more flexibility in selecting nodes? I really would like to be able to select specific range of nodes (ie: lower volume nodes instead of higher volume nodes) instead of having to select everything Sometimes copying/pasting nodes in envelopes do not act the way you would expect them to, in that highlighting some of the selected area doesn't always copy say, the last node or two. I have done many livestreams on YouTube about stuff like this breaking so I will try not to bore you by looking for the issues in those youtube videos, I am also working two jobs so it might be very hard for me to go looking specifically for those times, these are just the issues I've remembered. Some of them may have been fixed already. Thank you for letting me rant, I needed to explain these issues, and if there are any specific points you need my help to try and reproduce, I have no problems taking videos. And maybe soon I can live stream to my YouTube audience and not have them listening to me complain about how the interface isn't working properly :) Then all I'll have to complain about is to iLok how if I have OBS open for a long period of time, it causes Cakewalk to literally take 10 minutes to load iLok VSTs like the Slate Plugins or something similar.
  8. FYI - I have an Edirol UM-2 (by Roland) and Roland stopped supporting it at while ago, however by following the procedures listed here ... http://johnwarburton.net/blog/?p=25289 Or here https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/15790-share-successfully-installing-edirol-um-2-windows-10-a.html You can leave to change to the .inf file as windows 10 (no need to enter 11) and very important to turn off memory integrity setting like this on Windows 11 ... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/a-driver-can-t-load-on-this-device-8eea34e5-ff4b-16ec-870d-61a4a43b3dd5 And it works again. What I'm not sure of if it will still work if I turn memory integrity back on again and reboot?
  9. The title reflects the central issue. I haven't had any problems at all of any kind, until I tried to use it after having closed out Tracktion Waveform 11 in the same session. I am new to Windows (11) and have absolutely no idea what is going on. The only thing that I tried was to start CbB with the shift key held down, but it still crashed. I have seen a few posts about Cakewalk instability, however as I am new to Windows, I don't know how to get anything useful from the CLI and I do not get any error pop-up messages. I could really use some guidance...
  10. hello! I've been using cakewalk before I upgraded to WIN 11 , after i upgraded i couldn't use it at all I tried making a new project but it couldn't work so i tried opening an old project thinking it was an error but no it did the same thing as before Stuck at "Creating IU" so I went re-installing thinking it would fix it but no it didn't, again I use an Acer aspire 5 Windows 11 Home Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.10 GH Ram: 8 GB pls help me !
  11. Asif Ali

    Windows 11

    Hi, does cakewalk by bandlab support windows 11?
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