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Found 5 results

  1. It's getting harder for me to turn in a good vocal performance so I bought into the Emvoice One app. I wrote this song around the female version they call Lucy. I know it's still a bit robotic but I'm new at it and with practice I should get better. Some of the online demos I hear sound really good and I hope one day to get that good at it myself. This is an early attempt for me. I'll also print the lyrics because some of her upper notes are hard to understand. If you let the SC play you will hear the first project I made with the male singer, Jay using Reason 12. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14434016 When the words have all been said and you need to touch me Hold me closer. Do not rush We have so much time to linger When your heart has found my soul we will be sing one voice Hold me just as tight as you can Tight as your arms can hold me now. We have known each other for so long Have so much love between us We have come through so many storms Weathering all the times together Charming times you hold my heart I will always trust you You have such a way with your touch Moving me through the clouds of love When you put your arms around me a new world is born streams of love flow whisper so low of devotion you bring to me We have reached what so many longed for through fair and stormy weather I could not ask for a better love Clouds of love will hover over Every time you look my way angels will be smiling I can follow you with my heart Leading to the clouds of love Holding me through the clouds of love c 2022 John Bowen 🙂John B
  2. Recorded with CbB featuring Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 & EZ Keys, Trilian Bass, Session Strings Pro 2, Xpand2 and DX7V synths (I think I got everything). Dedicated to and about the 9 Muses who, according to Greek mythology, are where all musical and artistic creativity comes from. I hope all are well and surviving the pandemic. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14152928 😀 John B
  3. Newest one. Maybe last for awhile. Don't ask what the lyrics mean. Something vague from deep inside my warped brain, or maybe it was my deep rooted fascination with pomegranates. 😁 https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/those-old-feelings Love & peace ❤️ 🙂John B
  4. About two weeks after I met the girl who became my first wife in September of 1979, I wrote this song on a 12 string guitar and put it down on a cheap reel to reel recorder. She loved the song and I always wanted to re record it better but I never had much of a chance. Even though I had advanced a bit in home recording by the 2000s, I never re did this. In January 2014, after almost 34 years of marriage I lost her to ovarian cancer. The grieving period was horrible. After the initial shock I soon settled into a depression made worse by the deafening silence and realizing I would never hear her voice again in this world. That was the worst part of the grieving, suddenly not hearing the voice of a loved one I heard every day for 34 years. I finally recorded the song two months after her death as part of the grieving process. I lost the original tape years ago, but the song never left my head. Last week, I found the original MIDI files and vocal track that I made in Magix Samplitude Music Studio in 2014, but it had been so long since I mixed it I had forgotten how to navigate SMS and through all of the missed updates, it didn't run the same anyway, so I exported the MIDIs out and re created them with what I have today with my Cakewalk set up. I know the vocals in this are rough, and I was considering re recording them, but realized that for as bad as they are, they capture a time I never want to forget. I was extremely depressed when I sang this in early 2014 and I'll probably never capture that feeling again. In my voice here you're hearing all the heartbreak. I ran some Melodyne over the real bad spots, but I want this as part of my memory of her. We had a beginning, a middle and an end of our relationship. This song captures the beginning and the end. The picture was from a photo booth on our honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Canada in July of 1980. You don't know how much I wish she could've heard it this way. I wrote it as an up tempo pop song. Here, I adapted it as a bluesy ballad in 6/8. I hope you enjoy this. 🙂John B https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/the-only-right-thing
  5. It's been a while since I wrote something in a 3 or 6 bar, but here finally is one. I tentatively called it "Court Jester's Waltz" thinking it would be like a "working title" till I found something better, but I decided to keep it and develop the concept of a guy being kicked around by a lover, bad friend or just a rotten person with the attitude like "OK, if it makes you feel good to make me feel like a clown I'll play along. What have I got to lose"? And the "waltz" bit? Well, I just get a kick out of a jester waltzing around by himself. Piano & drums by Toontrack. Bass by Trilian Bass Module. Soprano sax solo by Garritan Jazz & Big Band. String Ensemble by NI Session Strings Pro. Occasional laugh track by YouTube. https://johnbowen.bandcamp.com/track/court-jesters-waltz 😃John B
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