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  1. Hi There, Thanks for picking up the slack and resurrecting Cakewalk - Much appreciated - now I can finally remix 25 year old recordings (yeah I could have used something else but why?) So I hope this is an ok place to comment/request a feature request. Regarding Groove Clip Looping - Please Please consider facilitating a 'Repeat Count' entry box so we don't have to drag it out for 100 or more bars. Its would be cool to have both but a repeat count would be awesome! Thanks
  2. A permanent MIDI input chord display in the Control Bar would be fantastic! Below is my concept art: We do have the MIDI plugin "Chord Analyzer", which is good (but lacks selection of "b vs #" chord naming) but it would just be super convenient if Cakewalk at all times could display any chords detected at MIDI inputs and/or currently scrubbed. Check out how Logic Pro X has always done it: . Courtesy of the "Make Chords and Melodies Easily In Logic Pro X" YouTube video that demonstrates the live chord detection. EDIT: Updated with new correct image!
  3. Hello! I am using Cakewalk for a long time, basically for orchestral mock-ups with vst instruments. So, I use a lot of midi/instrument tracks. Bellow is a small list of things I find to be cumbersome to work with in Cakewalk. 1) The "Number of Tracks/Track Pairs to Create" field at the "Insert Soft Synth Options", is broken. When trying to input a new number (with Max Available un-ticked), the order of the numbers you type in is being put backwards. It's difficult to explain, just try it out and try to change the number of tracks a few times. 2) When duplicating an instrument track (let's say a Kontakt track), Cakewalk is creating a new synth instance of Kontakt with all of the patches that the previous instance had. This is most of the time not desired. An empty instance would have been more appropriate. This was the default way of duplicating instrument tracks some versions of the software ago. 3) Make the way of navigation the same on all views that it's appropriate. For example, the PRV and Tempo View do not use the same mouse and keyboard combinations. 4) I can't find a way to zoom in/out vertically with the mouse wheel and keyboard modifier key. Take a hint from Studio One's navigation methods. 5) I find it super annoying that there is not a way to rename a track at the PRV!!! Double clicking on the name of the track should allow renaming it, like it does on the Track view and the Console view! 6) It could be nice if the CC lanes on the PRV had the ability to have different heights. Sometimes you need to see them all but have more space on some than others. 7) Also, the order of appearance of the CC lanes on PRV is changing all the time when selecting multiple tracks with same or different CCs. Ideally one could arrange the order permanently or the software could display them in acceding order by default. 8 ) Nowadays, a lot of instruments have advanced legato engines that need some time pre-roll in order to be in-sync with the beat (for example the Cinematic Studio Series). Cakewalk has time compensation values only in ticks, not in milliseconds. This could also affect and break some Kontakt scripts that automatically manage different legato transition speeds but need to take into account the time pre-roll time in milliseconds. 9) I might be on my own here, but I preferred the previous way of deselecting notes on the PRV by right clicking on any CC lane. Now, most of the time when I work fast, instead of deselecting the notes by left clicking on the notes area, I am ending up creating new ones. I will really appreciate if any of the above could be thought and be looked at. Thank you in advance! Elias
  4. W Would be good additional selection option in arrangement track inspector view to hide tracks without clips into section range : ) It would be helpful in situation when many tracks used.
  5. The Arranger Tracks feature is a very welcome feature in CWBB. It works really well to try out how a piece sounds in different arrangements with zero editing. As part of this activity, it's often necessary to play an arrangement over and over, so as to get a feel for it before doing the same with other arrangements. Hence it would be useful to be able to loop the whole piece. Currently though, if you turn on looping, CWBB turns it off when you play an arrangement, and does not allow it to be turned back on while an arrangement is playing. I saw a couple of earlier posts asking for this, but they are not in the Feedback forum and not tagged as feature requests, so may not have come to the attention of those looking out for enhancements to implement in the product. The only suggestion to date has been that the OP should edit their tracks, using copy/paste etc to achieve the desired arrangement, but obviously that defeats the main point of the Arrangeer Tracks feature which is to be able to do all this quickly and non-destructively. As a side note, I don't think looping of individual parts of an arrangement would be worth implementing, since we can already achieve that by dragging in the required number of instances of the section. (EDIT: actually thinking further, I could be wrong on that, and it could also be very useful to loop just a couple of sections or so, to get the feel for how the sections run together when arranged like that. ) But the ability to loop the whole arrangement would be very useful.
  6. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to filter groups/folders in track view mode using an outliner. I am aware that there is a similar feature available in the console view but it would also be nice to have it in the track view. The inspector panel would be very useful to place the outliner/filter, make it more easily accessible to quickly filter any folders that are not needed in some cases. Here is a mockup for the track view filter/outliner(Left panel): 1.) User enable GUITARS group & KEYS group : Only the guitars and keys folder groups would be displayed in the track view. 2.) Guitars only Thanks Cakewalk Dev Team.
  7. Step Sequencer Hide unused notes and Choping step in smaller parts like a A. Flammed step but more flexible.
  8. Not a huge deal, but while the Bakers are being so attentive to us, I figured I'd ask. I fat finger the automation lanes button all the time. I mean to open up the comp lanes. And when I do this and quickly click it again to un-show the automation lanes that I never wanted to see in the first place, Cakewalk creates a volume automation envelop and leaves it in track view. I really don't need to see volume envelopes until I get to the mixing phase and I want to create fader automation. And I don't really want to see unnecessary automation lines on the track view. It'd be nice, if you open the automation lanes and close it without actually having any fader envelope nodes defined (leaving it in automation "jump" mode for the entire project), the track view continued to not keep the fader automation visible. I know, I'm being pedantic. But I do this all the time. Never hurts to ask. On a side note, if the take lanes and automation lanes icons were more visually distinct, like they were different colors, I'd probably discern between them more easily. But ever since their inception, I click the wrong ones constantly. So I don't think my brain is going to stop. Cheers. 3E476386-5DE6-4558-A557-126280C87FED.MP4
  9. Posibility to copy paste audio splits with pattern tool. For example i split one bar in some sizes and take pattern tool select these bar and pattern tool slices in these size of slices rest of audio file where i use it.
  10. Seperated special piano roll sepereated from global piano roll but what is simillar to step sequencer with play button opens midi clips from cell from Matrix view. For example Matrix View is very useful for fast ideas and can be midi, audio bank for creativity but there are one small weakness. Piano roll for individual midi clip editing in Matrix view. (Matrix View cell/(MIDI) clip editor (independent PRV))
  11. Hello guys. I would like to propose an optional feature that would allow users to make use of the extra space from the track view, utilizing it to give more space for the FX rack. This could be very useful in cases where the user prefers a more compact view in the screen without losing the FX rack view. CURRENTLY: This is how the fx rack is dispayed with compact view. Only 1 plugin is visible. PROPOSAL: This is a rough mockup on the fx rack making use of the extra space as an optional feature. Thanks Cakewalk Dev Team.
  12. Posibility to open midi clip in piano roll when click with mouse on cell where midi clip placed in Matrix view. I can open step sequencer clips but can't open midi clips there
  13. So say if I'm in Track View, For example : Options/Meters/Meter Options, etc...any box window really . Is there a way or a key command combination I can hit so that the windows stays open . So I can check or uncheck multiple options without having to start over at the beginning again and go thru multiple box's just to check or uncheck anything one at a time again. Id like to be able to stay on a box and turn on and off several choices with out the window disappearing after each one. That's so irritating . Wasted time too. This would be a good feature to add if possible.
  14. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to filter what functionalities/actions should be affected by the undo feature in cakewalk. This could be helpful on specific workflows that might require some of the undo features functionality; like a quick undo inside the console view or the browser tab. Thanks.
  15. I'm aware that you can freeze tracks and also free the FX rack and ProChannel by bouncing the audio, however: - You can't freeze aux tracks nor bounce their result to audio without manually recording it. That would give another option to create submixes/stems by bouncing tracks into aux tracks. - Adding to that, an option to reset the FX Rack and ProChannel after a bounce has been performed on the clip. That could help reduce the amount of tracks one uses, since CbB doesn't have any sort of native subproject workflow.
  16. I have 3 Monitor setup and was wondering if it is possible to split the Console view so I can have BUS window in my top monitor and the Track faders span across my 2 bottom screens? OK I know silly Q but think about it, it would save scrolling back and forth from TRACK Faders to BUS Faders. I know you can have the Bus view in the Track view but I would rather see a Mix Console. OH and yes I have an Xtouch Compact and would love to be able to control 9 Buses instead of just the Master Bus. Thanks
  17. Waveform preview option from tracks in Piano Roll Background For example i Have piano instrument and i have Vocal audio track and I showing my vocal Audiotrack waveform in my Pianos pianoroll background like in Wavefoirm preview option but possibility to show any waveform from any audio track in Piano roll background
  18. Feature request — Multi-instrument tracks Something I really miss in Cakewalk by BandLab is a way to have a single MIDI track to control more than one VSTi instrument. If there is already a simple way to do that, I'm not aware of it. I need this a lot, because my instruments are usually made of more than a single VSTi (composite instruments) and, most of the time, I even need to play some of these instruments one or two octaves lower or higher than the others. How do other DAWs solve this? Usually, what I see most DAWs doing to solve this is through having built-in plug-in chains. For example, I like the Studio One instrument chain, however it poses problems for me when freezing and unfreezing these tracks, and it gets messy with relation to the mixer tracks involved. I also like FL Studio's Patcher, but it is limited in the sense that its audio output goes to a single audio track, requiring the "FL Send" built-in plug-in to route each VSTi instrument to its own audio track. Bitwig Studio has the most powerful implementation of this, in my opinion, as any MIDI or any audio can be manipulated along its route by design, being however a bit too complex sometimes. How could Cakewalk By BandLab solve this? The way Cakewalk By BandLab tracks and routing works is really one of the things I prefer over most DAWs. You can take advantage of this to solve this problem without needing any plug-in chains or similar. I suggest adding a way to add more than one output to MIDI tracks, so we can make a MIDI track to output to a Piano and to a String simultaneously, for instance. MIDI effects could then be added to the inputs of the instrument tracks. An alternative to multiple MIDI outputs is to have MIDI sends — the ability to add one or more sends on a MIDI track that sends its MIDI signal to a VSTi track, just like the audio sends. If possible, it would be nice that each of these MIDI sends could have its own MIDI effects chain. Other way that may not be so pretty is the ability to add "send plug-ins" on the track effects panel (MIDI or audio tracks). These could work for audio and for MIDI. These "send plug-ins" would send their audio or MIDI output to another track, which would have the advantage of the audio or MIDI being preprocessed before being sent. But, honestly, I would prefer the solution 1 or 2. Conclusion I know you guys work very hard to constantly improve this amazing (and unbelievable free!) software. If you find this feature could add important value to Cakewalk By BandLab and deserve your development time, it would make my day. I'm sure there are lots of other users who would also need this feature as well. Keep up the good work!
  19. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow users to sort plugins in the plugin browser. Category grouping is quite helpful but the sorting feature can also be a useful tool in some cases. Thanks.
  20. I have a particular use case and I'll do my best to explain it. I'm working on synthestration and my track structure looks as such: a Track folder with a bunch of instrument tracks in it Track folders labeled with a "version" of the score I'm working on. within these version folders are MIDI tracks that correspond to the available instrument tracks in the "instruments" folder. I make big changes to the score periodically and I essentially just duplicate the "version folder" which contains the midi tracks and continue from there. Yes, I could keep these version iterations in their own project files, but I like to have quick access to the previous versions. Loading in a ton of sample libraries in/out just to hear previous version, is not ideal. Also, I like being able to compare notes and harmonic structures, all in the same project. And midi data is small. This shouldn't be a big deal at all. The Challenge I'm constantly soloing out different groups of midi tracks in order to hear how they're playing with each other. When I solo a midi track(s), it works exactly as you'd expect. But when I unsolo the midi tracks, I get no sound, because the source Instrument track remains solo'd, but there are no corresponding midi tracks to feed the instrument track. I have to go to the console bar and click the solo button to un-solo everything and now I'm back to normal. This is unideal. What I'd like is that if you solo a midi track or group of midi tracks that feed an instrument track, upon un-soloing the last midi track that feeds the instrument track, both the last midi track AND the instrument are no longer solo'd. This would have a much more pleasant work flow. Here is a clip to show the issue directly: clip.MP4
  21. I have seen a pitch tool for clips before, but I was not able to apply it to vocals. It would be cool if we are able to just change the octave of clips without having to use an external plugin
  22. Hello guys. I would like to ask if there is a way to keep the maximized EQ panel for cakewalk pinned while selecting multiple tracks? Currently when you select a different track the maximized eq panel gets closed. It would be nice to have the option to keep it open while it automatically changes the eq corresponding to the currently selected track. Thanks.
  23. To me, it's all about getting the now time, the start play time and, start record time where I want it in the quickest way possible. However, we don't always set nor want to set a marker. In fact, we don't always know when we need a marker. So, how about if when a user hovers over a clip, a pop-up appears that lets a user choose to move the start time to that clip's start time? Or let the user right click on a clip and have an option to 'Make this the Now Time'.
  24. I've been using Cakewalk for decades and it blows my mind that the DAW lets me group clips, but when I click on the 1st clip in a group, the Properties view shows the start time as Multi. If I'm grouping clips, wouldn't you think I'd want to be able to know when the time when the group starts? BTW: I do want to know that.
  25. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow users to enable a separate auto save file. This will be very useful in many cases especially in crashes or even when the user accidentally overwrites the original project, making it easier save the original by using the auto save recovery file. This feature is very useful in other softwares like blender, a 3d modelling software. I hope cakewalk would soon have a feature similar to this in the near future. Thanks.
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