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About Me

  1. I have recently bought NI M32. Now, after several weeks, I have written a small review about it. If you want uncover the potential of that controller and you don't mind to use 3d party tool (AZ Controller), there is a possibility to: simplify KK instance selection work with ACT plug-in mapping ("natively", so with indicated current bank and parameter names/values on display, coarse/fine changes) choose FX/Synth from the keyboard control loop/auto-punch (including time selection) from the keyboard And a bit more. Details on my site. PS. I am almost sure the preset will work for A25/49/61 the same way. I don't have S keyboard, so related extras are not implemented.
  2. Hi, Does anyone use an Arturia Controller with Cakewalk? I got the Keylab Essential 49 and would like to use the transport controls, and as many other physical buttons that I can. However it doesnt come pre-mapped for Cakewalk. I went to preferences and tried all 5 presets (Act Midi Controller, Cakewalk Generic and Mackie Control, XT and C4) and no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If there isn't already a way to turn on & off or bypass a MIDI track's controller lane, it would be nice to add it. Prefer individual CC lanes but even all lanes at once, so we can make quick A/B checks. A time consuming Convert to Envelopes could be a work-a-round, but not very efficient.
  4. Hi! I have a controller, and I usually use several MIDI channels to move from one VST to another through my Behringer UMX610 controller. What I can't do is that when I pass from one vst to another, the one that I no longer use stops sounding so that only the one I am using at that time is. How do I stop sounding a channel when I turn on another? In the Ableton Live it does it automatically. The only thing that occurs so far is to assign to each KNOB of the controller the volume of each VST, but it is quite tedious to have to go down and up volumes all the time. I hope it has been clear, I don't get along too well with English.
  5. TV clips CC display seems convoluted to operate... 1. CC display options are found in 3 different menus and seem to counteract one another. Should be one menu. 2. Menu should also be multi-selectable so not reopening menu for each action. 3. In Clips mode all CCs are the same color and can't tell them apart. 4. MIDI > Show Controllers only affects Notes mode. Should also affect Clips mode. 5. Difficult to impossible to delete some CCs without also deleting notes. I don't use this feature but for these reasons.
  6. X3R0

    Help with M-Audio Oxygen

    Hi folks. I got this M-Audio Oxygen 25 keyboard/controller and to be completely honest, I'm stumped as to how to set it up. I've got it working fine as for the keyboard part, controlling virtual instruments. But as to using the knobs and faders to control parameters and faders in cakewalk, I've no clue on how to set that up. Please help! Thank you!! - Zach
  7. Hey, I was wondering if the SDK at GitHub is still valid. I was thinking on building support for my keyboard but most of the code is 9 years old (except a few things that are 3 year old), so wanted to verify before diving into it. Thanks,
  8. Here's a template I created for use with the MPK2 series controllers that allow visual pad feedback with bank switching. It also makes room for mute pad functionality and feedback by creating a custom device preset which is explained in the included text file. mpk2_cakewalk.zip
  9. I'm trying to set up a Korg nanoKontrol (mkI) for controlling Cakewalk. I can assign volume sliders and pan knobs, no problem. "Right click -> Remote control... Learn." The transport controls have me beat though. No right click available, no remote control option. As far as I can tell, a controller must be in "Mackie MCU" mode and added as a control surface with an appropriate ACT profile. I'm assuming that "Mackie MCU" is a table of control channel assignments? In which case I should just be able to set the cc's for the nano's transport control buttons. I've asked Google, but it just wants to sell me expensive equipment. Q1) Is my assumption correct? Q2) What are the cc's for the transport controls? Q3) Why can't I just "right click->remote control... learn" like I can with sliders and knobs? Thanks.
  10. Feature Request: Display position text when working in the Controller Pane area. Currently the line remains but the text disappears.
  11. In the Event List under Views I'd like to see at least the major controllers listed as selectable. Currently all controllers are lumped together in one group. The short list: 1-Modulation wheel 2-Breath Control 4-Foot controller 5-Portamento Time (MSB) 7-Volume 8-Balance (MSB) 10-Pan 11-Expression 64-Sustain Pedal (on/off) 65-Portamento (on/off) 71-Resonance (filter) 72-Sound Release Time 73-Sound Attack Time This so we don't have to weed through the entire list to find the ones we're looking for.
  12. Hi all, I recently purchased an Alesis V25 controller, so I don't have to fire up my entire system just to input some midi tracks, and to be able to do that while sitting in my living room watching tv. It was working fine, until I decided to set up the knobs and buttons to send cc messages. I thought I had done something wrong because Cakewalk stopped interpreting any input from the keyboard or pads, but it would show input from the controller knobs for my cc messages, and the midi indicator in the system tray stills shows that CbB recognizes that the V25 is sending data. I checked to make sure that channels are synced in each device and VST. When I assured myself that I had things set the way I intended, and nothing fixed it, I reinstalled the V25 editor setup and reset everything. The only change I've encountered since is that none of the knobs, switches, keys or pads are triggering a response in the DAW, while still showing input in the system tray. At this point I tried the controller with midiox, on the Bandlab mix editor (in the browser), and with Microsoft Wavetable. They all work, just as they're supposed to. Next, I opened Sonar Artist (yes I do still have it installed and work on some things), and pulled up couple of the songs I have been working on. Everything I play on the V25 triggers everything it's supposed to. No problem. Tried them again in Cakewalk by Bandlab, with all the same settings and again I am getting no notes or message input triggered. A clean, new project ends up with the same results. I use the USB hub on the Akai EIE when in the bedroom studio, but plug the controller directly into the laptop otherwise. This has no effect this issue. I would really appreciate a clue about what might be happening. Cakewalk by Bandlab, Sonar Artist, Lenovo Thinkpad E580, Windows 10 64 bit, 4 gb ram, Casio CTK 6200, Akai EIE interface, Peavy Vyper 1, Alesis V25 controller, Zoom R16(using audio recorder only)..
  13. Hi, I can't wait to come back home to install the cakewalk software by bandlab and try the different features, it seems very cool. I'm writing 'cause in few weeks I'll buy the new Novation Launchkey 61 MK3 that is completely created to control all feature of Ableton LIVE. As suggestion I'm asking if the staff can insert a native map for this keyboard / MIDI Controller also to use the different buttons to move and arm the different tracks and so on, it could be very nice :)
  14. Hello fellas, First time user here! I discovered Cakewalk by Bandlab the other day and set it up on my laptop. I tried connecting my 8 track recorder (Zoom R8) as a MIDI-Controller but somehow it wouldn't work! I set up the in- and output to the Zoom R8 and also imported the ACT settings. Couldn't find the Zoom R8 in the audio input and output though. Is that why it didn't work? To be completely frank, I think I may need some sort of step-by-step instruction. Been looking online to help myself but everything I tried remains fruitless. Could you guys help me out?
  15. Hi everyone. Quick question for those more knowledgeable than me. I have a simple midi controller, m-audio keystation 49 mk3. I have it mapped out to my liking, but I would like to map the fader to the faders in the daw. I had this setup with this exact keyboard when I previously owned it in my sonar days, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did different. I used to be able to ride the individual track fader of the track selected no problem. Now no matter how, even act learn, nothing seems to work. Anyone else have this setup could point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  16. I got an Akai Midimix for my birthday recently, and found that it doesn't work well at all with CbB. I found this thread which solved some of my problems, but it still doesn't light up. (Record Arm, etc.) I also found this article which (I think) explains how to integrate those. I'm not that great with coding, so if anyone is, I'd like to be able to integrate this. Thanks!
  17. Jaebin

    what is best pad

    Hi, Im loooking for Drum pad for Cakewalk. but there's a little data. Akai, Roland ..etc. what is best pad for making beats?
  18. What can I do if I'm the only one having these issues? I have a Nektar LX88+ that behaves sporadically in Sonar X2, X3, Plat, & CbB. It behaves normally with X1 & all other DAWs on my system. Nektar says it behaves normally with their copy of CbB. What could be causing this?: 1. "Patch' buttons don't cycle thru the Synth Rack as they should. 2. 'Patch' buttons act like Play/Stop buttons. 3. "Inst' button only brings up one instrument even when a different one is selected. 4. Control Bar displays computer code characters in the middle screen instead of instrument name.
  19. Hello everyone! I have a problem with my AKAI MPK mini. About a month ago, I had to set up my computer again. Before that, everything worked fine. Now I have the problem, that cakewalk is recognizing the MPK mini in the properties (as you can see in the picture), but I don't get a sound or any input, when I play it with a virtual instrument. I already tried switching the USB port, but that didn't worked, which makes sense, because cakewalk is recognizing the keyboard in the properties. I hope anyone can help me! Mika
  20. In piano roll view "Display Multiple Controllers" is grayed out, and there is no little arrow for the "Edit Filter" at the right of the cc lane name. I've searched for why for an hour with no joy. Anyone know
  21. I want to record controller data for notes already on a track. But recording them from an Impact LX88+ doesn't work. (Similar to this thread) Output sound is an outboard synth. 1. Set MIDI track input to LX88+ channel Omni or ch 1 2. Arm track to record CC1 modulation controllers 3. Hit record & record controllers in real time using the LX88+ mod wheel >>>Sound is muted??? Can't hear the notes being played<<< 3. Modulation controllers are recorded but affected notes are now white and silent 4. Play track but no sound is heard from the white notes where new modulation controllers were recorded >>>No tracks or take lanes are muted<<< 6. Undo all the above work and start over 7. Manually add CC1 modulation controllers on channel 3. (track midi channel) 8. All is good Edit: Record was set to Comping. Should have been SoS!
  22. I'm currently running CbB on Windows 10 (i7-8700K @ 3.7GHz and 16GB RAM) through a Behringer U-phoria UMC 404HD, but would like to upgrade. I'm considering two possibilities, if I can determine if either are worth it: 1) Mackie MCU Pro and RME Fireface UFX II 2) Mackie ProFX22 v3 mixer with a built-in audio interface. The first option is about 5 times more expensive than the second, but how do they compare in workflow and output quality? Does anyone have first hand knowledge about how well the Mackie ProFX mixing console works with CbB? Giving due consideration to cost, I'm by no means wealthy, does anyone have an opinion on which is the better option? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cakewalk by BandLab | Windows 10 | Intel i7-8700K @ 3.7GHz | 16GB RAM | Behringer U-phoria UMC 404HD | Universal Audio OxBox | Line6 POD HD500X | Roland Juno-DS 88
  23. Hi there, I just purchased a new Nektar Impact LX49+ MIDI controller to use with my Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW. Nektar works as a basic MIDI instrument (I can play my VST synths and occasionally map the knobs successfully depending on the VSTi) However when I try to use the DAW Transport controls (Play/Stop etc.) or use the sliders to control the volume in Cakewalk’s mixer, I have absolutely no response. I’ve downloaded all the necessary setup files for Cakewalk SONAR via the Nektar Impact website as a registered user and installed on my Windows 10 machine, and still nothing. I’ve also set up the Nektar Impact correctly as an ACT Controller in Cakewalk settings. Has anyone with a Nektar Impact been able to successfully get it ‘talking’ to Cakewalk and use it to control the DAW transport and volume sliders? It’s been very discouraging thusfar. Really appreciate your time and assistance! cheers
  24. Hi altogether, as a relatively newbie to audio recoring I started with Cakewalk (I like the interface very much compared to any other DAW so far). Last week I bought an M-Audio Keystation 88 and connected it with USB to Win10 (1909). It is recognized by Cakewalk (newest version) as a MIDI device and I can play with VST-Instruments. Pitch is also working as expected. BUT: Neither volume control nor transport controls are working. The MIDI-device "Keystation 88" and "MIDIIN2 (Keystation 88)" are both activated. When I press the PLAY button on the Keystation, red light on the MIDI activity symbol in taskbar is blinking and Cakewalk seems to recognize sth. because the hourglass comes up and Cakewalk freezes. After around 10sec it reacts again, but nothing else happened. After that presses on the transport button do not repeat the hourglass nor any other reaction (only red lights on taskbar icon). After long trials I loaded MIDI-OX. I can see MIDI triggers from both MIDI-Ins that come with M-Audio USB. Controls are coming through IN2. Why can Cakewalk react properly to the normal keys and have then a problem with the control keys? Another try was the connection of a Nektar Panorama P1 Controller. All the same: With MIDI-OX I can see all the activity, also in the taskbar, but in Cakewalk the same inital freeze and no reaction to anything I start on the P1. I have already renamed TTSEQ.INI. Attached are 2 screenshots. Sorry, I use the German version. 🙂 But should look the same in English. Have I done anything wrong? Or is there another option to activate the transport controls? I tested both ACT and Cakewalk Generic Surface. All the same. I wanted to test some other Controllers (have KORG, Presonus and Behringer here) this weekend, but if that simple thing is not working I stop before I unpack all the other controllers. Perhaps interesting detail on the outskirts: I tried SoundBridge DAW and there was no reaction either. Some environmental info: i7 8700, Asus-Board, 16GB, 3 SSDs, AMD RadeOn RX 580, Presonus Studio 24c interface, Any help is very much appreciated.
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