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  1. Is there one to alternate every other note by the same value? i.e. 100 - 120 - 100 - 120 - 100 - 120...
  2. My name is Francois Greeff. I developed software in 2003 that I have just updated with new features. I would like to share it with fellow users. It is completely free, no adds, no catches. I developed it for myself to assist in creating certain CAL scripts to make my life easier. Is there a section we can create where I can share this/upload it? Just some of the functions very basically described. 1 - Change Output Folder 2 - Break bars into rhythm patterns 2/2, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, (Normal and triplet with key offset and velocity offset) a - Build Split Bar Cal b - Build Bar to Rhythm Cal 3 - Chord Builder a - List boxes b - Add Custom Chord - c - Chord Preview d - Strum Value e - % Vel Value f - File Name Suffix g - Reduce note length by strum value h - Build Cal Files (Down Strum) i - Build Cal Files (Up Strum) j - Refresh List with Chord definition file - (currently 60 Chords) k - Save List to Chord definition file - (currently 60 Chords) l - 0 strum value 4 - Note Bender a - Up Curve and Down Curve b - Bend Range c - Attack, Sustain & Decay d - File Name Suffix e - Build Bend CAL 5 - Note Slider a - Direction b - Progress c - Duration d - Amount e - File Name Suffix f - Build Bend CAL Best regards Francois Greeff
  3. I’m trying to analyse two polyphonic midi sequences as part of a project to analyse the accuracy of wave to midi software. Many of the notes in one sequence are duplicated in the second sequence, with onsets a few ticks apart. Some notes aren’t duplicated. If I put the two sequences on different tracks RemoveDupNotes.cal does a good job at removing duplicates, but the output is random; sometimes it’s a duplicate from track 1 that remains, sometimes track 2. What I’d like to do is to identify which notes in track 1 are duplicated in track 2 and then remove the duplicates from just one track. Does anyone have any suggestions how to modify this script to achieve this? RemoveDupNotes.cal
  4. Please don't ever remove the ability to run CAL scripts over a MIDI track. It really helped me today with my beloved yet aging Roland A-80 controller that likes to burp CC:65 events while recording. (and if anyone needs a script to strip out CC# 65 from a track, let me know 🙂 )
  5. Mapping my CAL functions to keyboard shortcuts worked fine on my previous PC, but after installing Cakewalk by Bandlab on my new one I noticed a problem. The CAL functions do not show up in search when I search through functions in the key biding tab. OS: Windows 10 64bit (Edit: I have scrolled down the list of results. I've also tried reinstalling cakewalk and bandlab (as well as reinstallng with firewall and protection settings turned off.) I've also confirmed the proper location of the scripts: Old PC search results: NEW PC SEARCH RESULTS:
  6. Howdy - I wrote a CAL script, to accept input of a number of half-steps to raise or lower note numbers in a selected MIDI clip, that was created by Step Sequencer. (Transpose based on user input number of half-steps). The CAL script dutifully applies the transposition, and this is reflected in the Event List, however, when I view the Step Sequencer, for that clip, it still shows the original Note Names/Numbers as they were originally enter - prior to running the CAL script. Am I losing my already feeble mind? If the Event List has the modified Note Events, how is it that Step Sequencer looks like the Note Events were never modified. If Step Sequencer created the Note Events that show up in the Event List, and the Event List shows the modified Note Events, properly, how is it that the Step Sequencer is also not modified? As I pondered the above, I converted the Step Sequencer data with Bounce to Clip, and the Piano Roll view correctly shows the modified Notes. I then Converted Clip to Step Sequencer, and viewed the Step Sequencer data, which then also correctly shows the modified Notes. SOOOOO - it seems like there is a bug with Step Sequencer, because when Note Events are modified in Event List, those modifications are not reflected in Step Sequencer, unless I Bounce to Clip, then Convert to Step Sequencer. Can anybody else confirm this, or enlighten me as to any errors in my thinking? Thanks! Bob Bone
  7. Howdy - I have a little CAL script that I wrote, and it works. I see the note event note numbers change, when I view the selected track's Event List. Please note, thst it has been a good number of years, since I worked with CAL scripts, and that portion of my brain has become arctic permafrost. I created a little Step Sequencer MIDI data. Brought that clip into focus. Ran my little CAL script, which dutifully changed two of the MIDI note event note numbers, to a different note number. I see the changes in the event list. I opened/viewed the Step Sequencer data - it shows the original unchanged note numbers. So why do I not see the changes in the Step Sequencer data, when I view that, after I run the CAL script? Do I have to bounce the Step Sequencer data to a clip, before running the CAL script? Bob Bone
  8. I'm sure this is highly unlikely, but I would like to see a complete rewrite/expansion of the Cakewalk Application Language to get rid of the tortuous "Lisp" syntax and make it something more readable like JavaScript or VBA. And a new CAL editor would be nice too.
  9. I request cakewalk programmers to add the new HUMANIZE PLUS.CAL script in the next updates. It is far better than default HUMANIZE.CAL Cheers.
  10. Hi all, I want to record a melody with a control keyboard and using the CAL language round the duration to the nearest note. Since the human touch is imperfect, the durations of the notes are not exact. I would like to run a script that would adjust the notes to their correct duration, so when exporting a midi track to other software to write scores (Finale, Sibelius, etc.) there would be no notes with unwanted durations. Can someone guide me to write the code, or better, give me the code of that script?
  11. I think that "Cakewalk Application Language" is a very significant function not found in other software. However, updates and bugs have been neglected for a long time. Minimal additions and functions I want to improve. · Change the event so that it is executed by referring to the event sequentially from the beginning. (* It is currently irregularly referenced. Is this a bug?) · Correspond to tempo editing. (* insert, delete, etc...) · The current variable corresponds to an array. I have various other ideas, but I'd like these three points to be improved for the time being. This sentence uses google translation.
  12. It would be nice to have some sort of scripting language implemented back into CbB. When looking at other daws that support this it looks really usefull. Anybody here knows if it would be possible? If so, what language already out there is most likely to be accessible / compatible for both the Bakers and us, end-users?
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