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  1. After creating an Arrangement with 3 sections, only the 1st section will play. Once the Now Time Line (NTL) reaches the end of the 1st section, music stops but the NTL keeps going as if in Project mode. Same thing even when the Arrangement Loop is activated.
  2. Hello, I'd like to move the groups in the arranger track but without moving the clips that are inside, just the group start and end range. Kinda like if you were moving the loop range or selection range. By default if you move the group (ex: the verse group) it moves everything that is currently included inside this group, which I don't want. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you Ælleden
  3. Hello Bandlabers. First time around I'm actually trying to use the ARRANGER TRACK... and it's not going to well for me so far... Trying to use that feature to cut/organize VO tracking. (So using arranger sections to identify "clips" and "portion" of the narration associated with a PowerPoint Slide) I have a high number of section in my arranger track (about 55 sections). But I am only encountering problems to finish my work: Trying to commit the arranger track and insert it to the timeline - Bandlab hangs. Trying to export the SECTIONS of my project in separated clips (aggangement not "commited"): Somehow the audio files got re-inserted in the project's timeline and created a mess (had to back to an auto-version backup to recover a usable project...) So i'm starting to guess my problems might be related to my high number of sections... Is anybody else using the ARRANGER in a kind of "per clip" workflow instead of a "per song" workflow? Maybe I just didn't choose the right tool for the job, but it just seemed logical to try it... Thanks!
  4. Hello peepz, Any idea how I can set my preferred colours with the Arrangement section coz everytime I have to open a new project, it just reverts back to its default colours and finding it time consuming to do it all over again. Many thanks.
  5. When dragging in the Articulation pane to lengthen an articulation, and in the Arranger Track to lengthen an arranger section, it would be nice if the Articulation Track and PRV pane scrolled when dragging to a point beyond the visible window, the same way it works when dragging the length of a note in the PRV.
  6. Sorry for a long post! I think there's an opportunity to leverage the great work made on the arranger track, to create a fantastic live performance tool. I've been trialling it out, and all the component pieces are there, it just needs a bit of glue / enhancement to make it a really workable option Here's an example project being used for my 80s (ish) cover band, which uses backing / click tracks extensively: Basically, I use the arranger track to create sections for each song, then use track folders to contain my audio backing tracks, Midi data to control outboard gear, Midi control of DMX etc. I then create a track folder for each song, which contains the virtual instruments used to perform the song controlled from my master keyboards. It works surprisingly well! I can re-arrange the set list before any gig using the arrangements functionality During the gig, I can jump to any track I want by clicking on it - it cues it up instantly I use a workspace to remove any GUI components not needed I use Mix recall to move between live and playback scenes The Live scene plays the project, and allows recording on any track that's armed The Playback scene plays back audio, and sends recorded midi data to the vsts After rehearsal, I can adjust the mix, effects, instrumentation etc in context of other band members performance At a gig (hopefully soon!) it makes it easy to do a virtual soundcheck Importantly, (which could be a big USP for cakewalk), I can view notation, chords and lyrics via the staff view during the performance - perfect! Once you've had the ability to glance over and see notation / lead sheets synced up perfectly with the backing track you really don't want to go back... To bring this all together and make it easier to use I'm thinking of perhaps a new project file format (.cwl - cakewalk live), which when opened changes the behaviour of the arranger track to make it more suitable to live performance. It could also be achieved by a toggle switch on the arranger menu, which could be simpler for the bakers I guess? There's a lot of options that could be included in the set-list version of the arranger window - I'm sure others have ideas, but my initial thoughts would be 1. Add a separate right click context menu to each song in the set list, along the lines of: With this context menu you could define some additional properties for the song The Play mode, which determines what happens when the playhead reaches the end of the song Continue, pause at end of song, loop song The tempo and key of the song Yes, I know you can insert tempo and key changes in the timeline, but would be a nice to have to be able to set this on a song basis! 2. When creating a song section, a linked track folder is created with the same name as the song section The linked track folder is only displayed when the song is selected Any virtual instruments within the track folder are bypassed (muted), unless the playhead is within the song This would tidy up the project view and make it easier to manage, and avoid the current situation of having to draw automation to mute each virtual instrument outside of the song it's used for I have a bunch of other ideas, but this post is long enough already.. If there's any interest I can add more 😁 Cheers, Matt
  7. Leverage the matrix engine with the arranger track so we can trigger and playback sections of a song with a midi device. The arranger features allows for multiple different arrangements, but doesn't allow for spontaneity during the performance of a song. being able to assign arranger sections to a midi device and trigger its playback in sync with time will be very beneficial to those who would like to perform live with Cakewalk. The logic of when a sections changes after the new section is triggered should be based on where in musical time the new section starts. If a new triggered section starts on the "a" of 4, then the section should change on the "a" of 4. If it starts on the "1" then it should change to the new section on the down beat. Some of these features are already available in the matrix view. These features will be more useful with arranger track sections.
  8. Do you use the arranger view? I have a new video on #youtube ... Why Use Arranger View in this video I show how I use it come check it out link below...
  9. Arranger seems like a great feature - especially when wanting to move multiple tracks. However, in trying to use Arranger, I'm finding it a bit difficult to use without the ability to enter specific start and stop points for each arranger section. Here's an example: Live Band Recording (rehearsal) has a bunch of songs in it. Step 1: I create arranger sections for each song. Because it's not sync'd to measure lines, it's hard to find the right start / stop points . I've used Markers to some extend and this has helped, but not completely. Step 2: We have segues between many of the songs. In some cases the band (like most bands) goes through fits and spurts , starting and stopping to get the segues right. I now want to adjust the and add additional Arranger sections, and then remove the "stops & starts" to be able to use the Arranger sections to merge them together. Is the only way to do this really to use Markers? Any other ideas?
  10. There have been major improvements to Cakewalk lately. The Arranger and now Articulation Maps is INCREDIBLE. but, I can't stress this enough: Having an arranger track that is not visible within the PRV window is a seriously downside. Especially if I want to use an arranger track essentially as a chord track. I've mentioned this before, but I'm posting it again, since the latest version still lacks it. This would drastically improve the usability of the arranger track for composers. Even if I use PRV docked in the multi-dock and don't maximize it, it doesn't line up with the track view, making that not a workable work around. Please, Please, Please implement the option to turn on the arranger track in the PRV.
  11. You're probably already aware of this, but on the latest and last release, if you adjust the END of an arranger track part, CW crashes. It doesn't do this if you move the start of an arrangement part. You'd think I'd learn by now to stop adjusting things during play back....
  12. I've been doing a lot more score work and I'm having a few difficulties with Cakewalk that could be resolved with this feature. Right now, Cakewalk is very much designed for a single "works" project and although the projects can handle tempo mapping and time signature changes fairly easily for a song, the work flow is very challenging from a scoring context (Visual Sync). I need to experiment a lot with tempo especially, but also time signatures, in order to figure out what belongs where in context to the film. If I already have the musical piece "figured out", I might set a section to the tempo, say 120bpm for example. But as I'm reworking the mood, I might need to change it to 121 bpm. This is fine if I'm working in a linear fashion from start to end, but I'm not. I'm jumping all over the place. See my screen shot here: = I started with Jett's theme (as marked by the arranger bar). This has a set time signature and bpm. Now I'm working on the Main theme. Any changes I make to the main theme, completely screw up where jett's theme starts, because Cakewalk is all about the musical time instead of the absolute time. Every change in the main theme area affects all other music further along. My current workaround to this is to set ALL of my clips in Jett's theme to "Absolute time", instead of "musical time". This at least allows me to make changes to the other prior sections. And then when I'm done, I have to re-setup jett's theme area with the previous tempo and signature at the start of the first clip in Jett's theme and then change all of my clips to be "musical" instead of absolute (so if I need to move things around or change jett's tempo, the clips all stay relative and correct). As you can imagine, this is incredibly painstaking. The good news is that Cakewalk over the years has been leading up to the functionality I need. First came Ripple Editing. Then came Arranger, with movable arrangements (basically advanced ripple editing) Now we need the Film score arranger! What I'm proposing is that there be an option to make it so the Arranger sections essentially become their own tempo / signature scenes that are locked to "absolute time". This would have major benefits: You could easily make changes to earlier sections and NOT affect the later sections, because the later section is locked to an absolute time and no changes to the previous section affect it. IE: I can change the main theme BPM and at the beginning of "creepy atmosphere 2", the tempo / bpm for "creepy atmosphere 2" take over. If I decided to move "creepy atmosphere 2" later in time, Cakewalk just automatically extends the previous "scene" boundary to the new point. This would allows for EASY realignment during film edits. It's VERY common that a score writer doesn't get a locked film. They may add a few seconds or even frames here and there and I need to EASILY re-align the score to the new time. If the scene is locked to absolute time, I just find the new start and slide the film score arranger scene to the new start and BAM. Done. No tedius resetting of the tempo to get the start point re-done. Today, I have to do a lot of "set measure / beat at now time" in order to get the "scene" to start where I want it. Tedious. I have a suggestion to make this as simple as possible. Have a "default project tempo / time signature". This will set the project frame of reference. Using my screenshot example, we'll say 100 bpm 4/4. Any part of the project that DOESN'T have a film score arrange scene assigned, gets this bpm / tempo. All arranger sections have their own assigned tempo / bpms. So in my example case: Main theme (purple) : 145bpm 4/5 Start: 00:00:08:07 (absolute time) Finish: 00:00:35:28 (absolute time) Creepy atmosphere 2 : 111 bpm 4/4 Start: 00:00:53:23 (absolute time) Finish: 00:01:21:16 (absolute time) Jett's Theme : 113 bpm 4/4 Start: 00:01:37:11 (absolute time) Finish: 00:02:43:15 (absolute time) Everything else without a arranger assigned: 100bpm 4/4 I would legitimately pay $300 of my own money to see this implemented. I'd get the money back incredibly fast with the streamlined flow from scoring money. Please Please Please consider this. I've been using Sonar since v1 and I'd like to keep using it. I've found that for most aspects of film (ADR, dialogue editing, sound editing), it works just fine. But scoring is a real pita. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. When composing in staff view, it would be of value to see the arranger sections. So some kind of arranger track at the top of the view would be great, even if it's just a read-only track.
  14. Hi folks! As some of you may know, there is a new 'Arranger Track' feature in Cakewalk, so I've made this easy tutorial to get you started! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/_2e1SUcEpms
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