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  1. You need to start by ensuring both tracks are enabled for editing in the PRV by swiping or Ctrl+clicking their track numbers in the PRV tracks pane . The first track you click will get focus (track name and number highlighted white) and be the target of a paste. You can change the focus by clicking a different track's name in the PRV tracks pane but you need to leave the track nmbers selected so both source and target tracks are showing. I'm not sure about the full-length clip; that may be related to the state of the Non-Destructive MIDI Editing option, but I can't say I've ever run into that. All that said, I generally prefer to do track-to-track or lane-to-lane moves in the Track View because it's easier to control and confirm exactly what you're getting.
  2. May have mentioned these in the past but these 2 issues have persisted for years thru every version of Sonar/CbB. I don't change any settings and they seem to happen at will. Using Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V 1. Sometimes pasted notes don't go to the intended track. They (1) end up on another track, or (2) disappear completely even tho "Undo Paste" is in the Edit list. Normally I can select the target track with the PRV Track list, but not always. When that fails, sometimes I have to switch to Track View and Select & Focus the intended track for it to paste there. Sometimes even this does not work and the note simply doesn't paste. 2. Pasted note clips should only be as long as the notes themselves but about 50% of the time they will paste with a new full length clip. Is this intended behavior?
  3. I wasn't clear (and was using incorrect terminology - sorry) about having multiple windows open (Tracks, PRV, Staff, etc.). I should have said "instances". While Console, PRV, Staff, etc. can all be open/undocked/viewed at the same time, what I was trying to convey was that it would be great to be able to open multiple instances of any/all of those windows. Examples would be 2 or more instances of the Console (1 with Tracks 1-12, another with Tracks 13-25, another with just buses, etc. - like in my original post). Or maybe multiple instances of the Staff view (one with piano, one with bass, etc.) - so, if you have the screen real estate, you don't have to toggle between them. Multiple Console windows would probably be most useful to me, but multiples of the others would probably be useful to others as well. Sorry to all that I did not explain clearly/correctly - my fault - still learning... :^)
  4. Yeah, it's a bit confusing. Especially when you have a filter on the PRV, and then you change what's visible on the Track View it breaks the filter and you have to run the filter again. But that's besides the point. I think you and I have both demonstrated that the current setup is confusing and isn't even working the way it was initially intended. What would make so much more sense would be to have the Track Manager be consistent and handle the visibility of all of the windows containing tracks, instead of having it work one way for two windows, then another (confusing) way on another window.
  5. The PRV has it's own filter button. AFAIK this is essentially a separate feature to the Track Manager, although it should respect the existing hidden status. It's not really about keeping the PRV in sync - it's a different beast to the Track View / Console View, as it's already filtering out audio tracks / aux tracks / buses - what it should be doing is applying its filter on top of the currently visible tracks. What isn't clear is what takes precedence... it seems to be taking it's cue from the Tracks View, which makes sense. But if the track is hidden in the Console View, but not hidden in the Tracks View should the track still be visible in the PRV? You may of course be just seeing a bug in the PRV filter in CbB. The Track Manager button required a bunch of reworking of the code behind the scenes - some of it got backported to CbB as it did fix some bugs, but it didn't get everything because the feature itself isn't there.
  6. I don't know if access to the Track Manager was an issue, as H and Shift+H work great (haven't tried it from the console yet tho). If the button could be added to the PRV as well, then that would be awesome!! And to keep everyone happy, a flag/checkbox could be added to give the user the choice of keeping the prv in sync, just like the option to keep the console in sync.
  7. Okay, but one of the main things needed, but wasn't mentioned, is keeping the PRV track visibility in sync with the Track Manager/Track View and console tracks. It makes no sense to me to show a different set of tracks in the Track View and Console than the PRV.
  8. FYI - the new Sonar has a new Track Manager button on both the Track View and Console View, which: 1. Allows quick access to your per-project Track Manager presets - i.e. they're listed in a drop-down menu 2. Can toggle the hidden state of all tracks 3. Gives a clear indicator as to whether any tracks are hidden 4. Allows you to quickly toggle the TV/CV sync state without having to open the track manager We can take a look at the PRV anomalies - it sounds like there's some weird conflict going on between PRV filters and the track hidden state. A more enhanced version of the Track Manager is likely on the cards at some point in the future - we started initial discussions, but has not been fully designed or scheduled yet.
  9. I'm just going to summarize what is actually being requested from the previous post about this topic. Currently, the Track Manager does a minimal job of handling the tracks and is in need of major improvements. The Track Manager doesn't keep the PRV in sync with it like the Console when the flag is checked If a track or folder is added, removed, or moved, all of the user-defined presets are ruined in the Track Manager Along with the Track Manager presets being ruined, the saved presets in the Piano Roll View are also wrecked Requests: Build functionality in the Track Manager to keep the Piano Roll View's displayed tracks in sync with the Track View and Console Link the Track Manager's list of tracks and folders to their unique ID in the Track View, instead of their row position, which is how it's currently set up. This would prevent the saved filters from being wrecked when a track or folder is added, moved, or deleted. This would also retain the visibility flag of the tracks and folders if moved Add a search function to the Track Manager to create customized sets of visible tracks and filters from the results Add functionality to the Track Manager to be able to drag tracks and folders around to rearrange the order Allow the Track Manager window to be dockable to the side, and/or to the Track Inspector window's tabs
  10. Let me clarify something in my last response. If a row or folder is added. removed, or moved, the filters fall apart on the PRV and Track View (and ultimately the Console if it's in sync with the Track View).
  11. The track manager doesn't keep the PRV in sync with the track view and anytime a track or folder is added, all of the user-defined filters get mangled! All of them! Because it doesn't keep the PRV in sync with the track view, I have to run two of the same filters, one on the track view and one on the PRV, in order to work with the same subset of tracks. Adding a folder or track also destroys all of the user-defined filters on the PRV as well. A search engine would be useful.
  12. I gave this some more thought, and here's what I think would work really well. I'm going to describe this as a programmer, so if anything's unclear, I'll follow up with some graphics and explanations. Forget the Screen Sets. Instead, in the Inspector Window add another tab called, "Navigator" or similar. The tab would show the hierarchy of the Track View in a treeview. The Navigator treeview would allow the user to select individual tracks and folders to hide or display. The Track View, PRV, and Console should all sync up to this Navigator. I would also want a search engine, so I could search the whole treeview for tracks with labels containing "strings", for example, and select the tracks I want in the results (or all), then have the option to save that selection as a user-defined filter, which there should be no limit of. Tracks would appear in folders, only if that track's folder had been selected in the Navigator treeview as well. What this would allow is a streamlined display of a certain instrument from many running synth libraries without the folders getting in the way. To be even more robust, maybe the Navigator window would allow for dragging tracks around and changing the structure of the Track View. As far as the Screen Sets, they would work the way they're supposed to right now, with changing the display layout. What I've been trying to do is use screen sets to only show the tracks I want, instead of having to select a filter I created in the PRV and Track View to keep them synced up. It doesn't work. If anything's unclear, or if you have a question about how to approach certain challenges, LMK..The better you make CbB, the better it is for me.
  13. I I really like the UW, and am really happy with it, despite having to come up with a different method of filtering tracks. The monitor doesn't have the built-in split display, which I've also seen. Windows handles the docking, What i ended up doing is creating an organized list of filtered tracks in the track view and the prv. I just have to apply the filter to both windows to manually keep them in sync. But I really like using screen sets. It's a very convenient method of switching views, using the number keys as hotkeys.
  14. Workspaces will save the status of the HW bus layout including narrow/wide, mute, link, and levels. I do it all the time, as I switch between nearfields, headphones, far fields, and surround systems just by changing the Master bus output to HW, and toggling the HW mutes. I have my Workspaces set to put the PRV on one monitor, Console on another, Video/Big Time on a third, in addition to TrackView/Main on a fourth. It's been this way for ages. Try it.
  15. Pitch bending works in SI Bass very nicely. But when I apply it to SI Strings I get some pretty weird results making it almost unusable. It seems to have more trouble with pitch bends than other softsynths. I've tried PRV cc wheel events and automation envelopes triggering the Strings "Tune" function, but they all result in some pretty weird behavior. I don't know if it's the DAW or the plugin, but Cakewalk/Sonar often tries to end a pitch bend earlier than it should. My workaround is to extend the OFF cc beyond the end of the note or cut the note short. For SI Strings it's a distance from 1:090 to 2:000 using 120 ppq. This doesn't work when another note comes immediately afterward. Workaround here is to create a 2nd track with 2nd synth so bending notes don't affect flat notes. Anyone else experience this ???
  16. I was thinking it'd be nice to be able to group tabs together and have them in their own individual Multitab window, which could be named, opened, saved and removed from a Multitab Window Manager. Say, for instance, I wanted all my Synth tabs in one window, guitars in another, PRV and console with a group of specific VSTs in another, etc...Tabs would be able to exist in more than one Multidock, which would allow for a lot of combinations of groupings. Just thought I'd throw that out there and see if anyone else thinks this would be a really useful feature to have
  17. This is correct. Articulations are owned by the track, not by the clip. In this respect, they have much in common with Track Envelopes. To copy/paste they must either be explicitly selected in the PRV, or if you're dealing with whole clips you have "Select Track Articulations with Clips" checked in the Track View options menu.
  18. What I'm seeing is that articulations copy/paste as expected when whole clips are selected, but not when only part of a clip is selected in either the TV or PRV. I agree it would be expected that articulations are duplicated by both Groove Clip Looping and copy-pasting partial selections.
  19. When editing in the PRV, if I select copy & paste or duplicate, my Articulation track gets copied with the notes clip and Automation lanes. You must have a setting that is incorrect.
  20. I'm not sure the INI setting will affect the CC record resolution... I did a quick test on my M-Audio Axiom and EX5. I recorded the modulation wheel on each keyboard (going up and down at different speeds) and found that the maximum consistently recorded events were 18 per Quarter Note on the Axiom and 52 per Quarter Note on the EX5. I'm sure there is a default max resolution for recording CC's, and that may be modifiable by @Lord Tim's INI setting, but it looks like the actual max resolution is determined by how fast your keyboard or controller processes and sends the CC data. When you're manually drawing in the CCs in the PRV, the resolution is set by the current Snap setting.
  21. BPM, Project snap settings, Piano roll snap PLUS Piano roll Grid view all work as a team. In order to have your loop running, you have to set your grid view according to your desired snap setting in your PRV and to loop this is highly dependent on your project snap settings.
  22. I know I used to do tunes in 7 and 5 in Cakewalk. I am not sure I could find those project files though to see how I did it. I don't recall it as being a problem. Maybe it worked because I used a staff, not the PRV?
  23. Request ability to Shrink/Stretch grouped PRV notes by Ctrl+Shift+Dragging both ends of the notes, like you can with Track View clips. Currently you Shrink/Stretch grouped PRV notes by Ctrl+Dragging either end of the notes. This works but is confusing when working between views. BTW, Shift+Dragging grouped notes makes them all the same length and only works on the left end of the group. EDITED
  24. Here's a little bug with Exclusive Solo. I'm on Version 2022.11 build 021, 64 bit) 1) Turn on Exclusive Solo for a track. 2) Select some notes on the PRV and perform any Process, such as Length... or Scale Velocity. 3) The track is silenced - Cakewalk behaves as if the track is unsolo'd, even though the tracks Solo button is still lit.
  25. I would actually be OK with being able to edit one note at a time for Key Aftertouch Events. I think I would ever only be doing that anyway. When adding a KeyAft Events in the PRV, in the “MIDI Event Type” dialog box, you could have KeyAft as “Type” and have, “Key”, “Value” and “Channel”
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