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  1. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4409561018258?fbclid=IwAR0C626P2_1HBG3kgwCLBUiGJsSqR9etv_26wK-jiSZL7qSGq8JdU6H9pKs Another reason to buy Unify. I apologize if somebody already posted this...
  2. And they have a competition. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/haunted-house-scoring-competition/ This is the first Spitfire competition that I'm going to "enter." 😄 Coincidentally, I had decided to make my next video composition on a horror/atmospheric theme. I've been looking at old public domain films on the Internet Archive to score.. So I might as well spring for the 29 bucks (they got me!) and try this. It will just be something to put up on my YouTube channel, and maybe being in the contest will get me a few more views.
  3. I think they need the summer to bring out more libraries to go into Komplete 14.
  4. Deleted. Drugs addled my mind 😱
  5. I think Ben is fine. He lives modestly in St Paul, Minnesota, not New York or LA. He was a student when he started putting out libraries. Now he's a teacher. He records these instruments in a room at home, i think. He's the performer, recorder, and coder. So I would say he keeps his costs down. 😀 And if you compare his stuff to other things on Loot, I wouldn't call them especially cheap. I own most of them but I don't own them all and I wish I did. I've never understood why he doesn't put up his own website and keep all the money. But I guess he doesn't want the hassle of people calling him all the time when their download doesn't go right. But I agree with you. Having an instrument with NI is going to do wonders for his career. Countless more people will discover his talent and they're going to buy his other stuff.
  6. FYI, the next Ben Osterhouse library, Pathfinder Cello, will be a Native Instruments product. So it will be NKS and Kontakt Player and you'll be able to get it this August/September as part of one of the versions of Komplete 14. Probably Ultimate or CE. It was supposed to come out on January 1st, but Ben said in VI:Control that they're still working on it. It always takes more time to get stuff through NI. I was asked to beta test it, but doing so for NI means actually writing music with it. Too much of an ask while I was going nuts being Tiger the Frog. Too bad, I would have done it if the request had come up at a different time. @Simeon Amburgey and I got to know Ben when he came on our podcast. I bet he beta tested it, but can't talk about it. 😀 It will no doubt be released with some kind of intro price, so that the vouchers won't work. 😀
  7. If anybody's interested, here's Ann-Kathrin Dern's video:
  8. Sorry, Larry. I should learn to read. And I may take advantage of this offer now that I understand it. Anyway, maybe somebody would be interested in what I said about the phones.
  9. I hate to say it, but $149 is the regular price for a the DT 770 PRO 80 ohms. I know because I shopped for awhile and that's the price today at Amazon. I don't know about the other headphones. However, I was able to buy a pair for $140 during Black Friday. I remember somebody posting an announcement here where they were less than that. That said, I really recommend these headphones. The 770 has changed my life. I'm mad I never bought a decent pair of phones before . The difference between these and my old CB-1s is truly night and day. I may end up buying a second pair when there is the kind of sale where they reduce the price. 😀 FYI, the 770 is closed, the 990 is open, and then there is the 880 (not on sale here) which is kind of in the middle, and that's the one Ann-Kathrin Dern uses (along with her Sennheiser). You don't have to spend a fortune to get something that is really super-comfortable and sounds great. What I like about these phones is that they give you a clear picture in your mind between all the different instruments. It's uncanny It really sculpts them out. So when I mixed my first binaural track, it sounded awesome. Then I listened to it on my CB-1s and it was mud. You would never notice that it wasn't good if you didn't hear the same thing on the Beyerdynamics. I had to revise my mix and try to find a middle ground.
  10. I sang with all the bands I was in as a lead guitarist during my teens, and for a year or two I even was the lead singer in a band and didn't have to play. But now... not so good. A few years ago I had a friend sing one of my songs, as he has a much better voice. It took forever. He didn't sing it the way I heard it in my head so I made him do take after take and then I did a lot of cutting and pasting. The lesson I took from that is that I have to do the vocals myself and fix them as best I can. But I do stare at Emvoice a lot. I'm really curious about it. I have too many toys to play with, but it looks like it would be fun to have it sing silly things. A hundred bucks isn't bad for a girl singer, even one that sounds a bit like a machine.
  11. At this price, it's a damned good deal. It's obviously a companion piece to Keyscape. KeySuite has a lot more instruments, but I find the quality to be better with Keyscape. For example Keyscape just has a Yamaha and KeySuite has a whole bunch of acoustic pianos. But I like and use the Keyscape stuff more, particularly the electric pianos and the more unusual instruments. Plus Keyscape is integrated with Omnisphere and can do all the things that Omni can do. Of course, if you have Falcon, you can do a lot with KeySuite. If you can afford both, there are a ton of instruments in KeySuite that aren't in Keyscape. Personally, I don't tend to use it much, aside from the Austrian Grand, which I think is great, and the Digital set. But there are people who swear by their Steinway, which used to be available as a separate instrument.
  12. I have never watched a @Simeon Amburgey video involving a piano that didn't sell me. Good think I already have this. 😀
  13. I really love the Keysuite Digital set, which is the cheapest one. I also use the Austrian Grand a lot.
  14. I get regular emails on everything UVI releases, but I've never received a single one about a voucher. I've missed out on all of them since 2016 when I started buying lots of UVI. I only found out about them here on this forum. My first one was last January. This was a good one for me. But I should hope so. I bought Vintage Vault 3, among other things.
  15. There is a 50% off sale on all Mntra Instruments now. https://www.mntra.io/instruments So Pripyat is $15 ($29) and UDW (Aztec Death Whistles) is also $15 ($25) Even with 50% off the other instruments are $39. And Orakle X (the big brother of Orakle) is $59 ($120) For me, all the patches in RASA and ORAKLE work fine. Most of the patches in FRCTURE are also fine. But when I load some of them, it freezes and also brings down Unify and Cubase. I feel like this problem is solvable for me. Bad samples. I'm going to check and see which patches crash it and write them. If there was a reasonable update to Orakle X, I might be interested. (The update was free if you bought ORAKLE before September) I like their stuff. I agree with you that these problems shouldn't happen, but I do believe that if a library works it will continue working. And that's how I would see it even if my name wasn't RD ROSFLT. 😀
  16. The Vocals are the COLORS instrument BRONTE. That library is the superstar of the collection. I told the guy from Evolution that he should make a real legato library with Bronte the singer. He might do it. Every sound heard in the video (aside from the water in the credits) is from the COLORS libraries. Even what sounds like a drum is hitting the Chinese Guqin. I would have done the music very differently if I didn't restrict myself to COLORS. I know I would have reached for a frame drum, a bell tree, and other new age cliches. It was way better to restrict myself to the weird articulations in these libraries.
  17. bought the COLORS series and I've been messing around with them for a few days. One thing that's struck me is how well they blend together. You wouldn't think off the bat that a VI made of paper clips noises would necessarily work with a vocal library, a violin and cello, and a bunch of Chinese instruments. But in a lot of ways, they are all very peculiar in similar ways. There's nothing standard about them. They all feature very offbeat articulations, and the way they are designed allows for a lot of happy accidents. And those happy accidents work very well together. It was very easy for me (and a lot of fun) to just layer a bunch of these sounds and make a little piece using only COLORS instruments. Then I grabbed some stock footage today and made a little video. That was one part of my experiment. The other part was my first foray at a binaural mix, using another product I bought on sale, dearVR MUSIC. So you need to put on a pair of headphones or you'll miss the 3D spatial stuff I was attempting. Not to mention it will sound awful. Do me a solid and grab the best headphones you've got. 😀
  18. I believe the Mac sale is sometimes towards the middle of the year. Maybe May? I also thought the Groove3 course was great. It helped me a lot.
  19. Everybody makes different kinds of music and has different kinds of workflows. BIAB has become a useful tool for me. Maybe not for you. I started using BIAB when it came out in the 80s. It was a fun toy, but I would have abandoned it decades ago if it stayed all MIDI. What interests me are the Realtracks--audio tracks played by real musicians that are put together with algorithms. And I also wouldn't be interested in BIAB if I didn't have as many of them as I could own. I've never once used BIAB as a way of generating musical ideas. I always write everything on my guitar and/or MIDI keyboard before going to BIAB. Once I spend a few minutes putting my chords in, it's a way of checking out the chords of my song in various styles and genres. I can hear over dozens of different styles with a click. Imagine how long it would be to do the same using the appropriate expansions for EZDrummer, EZKeys and EZBass. You'd have to go through them one by one and explore all the different expansion packs. And of course, BIAB also has acoustic and electric guitars of and dozens of other instruments. (Obviously Toontrack instruments have other benefits) I may have thought I wrote a folk song when it actually works better as a rock or jazz or synth-pop song. How about a ukelele? Or maybe speeded up or slowed down. I can experiment with keys to make it easier to sing or play. Easy experimentation. I did a video about this. Working with BIAB I can easily figure out whether out how many bars the intro should be, verses, choruses, whether I have a key change, and coda. Once I decide on a structure, I can send it to my DAW (I don't use the plugin) where I can perform the song. I find it easier to play with a band than with a click track or even drums. In the old days I would always play the guitar parts, but now, with my arthritis, I'm more likely to use other guitar VIs. I might even use EZBass for the bass part. But if there's something BIAB does that I can't do, I have no issues with putting some BIAB tracks into my songs. The background vocals you can get from BIAB are more realistic than any other product currently available, so why not use them? A sax solo is pretty hard to do with a VI. I did a video on generating a sax solo, but that video is now completely obsolete, because the new version of BIAB makes it super-easy to do within the program. It's almost like they watched my video. 😀 To me, there's no difference in building a sax solo in BIAB (which takes dozens of creative choices and gives you control over the result) over hiring somebody on fiverr to play a sax solo for you. So there is no question in my mind but that I will buy every style they sell. I regret not going for their bonus paks in the past. As that database of musical possibilities expands, BIAB becomes more useful for me.
  20. $314. It was $240 yesterday if you had the Discovery version.
  21. Thank you Larry for everything you do. The world is in a rough spot now, but I feel that I am very lucky in many ways. I do appreciate every one of you in this community. Lots of great music and deals in the New Year!
  22. Oh man that is sad... can you send me the link? It would cheer me out of the depression of trying to make this work. The truth is I never reached out the developer. I just loaded Unify and went back to having fun making music. 😀
  23. EDIT: Never Mind. 😀
  24. I like the idea in theory. I generally buy and sell on VI:Control. It's been great because I am selling and buying from people I "know" from their posts. That's a vote for how it could be a very good thing here. And I think it's also true that I am more motivated to buy from somebody I know on VIC and like. That would definitely happen here. Who wouldn't want to buy from Larry? https://vi-control.net/community/forums/for-sale-music-gear-classifieds-free-service.66/ But there are rules on VIC. For example, you can only bump once a month. This keeps it fair and keeps out people who are running a 365 day a year store. Mike Greene and his moderators do that. Who would do that here? How would it work? Because if there aren't rules in place, the sharks will come. Another place I have used is Knobcloud.com. There is no fee and try to provide some protections for you in selling. They know the rules for selling software and won't let anybody offer to sell something where the developer doesn't allow it. Here's their reselling information database, which is useful to have. https://www.knobcloud.com/developer-database.php The main problem with KnobCloud is it's relatively new and nobody knows about it. I list everything but I've sold very little there.
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