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  1. Anybody who is curious about ujam products can download a free demo of any of these. These are fully functional demos--there's no difference between them and the purchased product except for that they only last 30 days. I've always found that to be a very fair amount of time to evaluate their products. For example, I have a template of all the Beatmakers I own, something that only takes minutes to set up. So when they released Berzerk, I decided I didn't really need it.. Based on their promo video, this seems to be different from all the others, which were clearly in a genre. This is a hybrid set that can do all kinds of things. But I'll decide if it's something I want. But I'm not going to buy it now. The ujam store is always 50% off on BF, and for those that don't have their products yet, there are deals on bundles. But much more importantly, you can pretty much count on this being available for $29 or less someday. It's just a question of how long it takes. I seem to remember one of the ujam drumsets turning up as a Plugin Boutique freebie once.
  2. And here they are at Coney Island! I'm sure they cooked up some great software ideas on the Wonder Wheel!
  3. One theory I have heard is that the camera went off when a random dude was walking by, and they just figured, "what the hell, it looks like we have a bigger staff" and they left him in the photo. Others have mused that he was a real XLN staffer distracted by whatever the guy third from the right was saying. We'll never know because, as far as I know, nobody ever comes to the office at XLN. You have to check out the random theme parks they visit, and that's a hassle. The guy in the orange on the left with his head floating away...I would blame him too. For everything. Including Larry being away from this forum for so long.
  4. It was the first time I wrote something where the beat came first. The great thing about the XO and the paks is you can put your own sounds into them. It's fun if you want to use foley for your beats.
  5. I really like Oscillations and Pastel Punch, but that's personal. Have you listened to the demos? Oscillations is the main driver of this video, although I used a lot of other tools for the drums, including Butch Vig
  6. Note that Lunacy Audio now has 3 paid CUBE expansion packs: Air (Hybrid Winds), Threads (Imaginative Strings) and Rumble (Seismic Bass & Percussion). Is a Brass expansion coming? Like AudioModern, they regularly come out with free CUBE expansion packs. There are now five--Breeze, Glo, Graphite, Particles, and Remnants. However, Breeze needs Air and Remnants needs Threads. The difference between these expansions and the paid ones is that they don't add new samples. They are like all the expansions Output charges for. If you don't want to spend $99 on CUBE during this sale, they have an LE version called CUBE Mini for $39 (normally $59) This loads all the expansions and you can upgrade. https://lunacy.audio/products/cube/ I've made no secret that I like this customer-friendly business model that Lunacy Audio and Audiomodern have. To me, CUBE has the most unique user interfaces of synth/samplers in a long time. I think it's not just unique but it's also intuitive to use and sounds great. It comes with over 500 presets before you even get to the growing collection of freebies and paid ones. I recommended it to @simeon and he made this:
  7. I found this picture of the XLN Audio team hard at work creating new Adpaks, Midi PAKS and XO expansions.
  8. Hey! This is the deal forum! Obviously if you KNOW you will never use it... go for it! ๐Ÿ˜€
  9. Pretty great deal. https://audioplugin.deals/emisynth-pripyat-pianos-bundle-by-strix-instruments/?utm_source=APD+Subscribers&utm_campaign=8f08d75841-Deal_Launch_Strix_Bundle&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_766211a9e5-8f08d75841-38746569&ct=t(Deal_Launch_Strix_Bundle)&goal=0_766211a9e5-8f08d75841-38746569&mc_cid=8f08d75841&mc_eid=dfa1f7f44a
  10. The staff of XLN Audio. What do these 17 people do every day? I think the jeans-wearing guy in the middle of the front row making the peace sign with both hands looks like Max Martin.
  11. Yes, it's not abandonware. They are committed to keeping it working.
  12. 50% off https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/xo/xopak?utm_campaign=2022_q4_xo_campaign&utm_source=xln&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_content=button_xopaks Still only four paks. How long will it take them to add another one? This company... ๐Ÿ˜• I believe the last ADpak, Boutique Mallets, came out in 2016. Sales all the time. There are so many people whohad everything years ago . They would buy more if they sold more. I truly don't understand this company. Particularly when you look at Toontrack, which constantly releasing new stuff. The legendary @Bapu buys practically all of it. Don't even get me started on Playbeat, which releases new expansions all the time--most of them free. Expansions demonstrate what a drum machine can do. Anybody can hear the new stuff in a YouTube video. The more of the expansions out there, the more you can see what a drum machine is capable of, and the more appealing it is to buy it.
  13. That's very interesting. Looking up an old VI:Control Post, I see this: If you did own the older World Traditions and Ethno libraries, you will be happy to know that this release did include the legacy instruments with lot of enhancements and new material including new instruments such as : Mbira, Karimba, African Guitar Loops, New Taiko multi mics, Latin Zither, Didgeridoo phrase player, Irish Bouzouki, Bulgarian Tupan, Eastern Accordion & Lyra, Moldovian Cymbalum, Russian Balalaika, Ukrainian Bandura, Persian Daf, Turkish Lyra, Santur, Armenian Duduk, Alpine Zither, Finnish Kantele, Nordics Pianos, Italian Accordions, Crazy Flamenco rhythm player with chords recognition and automatic tempo matching, Steel Tongue Drum, Sun Drum, enhanced Steel Drums, Traveler loops inspiration players, Vocal Traveler modules , Gypsy Solo Guitar phrases. UVI added also legato, portamento, and tremolo articulations. To my knowledge, UVI has never been very explicit about where the sounds come from for the World Suite series. Did they ever come out and say "these are all new recordings"? Maybe they did. When you look at World Suite 2, you can see they added a lot of instruments from Precisionsound. They didn't say this publicly, but it was obvious--same exact names of singular instruments, same sounds. They didn't say this publicly, they just said they added these instruments and then incorporated them into their interface. Precisionsound instruments are Kontakt. So they are not an open book about the sources of World Suite. You just have to take it on face value and see if it's worth the money. I think it is. If you look at Best Service's EthnoWorld, it is now in version 6. Most people find the more recent recordings to be the best. So it's something of a mixed bag too. But overall, I think EthnoWorld is the better of the two. But I have gotten a lot of enjoyment and use out of World Suite. What's good about these massive libraries is that they allow people who are not familiar with world instruments to explore--which is exactly what I did. And then if you get into these sounds, you can find better instruments. But a lot of them are just fine as they are. There are so many great colors for people to add to their music. I believe World Traditions was a UVI repackaging of MOTU's Ethno. Because it was so poorly received, I think they knew they needed a new product. I always assumed they used the existing material as a starting point for World Suite, reworked some of the old sounds, recorded new ones, and most importantly, gave everything a new interface.
  14. I believe World Suite is an update of World Traditions.
  15. This is the first time I've noticed the Veevum Sync Guitarscapes, Human,and Beat on sale. They are about $24, instead of $35. I am interested in Guitarscapes and Human, but I'm passing on this deal. Recently, there was an APD sale with packages of three Veevums for $35. So I will wait at least for Black Friday.
  16. Thanks for pointing that out @Technostica I should never make the assumption that people have full Kontakt.
  17. I paid $179 for "Swing!" (lists for $329) and $229 for "Swing More!" (lists for $439) I happened to be composing a jazzy piece when this sale happened, so I bought "Swing!," I'd been watching videos of it for a long time. Guy Rowland walks through all the sounds and Cory Pelizzari has a nice one. I knew I wanted it and it was the time. It was early July 2019. After many days of playing around with "Swing!" I could see that it was an awesome library, so I decided to reach into my pocket and get "Swing More!" while the sale was on.
  18. Thank you! The harmonica is from ProjectSAM "Swing!" which is so much more than other Jazz libraries. The concept is more expansive and includes got Gypsy Manouche guitars, Fender Bass, Ukelele, etc. I have played harmonica since I was 16 and could have done something close to this, but I thought it sounded really authentic, and that way I didn't have to bust out the microphone, etc. ProjectSAM is such an awesome company. I got "Swing!" and "Swing More!" in one of those NI sales. I believe in making templates because otherwise you forget you have all this goodness in libraries like this with a lot of stuff.
  19. I see that people are panning this on VI:Control. What do I know? https://vi-control.net/community/threads/fluffy-audio-simple-opera-singer.129930/
  20. Thanks. I have a lot of stuff from them, including their woodwinds. The clarinet is very good, and, like you say of their libraries, very easy to play. The Tina Broz solo strings are also good, although I only have the cello. I'd love to get Spaghetti Western, but I have learned from doing "The Cowboy Way," that I don't really need it.
  21. The shouts all came from Red Room Audio free library "Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts" They are now charging $5 to cover their bandwidth costs. https://redroomaudio.com/product/snaps-claps-slaps-stomps-shouts/ I also used whip sounds. But that was just a sample from a sound effects library. The men's choir ahs came from Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra. I have "better" libraries,๐Ÿ˜€ but it worked the best. Some of the other things were tubular bells from The Orchestra, Native American Flute from Ethno World, Indiginus' Resonator, and the harmonica and Whistle Ensemble from "Swing!" The lead guitar was OTS Evolution Stratosphere, and the acoustic guitar was one of the NI Strummed Acoustics. These NI acoustic libraries are such cool libraries because you can use the modwheel to constantly change the intensity of the strumming. A lot of people thought this was a real guitar. I went through a lot of trumpets and they all sucked. This is the thing I'm not satisfied with. Oh... and Modwheel's The Lowdown was the bass. This piece is exactly why I don't like things like EZBass. I played the bass part live early on, and it really drove the piece. Playing your own bass parts is fun. (Sometimes I use EZBass when I"m in a rush)
  22. It seems pretty obvious that they were going for something in the vein of Edda Dell'Orso's vocals in Morricone's in "Jill's Theme" from "Once Upon a Time in the West." And I think they've done a pretty decent job. It's a niche sound. It's not the typical thingThis is why their is a discount for Spaghetti Western owners. If you're looking for that sound, that this is kind of a no-brainer. I actually wrote music in this style, before Fluffy brought their Spaghetti Western library out. My piece wasn't intended as slavish pastiche, more of a blend between Morricone, surf rock, and other influences. It was fun to put together instruments from different libraries., just for the fun of trying to orchestrate like him. I used my beloved Solo Opera for the operatic stuff. If I had this new Fluffy library I probably would have mixed it with whistling, to disguise that it wasn't exactly this kind of thing.
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