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  1. Upgrading Editor from 4 to 5 on everyplugin would be $89. Have to read up on the new features to see whether it's worth it.
  2. All you Jeff Bezos types can go right ahead. I'm waiting for the sale. ๐Ÿค”
  3. I decided to get this but forgot all about it because of EZBass. On Saturday, I went, "oh no, I missed it again. " But they extended the deal until today. I've spent a few hours with the ADSR sample manager checking it out. For me it is well worth the money. Lots of great world percussion, for one thing. Many, many instruments I don't have, and I have a lot. Of course the one-shots don't compete with multi-sampled instruments, but they still are very usable. I could see myself using one of the loops or redoing something similar with a drum replacement instrument. Having spent a lot of time in Brazil, I think the samba school Carnival stuff is pretty great. It has a real energy to it that you can only find in the Cinesamples Brazil library. There are also "instruments," samples that you can stretch on your keyboard with a sampler. Some pretty unusual stuff. I'm definitely going to take a few minutes to throw some of these together. It will be interesting to have a conch shell instrument and maybe layer it with something else.in Falcon. I discovered that I already had some of it, because I had their Ethnic Flavours library, which I got free with another purchase. They didn't bother to mention that. The only thing is that it will take quite awhile for me to sort it out into usable folders, that go with the filing system I've been building for all my world samples. It's really a mess, because they just through all these separate libraries together and called it a "world pack." It would be nice if they just took a few hours put it together into a sensible package rather than have all their customers have to drive themselves nuts doing it one by one. If you don't organize these samples, they're not really worth anything. This is an Ikea library, only it doesn't come with any instructions. ๐Ÿคฌ Here you go, everybody! Have fun figuring it out! But I don't want to complain. It is a really amazing deal, even by typical Zero-G sales pricing standards.
  4. I see Finisher the same way as I see the Randomizer button on a synth. You don't go to it if you have a precise idea of what you want, as you do with your go-to EQ, Compressor, reverb, etc. You go to when it's kind of "why the hell not roll the dice and see what you get?" If it sucks, just move on. It makes sense that it first showed up in Carbon, the weirdest product ujam has ever brought out. It's supposedly a "guitar" or a "cinematic" instrument or whatever, but it's something else. And when you found your weird sound in Carbon, you'd maybe spread a little Finisher on it and make it even more strange and unexpected. People loved this one feature in Carbon and they asked ujam to make it into an effect. And me too. Plus I love the ujam videos where their instruments and effects make their head-bobbing customers's heads explode or they set fire to them. It shows a certain pride in their products.
  5. I haven't seen anybody mention how stretchable the interface can be.
  6. I just found out that this IS tempo-synched. Itโ€™s Vocalise One that isnโ€™t. Iโ€™ve been a fount of misinformation on this thread. ๐Ÿ™
  7. Oh, I forgot that. Haven't used it in a while.
  8. At least as far as the phrases go, yes. Unless you use software like Melodyne to repitch them. A bigger problem for me with this library and with Vocalise is that the phrases are not tempo-synched to the DAW. There was enough complaining about this that Scoring Guitars 2 and Vocalise 2 are tempo-synched. If I was starting out I'd go with them. Half price sales happen pretty often with Heavyocity. But this is a really beautiful library. I'm glad I have it.
  9. The trick is to remember to use it now and then. I have a button on my Streamdeck and an icon on the front of my iPad. It's helped me learn about a lot of advanced features I never used on programs like Band-In-A-Box. It's boring to go through an entire manual, but a few quick lessons on special topics have really helped me a lot. Lately I've been taking some Cubase clasess. I used to take classes from MacProVideo (which I think is the same as AskAudio) and I like these a LOT more. Krantzberg gets right to the point.
  10. This year there won't be a "Wish List" sale at Spitfire. They are just putting up all the sale prices between 5/25 and 5/31. I'm assuming most libraries will be 40% off as usual, and new libraries won't be discounted. But... if you have spent over ยฃ1000 with them and have also placed an order within the last year, you have access to the sale right now. Everybody else has to wait until Monday.
  11. They talk a lot in the videos about bringing in audio and generating bass parts, but you can also drag in bass midi to the timeline. Here are two bass track freebies I got from Groove Monkee. It even puts the chords in. And then you can edit the MIDI and add all the articulations. Because of EZBass, I wasn't planning on getting the upgrades to the ujam basses, but now I am. That is a LOT of bass MIDI content that can easily be dragged into EZBass and improved. Thousands of phrases in the three of them.
  12. Interesting that Finisher is a series, not a thing. No doubt there will be a third one, and a package deal, at some point. I love Finisher. I am happy with my setup for basic effects like EQ, compression, reverb, spatial, limiter, etc., but I have a thing for multi-effects, and I love how Finisher is set up. I expect I will spring for the three Finishers when there is the next 50% off sale. Probably Black Friday. Plenty of time to check out the demos before then. ujam is such a great company.
  13. SSD space is not free. They should pay rent. ๐Ÿ˜„
  14. This looks like a good deal, but I'm going to wait until it's more than 100% off.
  15. Did you get the sense that they didn't put ALL the stuff in from the various packs? Rave review from you about being better than MAGIX. ๐Ÿ˜„ Interesting comment on the page: Incredible! worth every penny, took me 7 hours re-sorting through all the content to my own preference. This is the only "world" pack you will ever need. Yeah, the labeling on Zero-G products is often not the best.
  16. I knew this would happen eventually, but not so soon after the release of FRAGMENTS. If you go HERE you can find out how to get Fragments for free or $5 or $10 or $15. Some people have trouble figuring out how these SAS sales work, but basically if you buy immediately tomorrow you will get 70% off. That's just the first 50 people on the site. It starts at 0:00 GMT on 5/21 so figure out what time that is for you. I think it's 8 pm for me today in New York. After that it's 60% off for the next 100. From that point on until June 30th it is 50% off. All discounts can be used either on all single products or even bundles, except the new Paradox Lost, which is already on sale for 50% off. If you already own something from a bundle feel free to write them at support@sasampling.com along with your proof of purchase: Their site is HERE https://www.sound-aesthetics-sampling.com/
  17. I found the manual there and three is a section on the articulations. But it doesn't specify the key switches as your post did. It's not a problem, as it explains what they do, and it's easy to find them within EZBass. I still am not convinced that this is designed primarily to be played. Here are some things spotlighted by Steve Lum on VI:Control from the manual. If you play around on the keyboard, you may notice key switches that are beyond the range described in the Key Switch Layout. These are mostly used in a strict fashion by EZbass and are not easily programmable, or were deemed less important than the twelve main key switches available in the layout. Expert MIDI programmers are free to study how they work, but many are practically impossible to get right by human hand within the piano roll of a DAW." "The most important reason for using the grid editor is that EZbass offers many features that are not easily translatable to MIDI, and therefore complicated to program without assistance. The EZbass piano roll takes care of that programming for you in a way that would make no sense to expect from a DAW. But..! Even once your EZbass MIDI is perfectly programmed, the reality is that not all DAWs support the MIDI specification fully, or may filter out certain messages by design. To ensure that EZbass plays back your song correctly anywhere, the easiest way is simply to keep the MIDI within EZbass. " "If you prefer to program in your DAW, you'll get the results you want 99% of the time. We designed EZbass to be usable as a live instrument, and so naturally the basic functions that matter most are accessible also within your DAW. I hope to be using this over many coming years and will develop my workflow. But while I never bought a piano instrument for EZKeys and just dragged the MIDI over to my other pianos, I think I will need to buy bass expansions, for this as otherwise it will be too much work. It will be anything but EZ! So I figure that I will get at least a P-Bass and an Acoustic bass, if they make one. And I'll be loading up on bass MIDI parts. I relate a lot to what @Gremsays. My bass parts can sound the same because I didn't devote as much of my life to the bass as much as I've done with other instruments, like guitar, ukelele, piano, blues harmonica, violin, etc. I've owned a few basses, and yeah I can play it, but I suck at it and I know it. So getting all those bass parts from TT will make my stuff better. Add variety and realism. I have found that to be the case for years from Band-in-a-Box. Still, one thing I do know from playing bass is that sometimes the best part is extremely simple. You don't have to be a hotdog. The bass player serves the song. If I just want to play at this point I think I will be using a different VI. Those 12 key switches don't work for me, and the ones that are outside the range even less. I'll leave them to the "expert MIDI programmers." I just want to make music.
  18. Well that sucks as these collections weren't that big to start with. I'll take a chance on the $16.95
  19. This deal came along before and I passed because I wasn't sure if it was only Apple loops, but this time I checked and it is definitely all Acidized Waves and AIFF I don't usually buy loops but I love world music and I'm sure there are some things I'll find inspiring here, even if I don't literally throw them directly into my tracks. This is by no means the only world loops that Zero-G sells, but it is a lot of them. These tend to the more ethnic loops than the dance or contemporary ones. Over 5900 Samples - Over 5 GB This is an assembly of a lot of their World packs, most of which sell for more than this even when they're on sale. If you are curious about what exactly is in them there are manuals on each of the product pages. They've added some new things too. Ends Friday May 22nd at 11:59 BST Afrolatin Slam (African, Latin, and Afro-Latin fusion loops). Celtic (Loops of celtic instrument performances from Ireland, Scotland, etc). Deepest India (Superb, evocative and inspiring instrument/ vocal/ ensemble loops from India). Flamenco Sounds (The world's finest library of Spanish Flamenco loops). Middle Eastern Sounds (A brand new varied collection of loops from North Africa and the Middle East). Sounds Of Polynesia (A wonderful library of loops from the South Pacific islands and Australia). Pure Brazilian Beats (An incredible collection of Latin rhythms with an infectious feel). Pure Tabla (An unbelievable range of sonic beats created entirely with tabla drums!). Tribal Elements (A brand new diverse library of samples from Africa and the Far East. Lots of percussion. Vindaloops (Wonderfully expressive and expertly played Bhangra loops) Approximately 3,000 new unique loops and instrument samples have also been added--so a little more than half of the loops aren't in the above collections. Some of these have only a few hundred loops. Ethnic Volume 1 (A diverse selection of 'world' loops from many countries and cultures). Ethnic Volume 2 (A diverse selection of 'world' loops from many countries and cultures). Get it HERE
  20. Where do I find this PDF?
  21. No, I didn't look at the key switch PDF during my brief test. Thanks for that. I've been playing with them. In keeping with the great GUI, they are shown on screen. It's possible I unknowingly hit the key switches for mutes or ghost notes, but I don't think so. I'm still not crazy about it as an intuitively playable instrument. But I'll keep at it. It's certainly nice that it has harmonics and all that stuff--I just need to get experienced with using those articulations. I don't see the point of the repeater. If I want to repeat a D, it's just easier for me to repeat the D on the D. These key switches will have a big impact on any bass VI you drag it into. You'll have to either remove them or edit them. @cclarry I tried it in Standalone, in Komplete Kontrol, in PluginGuru Unify and in Cubase. I'll be using it within Komplete Kontrol in Cubase. I wil make a KK template for it so I can see all the key switches in the light guides.
  22. I'm figuring that they will do EZKeys/EZBass paired libraries. Maybe EZDrummer/EZKeys/EZBass libraries. Maybe it's not necessary, because EZBass can take any of your EZKeys stuff and make bass tracks out of it, But they are all about EZ Peasy. And a series of EZDrummer/EZKeys/EZBass libraries would be very popular and generate a lot of EZMoney. Is it time to start bugging Toontrack about EZGuitar yet? I am tired of making my own music. ๐Ÿ˜„
  23. Reid Rosefelt

    Arturia OB-XA

    Five. I passed on the last two upgrades.
  24. I'm sorry that I convinced you not to buy it. I think it's great and plan to get a lot of use out of it. I just think that everything I said is true. I did check and you can drag the MIDI into your DAW and use it with anything you want. I definitely will make use of that. The bad news is that it may take a bit of editing to make it sound as good as the EZBass basses. And I expect they will be releasing some great ones.
  25. Reid Rosefelt

    Arturia OB-XA

    Finally they release something that makes me want to upgrade.
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