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  1. Try a demo. https://www.modartt.com/try?file=pianoteq_trial_v742.exe I will choose Steinway D, Bechstein and Steingraeber. If I add one more, it's K2.
  2. I ordered the Upgrade to KUCE13 from KU on June 2nd. ($293 - refund $23 = $270) T&S sent me a reply, yesterday --------------------------------------------- Hello, Thanks for getting in touch. Due to a delay in shipping from Native Instruments we are delayed in shipping your order. Please be assured as soon as we receive our stock, we will ship the same day by your chosen method of delivery. In the meantime, you can download the free products that are included with this purchase. The information to download the free products has been sent to your email address, if you have any issues with this download please reach out to us and we'd be happy to help
  3. Be careful with your library purchase (Capriccio, Da capo, Arpeggio, Espressivo, Grosso, Minimal, etc) There are no videos on YouTube that compose and show music. It is very difficult to make long music with loop phrases..
  4. Ujam Groovemate One for $9
  5. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/virtual-instruments/uvi-super-7 Audiodeluxe $49 Earn $3.92 DeluxeBucks
  6. The worst thing I think of is Sonokinetics. Comments are blocked on their YouTube review. Because they are afraid of writing from disgruntled users like me. I regret spending $550 on a useless instrument It was a silly idea to be able to make music with sample phrases.
  7. Obey the new king. He is rich and continues to manage the country. https://www.reddit.com/r/AudioProductionDeals/
  8. Another king is here https://www.reddit.com/r/AudioProductionDeals/
  9. I could not wait and updated it from version 10.0 three days ago. Waiting seven months to save 24 euros was not a good idea. It is best to update the new version immediately.
  10. Included in AmpliTube Max, Total Studio 4 Max
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