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  1. I was a little confused, My iZotope's account show two upgrade price ($ 150, $ 299). but I upgraded it from MPS1 to MPS2 for $125 . My MPS2 is registered in iZotope.
  2. Is it possible to upgrade from MPS1 at this price? (The MPS1 include the ozone 8 advanced and the Neutron2 Advanced...)
  3. Onovoid

    PA DSM V3

    MEGA Launch DSM V2 Owners $49 Using the voucher50, I got for Free
  4. I purchased the Ultra Pack for $ 278(reg. $469) in two steps on the sameday last December Pro(2019) First-time phuchase $129 + Upgrade Ultra pack(2019) $149 = $278
  5. Modo Bass doesn’t use samples. It sound amazing! Goodbye WUP and Samples of bulky capacity
  6. Onovoid

    Waves Submarine

    It looks similar to 'bx_subsynth' and Waves 'LoAir' (I have these but have never used them..)
  7. Yes, I like new technology.
  8. I hope, this will be the last EQ~ I buy. .
  9. and It's included in the iZotope 'Music Production Suite 2'
  10. Ivy Audio - Capenter Trombone , Strashed
  11. I bought it for $20 at a flash sale.
  12. The $14.9 sale is coming soon~
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