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  1. I bought this on February 28, 2020 for $30. This was the lowest amount ever. I also bought the Shadow Hills Mastering Comp Class A for $30 that day.
  2. I searched for this and found this video
  3. Thank you. Run the Native Acess, add a serial, update Kontakt
  4. Onovoid


    Please make MODO PIANO like PianoTeq7
  5. I added [ Mastering The Mix Never Get Stuck Again Free Chapter: Lyrics and Vocals] https://www.jrrshop.com/mastering-the-mix-never-get-stuck-again-free-chapter-lyrics-and-vocals
  6. An error message appeared several times, but when I checked the email, the serial arrived.
  7. And, for the previous year's purchaser, you can get a 40 voucher in January of next year.
  8. Cubase Pro12 was not listed in my product downloads 10 days ago, but when I installed Cubase Pro12 and it worked fine. Now, when I opened the Steinberg Download Assistant, I saw that it appeared in my product downloads. I didn't send a support request, but they seem to have fixed the problem.
  9. Don't be sad. I bought it in June 2017 for $99 but haven't used it once in 5 years.
  10. I also have the Regroove Pro (purchased from ADSR) But I only have the ERA6 Bundle & VoiceChanger in my account.
  11. [ Xenos Soundworks ] Synth Preset $8.95 , $9.95, $10.95 https://www.adsrsounds.com/vendor/xenos-soundworks/ https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/razor/razor-isolationist-dubstep-dnb-and-moombahcore-razor-presets/
  12. Key Suite Bundle Edition is currently on sale, and we're offering a special voucher for customers who own individual products that are included in the suite (that means you!). This is a tiered discount, so the more products you own the greater your savings will be. 94 instruments await, don't miss out... Your personalized code will stack with our special offer for extra savings through January 10th, 2022. YOUR VOUCHER DISCOUNT: $100 / 100€ 2021 Personal Voucher: $40 Key Suite Bundle :$34 --------------------- I haver Key Suite Digital ($45) and Austrian Grand ($45)
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