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  1. Mosaic can be done quickly and easily with MS Paint😄
  2. Waves Alternative Products >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1--yRZdWro_d28LmYNvaWsVct7CR6Y_KAULFU8wZ4SEI/htmlview
  3. Gen4 here / $224 https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-Plus-PCIe-NAND-5000MB/dp/B0B25M8FXX/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3IJNV4CXK3UM7&keywords=Crucial%2BP3%2B4TB&qid=1679366224&sprefix=crucial%2Bp3%2B4tb%2Caps%2C544&sr=8-2&th=1
  4. Buy One Get One Free: Use code MTM-W
  5. Anyone who purchased or updated to Absolute 5 on Black Friday last year can update to Absolute 6 for free. (New: HALion 7, FM Lab, Tales) See if you have a free Grace Period update to Absolute 6 in your account
  6. Menace

    AAS Annual Freebie

    LOVE LOST!  New sound pack for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player
  7. 감사합니다! 먼저 Sonokinetic Manager에 등록한 다음 Native Access에 등록합니다.
  8. Native Access Registration failed, The serial does not belong to a know product
  9. Downloading Hollywood Opus Disappointed with the Sonokinetic Bundle, but Hollywood Opus with Orchestrator looks good for the price. Here is an explanation of 'How to export individual tracks from a MIDI performance in Cubase'.
  10. My upgrade price is $83. Not interesting. I stopped buying their products from 3 years ago.
  11. The price of the $50 update from Absolut 4 to 5 is worth it. I got the new Amped Elektra electric piano, electric bass, Backbone drum re-synthesizer, Polarities library for Padshop 2, Sounds of Soul for Retrologue 2 and Future Past Perfect for Groove Agent 5
  12. Sound is good. happy to have it I especially like the keySuit Digital because it's unique.
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