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  1. Used my $50 coupon for the Marshall Bundle. Don't know if I got a better price because I already owned the Silver dude but $133 - $50 = $83 for the additional 1959 Super Lead and the Bluesbreaker. That's a good deal IMO.

    I will probably get another $25 coupon out of it. If so, I'll probably get either the last Marshall (2203), the Pure Plate Verb or the Fender Tweed. leaning towards the last two if it's only a $25 coupon. 

    If it's $50 more (not likely) I def get the 2203.

  2. 4 hours ago, mikannohako said:

    I also paid at BS a few days ago and I am waiting, too.

    I haven't sent any crossgrade proof yet as I thought they would later ask me to send it in another email. But I haven't received anything other than system message so far.

    I am not going to use cubase anytime soon because I don't have e-licenser. And also possibly I could wait for the next version.


    For me it took about a week between paying and them asking for proof. Be patient grasshopper. :)

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  3. Still waiting on bestervice to receive serial #s.  They acknowledged my proof of Platinum ownership.

    Sweetwater is to send out VSL key this week (out of Steinny keys until July).

    I may hold off on registering until V11 comes out for the potential "buy 10 and get 11 free promotion".



  4. Finished a 6 pack for me too. But.... I already bought a 6 pack for the future.


    The 6 packs are nice because it gives the illusion of the new MIDI being "free".😁

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  5. 2 hours ago, Chris Jones said:

    Sorry guess I missed it. What do you recommend from there, what you like? 

    Well I noticed you were looking for a Standup Bass lib for Dark Jazz. That alone tells me the amp sims may not be up your alley (they're great for metal tho).

    HQ-2 and FreakQ 305 are nice. Xcitr is great on "muddy" guitars if you want to brighten them up. T-Comp and MultiTransient are pretty good too. Punch is as simple as it sounds.

    Better hurry though this sale may be almost over.

    Also, they have frequent one day sales (typically $5) on a specific item. Once you buy one item you'll get an email from them about the one day sales.



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