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  1. Bapu

    Losing Hope

    Hi Harry, nice toon. Guitar tones are schweet. Vocals are nice. The double speed feel change is an excellent choice. I kept waiting for some doubled harmony vocals and they came in a little too late for me. A personal taste thing I'm sure.
  2. Bapu

    Glasgow Blue

    A+ on the bass tone. Nice start of a piece, can't wait to hear the completed piece.
  3. Very mellow vibe but fits the subject matter. The mix crits have been covered so I'll just say ditto except the solo jumped out at me maybe a fade in automation where the first few notes are about 2db lower and build up. 🙂
  4. Hey Lynn I really liked this. My only crit is the piano in the intro felt a bit over powering. Personal taste and all that rot. 😉
  5. It all worked Barry.
  6. Loved it Freddy.
  7. Top drawer stuff Steve. No crits here.
  8. A DAW by any other name is..... just a DAW. Back on topic. The recording was nice. The song was nice. The performances were nice. Drums were a tad dry for my taste but I'm sure the general public audience will not notice/care. 😉
  9. Bapu

    Soldier's Heaven

    David, I think I remember this one. Nothing wrong with a hijacking ones own material. 🙂
  10. Can't find anything to really crit on this song Doug. Good old blues type vibe and the guitar tones are spot on for this kind of track.
  11. Bapu


    Nice one Olivier. I one recorded a Greek Band. As with them I don't understand the words but the emotion is in the voice and that's all that matters.
  12. Overall I was ROTFLMAO the whole way. Eggshellint* *As Sean Connery would shay, errrm say.
  13. Love the lyric Rex. I really dig that little synth(?) figure in the section after the chorus.
  14. Bapu

    Just One Way

    Intro gave me a Bad Company vibe. Ain't nothing wrong with that. As the song progressed I was simply digging it. It's got all that classic rock stuff going on. Cudos.
  15. A little late to this party but again, digging this stuff from you. Very well done all around. Instrumentation, performances and mix is top notch.
  16. Very cinematic. I like the varied tones but the percussion is especially moving to me.
  17. Bapu

    All Along

    Well done. And I mean that *not* sarcastically. My son was in Jazz Band all through High School so this stuff is not unfamiliar to me even if I don't own one album of this genre.
  18. Bapu

    Mortal Tears

    What a treat this Monday morning. Great song and production.
  19. I'm imagining that his old computer is probably 32bit Win XP. That was the OS du jour around SONAR 6, ya?
  20. Hey me old mucker Straummy, Happiest of happiest Birthday Wishes to you mate.
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