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  1. Mebee you and Bill can both live down by the river. He in his van and you in your semi.
  2. Well when a group matches it's a show of strength. Hence, I Won't Back Down.
  3. Nice. We appreciate that, but...we don't know where those thumbs have been.
  4. Anything by the Sandpipers. I'm on my phone an DC I canae be arsed to look one up. SOWWY.
  5. Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw - Jimmy Buffet
  6. I've never felt manipulated on BF, CM or Holiday sales. If there is something that I've been wanting and it was normally $200 and it can now be had 50,60 or 70% off, I buy it.
  7. At $99 this version is either half off the UAD version on sale right now or one third the normal UAD price.
  8. Always seemed just a tad too expensive.
  9. Snagged the Maag and without duress Shadow Hills will compress.
  10. Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary
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