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  1. Bapu

    My moves

    Jellyfish I Am
  2. What's all this 'walking' you're on about Wibs?
  3. Bapu

    My moves

    For the right price. Do you still have those quavers?
  4. Can it be used as a talkbox like Frampton?
  5. Bapu

    My moves

    It started last year. Took my old 4GB max mobo out of a box to build my new Super DAW Computer. Move the old 32GB DAW box to the side. Yesterday I moved the OS drive of my main InterNests computer out of my 8GB max mobo to the 32GB mobo and then cloned the OS drive to SSD. Then I moved the OS drive from the 4GB mobo to the 8GB max mobo. They are both now fully updated to Win 10 64bit 20H2. The DAW is still on 1909. Whew, I'm tired.
  6. This fred was gone and then it has risen again, just like Jesus. Brillyant!
  7. Will he administer it or will be left to your own devices?
  8. Clever one that you are. Making a feature request for Ableton on the Cakewalk forum. Brillyant!
  9. I thought this fred was dead?
  10. Bapu

    Sometime referred to as the G Spot. Keep looking.
  11. I put my license on a USB stick and I can install on as many computers as I want. I can work on my PC and if I need to switch to my Mac I move the USB stick from the PC to the Mac. However unlikely it is, I can go to any studio in the world install all the Waves bundles I own and plug in my USB stick and I'm off and running. For me that is a close to multiple-seat licenses as I need to get without paying for it. I've always felt that I got my money's worth from WUP for all the new plugs I've gotten every year in Mercury. My only gripe is that new Abbey Road plugs come at cost (usually quite small though). I'm perfectly happy to pay my WUP.
  12. A shite Canadian band. Well played Wibbly, well played. Harsh, but fair. Well done Straummy!
  13. Bapu


    Cue Kenny, I cannae be arsed to do it.
  14. Glad you picked up where my (now deleted) fred left off.
  15. Is there a voucher for this to get 50% off that 'pretty good' sale price?
  16. I'll not get sucked into that wormhole.
  17. Bapu


    Really?Really?Really? A triplet. I'll get me coat.
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