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  1. 5 years... hmmmm let me see

    15 (co-written) original Forum Monkeys songs

    2 (co-written) original BBZ songs

    10 (co-written) original BJZ songs (11th on the way)

    5 new bases

    2 new guitars

    A whole drum set fully mic'd for live recording

    8 new DAW software packages to muddle around with

    A MacBook Pro to again, muddle around with

    More plugins than I can (still) count

    Yeah, craigb has the right of it, time does fly

  2. 1 hour ago, Matthew Sorrels said:

    T&S does seem like the best deal since you can pay in GBP without VAT (if you live in the US).  Best Service doesn't seem to let you do that anyone, they no longer let you pick the currency.  I do seem to remember these 6 packs being cheaper in the past than they are now though.  And they never really seem to go on sale like other Toontrack products.

    You are correct on all accounts Matthew.

  3. I use my various DAWs one day at a time in sequential rotation.

    It's the main reason I never get anything done.

    Monday = CbB

    Tuesday = Studio One 5 Pro

    Wednesday = Reaper v6

    Thursday = Mixbus 32C v6

    Friday = Cubase 10.5

    Saturday = Pro Tools 2020

    Sunday = Digital Performer 10


    On Holidays I override to Reason 11, Logic X, Samplitude X5, MIxcraft 9 and Acid Pro 9.




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