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  1. I believe the syntactically correct phrase is: Bapu Am Bassist
  2. I'll pass on the ATOM SQ. I've no more room on my desktop anyway.
  3. @James Foxall I think you can scribble on those pads if you like 🙂
  4. If that were true and I didn't already have my FP16, I'd bite too.
  5. "Hello World!" is the most intuitive program I've ever written or used. After that, it *always* get less intuitive and more likely to have bugs.
  6. That would probably be a leg up on CbB's long in the tooth staff view? Although meaningless for me since I rarely used Notion 6 and have never used CbB's staff view.
  7. Now that would make perfect sense given the "full circle" theme. A fully integrated Notion 7 into Studio One Pro 5.
  8. Just got this in an email from Presonus. "We've spent years working on these two products, and they may very well re-invent your production workflow." So if one is Studio One Pro V5, WTH is the other one? A new digital mixer to replace FP16?
  9. Tell the current Mrs Daryl1968 she done good.
  10. Loved it mate. Don't know how I missed this.
  11. I Am 0% lean meownself.
  12. Obviously it July 5th now.
  13. When did Macca become a gaucho?
  14. Bapu

    Days Won?

    IOW I'm an anemic ameoba anomaly
  15. Bapu

    Days Won?

    Meng decided (for unknown reasons) to set my post count here from the old CW forum. Zacto
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