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  1. Bapu

    I miss Larry Shelby

    Hear today gone tamale
  2. Bapu

    I miss celery

    His handle was cclarry but now he's Larry Shelby Different day name, same Lars
  3. I meat that dude at a Taco Bell in Burbank in 1975-6ish. He's only a year younger than me. He was getting food with his girlfriend/wife. Well at least with a woman.
  4. I keep them alive and kicking.
  5. "screwing around" and learning a two vastly different things. As others have suggested, try "learning" now. 🙂
  6. If you've heard the stuff that comes out of my studio I think you would say I should, by golly, have a pooper scooper available at all times.
  7. Yeah, should have been "clean bowels".
  8. And dare I say.... I'll wait until the drop to say more.
  9. SM58 for hats? WTF? Oh wait, there's someone playing drums in that vid. My bad.
  10. Downloading/installing the 180gb SDX now.
  11. Time & Space is not bending in my direction today. No serial # yet. 😞
  12. Hah! Turns out the purchase I made gave me back the exact loyalty points I used to make that purchase.
  13. Waiting on serial number now..... had some loyalty points to help ease the pain. 🙂
  14. Pretty good price. $300 all in (including the 4 add on packs).
  15. It's not a bad little drum player. Of course it's no Sup3 or EZDrummer2. I picked it up, and the drumshotz mega collection, back in April on sale for a few sheckles more than this sale.
  16. I still want to be the oldest first kid on the block to have it! 😉 So sad, I know.
  17. 12:01AM UK time 8 September is 4:01PM PST. Will the SDK be available then or do I have to wait until 12:01AM PST? 😜
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