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  1. waaaaaaay more than a body should have or ever need (hint: click on MyStudio in my signature. It's not been updated this year)
  2. That is exactly the consensus around here. I can't even make bayoubill laugh.
  3. Craig, I need sumpin' to amuse me.
  4. Sheesh! Bloody American!
  5. Only remedied by the Am bazz note.
  6. That's a winner, four shure.
  7. You are correct on all accounts Matthew.
  8. Depends, do you have T&S Points? Maybe there. I'm kind of in their points ecosystem so that's where I buy them.
  9. As of today, the 6 pack Drum MIDI is still only ~$16 per. Even on sale @ Toontrack for $23 it's a "deal".
  10. "Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end"
  11. I use my various DAWs one day at a time in sequential rotation. It's the main reason I never get anything done. Monday = CbB Tuesday = Studio One 5 Pro Wednesday = Reaper v6 Thursday = Mixbus 32C v6 Friday = Cubase 10.5 Saturday = Pro Tools 2020 Sunday = Digital Performer 10 On Holidays I override to Reason 11, Logic X, Samplitude X5, MIxcraft 9 and Acid Pro 9.
  12. 1. Not likely very soon, I'm just hoarding them for now. 2. A hoarders dream.
  13. 8 EZD, 7 EZK I always stock up on more when I'm down to 2 left.
  14. Of course the real deal for EZD & EZK MIDI is if you have prepaid serial numbers 😜.
  15. 20% off the EZDrummer and EZkeys MIDI at Time & Space
  16. And yet not one DAW has ever given us a hovercraft. Sad.
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