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  1. No, I have a seven slot *bazz* stand too.
  2. I'm waiting on EZBass Death Metal pack in 3/4.
  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That assumes I know what to do with that thing.
  4. I know, right? Thanks for the listen @craigb
  5. Always remember there is no one size fits all and this is just my opinion of what works for me. Since we have a similar timber in our voices (I'm quite a bit more nasal than you tyhough) I use sometimes ise this (adjusting the bottom orange knob to cut more or less) Or sometimes this helps even more for my particular voice. This achieved by using the HP option.
  6. Much betterer. Now my only 'crit' (he says very softly) is maybe cut a small/narrow Q at 300Hz off the vocal at about 1 to 1.5db. The vocal is 'almost' clear but has a slight muddiness/muffledness to my ears. Still reminds me of Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce!!!!!!
  7. Not (eventually) in "Pleasantville"
  8. Playin' naiz togevver In order of appearance: Epi Les Paul, 1980's Strat, 2020 Fraken Tele, Line 6 James Tyler Variax The last slot is where I hold my Line 6 Variax Bass but didn't want to sully the six string slingers photo here.
  9. Came with the guitar. The Lovely Lady says the pink is because the guitar is a '59 era remake the case lining color was probably thought to be 'retro'. 🙂
  10. Arrived 20 minutes ago. The action, even with cheapo strings supplied, is damn fine for my tastes. Grovers and the bonenut arrive Monday and then it's off to my luthier (who constructed my Tele). The finish is matte rather than gloss but I'm not disappointed. That's my tuner still attached on the headstock.
  11. Well, I do have $66 in JamPointz, but that still means $233 to get AT5 MAX. I'll probably wait for a 50% off sale. Truth be told I hardly use AT4 MAX anyway.
  12. Interesting production note. Ken mixed his vocals, against a mix of the song, the way he wanted them and sent me his project and I imported it exactly as it was into my final mix project. I only had to set the level to sit in the pocket. Thanks for the listen and we're glad you liked it.
  13. Hey Barry, nice little rocker there. Has a taste of Bruce Springsteen. That break around 2:20 could really use a nice B3 solo. I will be back for the remix.
  14. Thanks for the listen and kind comments Freddy
  15. At yeast he went out in style.
  16. Bapu


    That's a Heavy Metal bassist iffin I ever seen juan.
  17. and one for S.L.I.P.
  18. Does it work with Studio One Pro, Reaper, ProTools Pro, Digital Performer, LogicX, Samplitude, MIxcraft, Cubase and Mixbus 32C? Again, I'll get me coat.
  19. Nope, I'm a sucker for a good WUP'ing.
  20. Well.... Right Here Enjoy, kidz HINT: a certain bit flipper makes his presence known there.
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