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  1. I'll do my best to finish all of those today. πŸ™‚ Thanks.
  2. Thank Bayou 'O The Bill
  3. Thanks CraigB (ITIYRN)
  4. Thanks emo. I almost bought a plugin today. Maybe later.
  5. Will I get a full refund on me returns or is there a restocking fee associated?
  6. I too still occasionally need to work in CbB but after 2+ years of working in Studio One I have new muscle memory and I now somewhat clunk around in CbB. The thing about S1, Reaper and even ProTools for that matter is free form buses. I get that CbB wants to emulate a real console by having buses in a fixed location but that's the thing about software (IMO), it can be and should be more innovative than hardware. As well, other DAWs get the whole folder in a folder thing very nicely. Especially when a folder can be a bus or not.
  7. Do it go to 11? What good is it iffin it cannae go to 11?
  8. Thanks Bub, errrrm Shane.
  9. It Am for Shure. Thanks Tom.
  10. I'm gonna party like it's 2021.
  11. Fingers crossed for 2022 monkey boy.
  12. How hard was the Ram? What did it hit?
  13. FYI: My band mates and I used to hang out at one of the very original Guitar Center stores on Sunset Blvd. in 1970-1971 to see the "real" stuff and then go back home and order said stuff from our local music store. That GC was no bigger than a Starbucks. But we saw gear in travel cases from some well known bands. That was the real "thrill" of going there.
  14. I took in some used gear for them to buy. Got $697 for it. That was not the sad part (except you know I originally paid way more that double that amount for the stuff, but I'm not complaining I know the game). What was sad was the bass wall was less than half full. 3 basses were American Fenders the rest were junk priced at $199 to $499. The guitar was had 150 slots for guitars. It was literally only half full. Yes, I counted. Average price ~$699. Jacksons and the like. Granted it was all marked as Presidents Day Sale. I got there at 9:30. Left at 10:45. Took that long to test and price all 7 items I brought in. In all that time I saw two old guys (about my age) buy a set of strings each and young girl buy some small cable adapter.
  15. I thought keyboard players were just frustrated drummers? Guitarists are frustrated bass players? Bass players are pizza delivery guys who steal the drummer's girlfriend who sleep on the singers couch. Singers, meh!
  16. Sort of the same here. Only my wife is doing medical transcription using ear buds but she can still hear the squeak/rattle/squak/plunk of my bass strings when I record DI so speakers have become a low use for me over these last few years. I've replace my Mackie HR824s with IKM iLoudMTMs. I'm actually taking my well taken care of Mackie HR824s to the local Guitar Center on Saturday for their "we'll buy your used gear" event along with some other unused items. Hoping to see $300 minimum for it all. I'll probably only see $150 but I will have cleared out some space.
  17. I had Jimmy Dean sawsedge in pancake on a stick today.
  18. also reputation, reputation, reputation....
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