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  1. A song is not done until its d... Nevermind.
  2. Only one callous me old mucker. That's brilliant.
  3. But she will retort "It's My Pillow"
  4. Needs more bass? I can do that, on the next remix. Thanks for your kind words Wookiee.
  5. A gazillion-trillion megaflops per hop.
  6. ASUS Prome Z490-A mobo 10 Core/20 Threads Overclocked to 5KMhz ASUS Thunderbolt-3EX TR 128GB DDR4 3200 Same drive setup: Samsung EVO 1TB SSD 😄 drive 8tb Samples drive 2tb projects drive Dare I say it's not only fast but I had a project that was peaking CPU usage (and crapping out) but is now only 25% utilized.
  7. That's your prerogative.
  8. Think: Zappa and you may be on the road to enlightenment. 🙂
  9. Because the new owner wanted it that way.
  10. Seems tame compared to what's "really" happening.
  11. Since it's metal month, I'd expect a metal bass pack for EZBass soon.
  12. £49.16 (~$64) if bought in GBP here in the USA. Installed, BTW.
  13. When I do that I take solice in the fact that I got both copies on sale.
  14. Two of my favorites babbling on an on about nothing really.
  15. There is that too. We have the most liberal exploding trees of any state.
  16. So I can eat them from anywhere else they land?
  17. The only thing I know that is rounding the corner is 2020 and I certainly don't want a 2020 do-over in 2021.
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