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  1. Hey Lars, Do ProTools license trade ups eve go on sale like THIS ONE? I'd jump on it if it were like $1K on sale.
  2. What I do with Lester in the privacy of my own home is my business. 🙂
  3. Lester shall be in my hands tomorrow.
  4. My daughter has more of a foul mouth and tastes than me, so..... yes, she would not be offended by reading anything in any post here ever. BTW she's 43 years old and has been making up her own mind for quite some time now. 😉
  5. Before COVID hit BJZ were planning a get together in Scotland. Now not so much, yet.
  6. It's a darn good thing there are more choices than just the Red and Blue DAW, ya?
  7. @Sabby Brown Thanks for the listen. Glad you enjoyed it.
  8. @Douglas Kirby Thanks for the listen and the kind words.
  9. $62 when bought in GBP here in the USA. BTW, it's installed. 🙂
  10. Fixed Kenny errrm I mean Fixed, Kenny
  11. Ditto for me. My Line 6 James Tyler Variax is my 12 string. I only have to tune 6 stings* *sadly I can barely manage that
  12. Like Straummy, only the Am note. What else is needed?
  13. Vocal is spot on. Very small crit. The song feels about 2bpm too slow. Great "exact" cover though. Now, about two months ago I was gonna do this one. Not now.
  14. Bapu


    Apparently nothing noteworthy. 🤣
  15. My Epi LP is at the luthiers and won't be back until Wednesday earliest. 😞 On the flip side, it will have better tuners and will be setup by a pro.
  16. Thanks emo. It was great to do a new FM choon. Our last one was more than a COVID-19 ago.
  17. Proud Enabler Never Incites Silence
  18. Back in ~1977-78 I had an opportunity to follow up on an audition to play bass with Uriah Heep. This was when they were no longer "the next big thing". I didn't even want to play the local bar/club circuit. I thought; "why on earth would I want to on tour with a has been band in a stinky bus". Besides, I'd have to learn their songs of which I'd only ever head of one "Easy Livin" or summat like that.
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