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  1. Got it working in Reaper now to.. Happy Camper = Bapu
  2. Got it working in all DAWs now. CbB & Reaper use the same mode (i.e. MCU Sonar) and SO4P and Mixbus 32-C use the same mode (i.e. Studio One).
  3. Got it working in CbB. Yay! Now to get it working in Reaper.
  4. Yay, got it working in CbB. Now I just need to get it working in Reaper.
  5. Bummer, out of the gate the FaderPort 16 only works in S)4P (naturally) and Harrison Mixbus 32-C. Both those DAWs work with the Studio One mode. There are 4 other mode options MCU for Cubase, Logic and Sonar. There is a HUI mode option too. None of those modes work (so far) in CbB or Reaper. Of course they both recognize the FP16 as a device.
  6. You have one letter incorrect in one of your werds Bill.
  7. Generally speaking they are brilliant. Chord detection works best on single instrument tracks. Think piano or cleanish guitar. Does a decent job on distorted guitar tracks. But the killer feature is after a chord track is setup and all tracks (obviously not percussion type tracks) are enabled/linked you can change a chord on the Chord Track and it automagically changes all the supporting tracks. It's pretty sick if you don't try to over use it (by moving the chord beyond it's ability). Arranger track is killer too.
  8. Posting Enlightening Notes Is Stupid
  9. It has a (SONAR) Cakewalk mode too. Supposedly it will work in Mixbus, I've yet to try anything but SO4P.
  10. So far so good. Just did some playing with a simple (so far) 8 track song. Getting the feel for it. Gotta explore more now.
  11. 'ell if I know!!??!! I just buy the chit.
  12. The Lovely Lady and I are celebrating the 14th Birthday of us today.
  13. I'm sure he's still singing Benny Lava.
  14. That would be video. Just saying....
  15. That was just another ARC you crossed Dave. BTW, what are your thoughts on ARC (no, not Noah's)?
  16. He was one damn funny guy. Over the years I'd had many a phone conversation with him.
  17. He's still on the first three The Coffee House Band recordings HERE RIP Bo. Tell Asparapuss we said 'Hi!'.
  18. I'm always thinking of the beavers.
  19. Some bass solo no doubt.
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